Saturday, November 24, 2012

Theocratic 3 P's - prohibit, persecute & punish

The lamentable incident (or incidents, since there have been more than one case) of municipal authorities in Kota Bharu applying Islamic laws and/or regulations on non-Muslims has been in some ways a blessing at this particular point in time, when many non-Muslims particularly Chinese are just about to vote overwhelmingly for PAS, an unusual voting trend even far greater than the one in March 2008 or in the several by-elections since.

Two factors have influenced the unusual non-Muslims' change of political preference for an Islamic party, one which they had previously feared (prior to the last general election). These factors have been:

(a) Their revulsion, particularly by Chinese Malaysians, for UMNO's utter corruption and unabated greed, vile, frightening and hurtful racism and, most of all, the sheer unabashed feral and teflon-ized arrogance, combined with total disgust for the sycophantic effeminate ineffectual political voice/influence of MCA, MIC and Gerakan, and

(b) PAS presentation of itself with a softer face, a party more concerned with combating corruption than religious proselytization, one that will promote social welfare and justice, and an antagonist, antithesis and antidote to the monstrous UMNO, as exemplified by the attractive personalities of Nik Aziz, Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad and most of all, Nizar Jamaluddin. Recently, even anti-Valentine Day's Nasrudin Hasan, the Chief of PAS Youth, has moderated his right-wing stance to assume a more affable persona.

popular and trusted Nizar Jamaluddin

But from time to time there have been slips by PAS where we caught glimpses of their true face, even of/from the leaders we had deemed very tolerant, those whom we could trust, respect and even love.

In August 2010, the frail grandfatherly-looking Pak Haji Nik Aziz showed his hard face when he called for the death sentence for those who dumped their babies born out of wedlock, but without mentioning or considering the social, cultural and yes, religious circumstances which left those young and probably teenage mums no or very little other choice.

The treatment by a secular state would have been diametrically opposite to Nik Aziz's cruel crushing capital punishment for those very much frightened 'mums', already suffering from desertion, desperation, and deprivation of love, support and compassion.

We should be placing emphasis on education, guidance and counselling rather than stoning people to death. And if society has been more understanding, and parents or families of the unfortunate young women provide support in accepting and caring for the unwanted babies, we would have less of ‘baby dumping’.

As if that was not cruel enough, he shocked us further by demanding that illicit (unmarried) lovers be stoned to death.

It's bad enough to have capital punishment without that barbarous Middle-Eastern atrocity, which is best left to the Arabs and Israelis (recall in which country was this first said “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her”?).

In Malaysiakini's Karpal locks horns with Nik Aziz over baby dumping, Karpal Singh commented that Nik Aziz's proposal was far too harsh, when more should instead be done to study the root cause of the baby dumping.

Bhai stated: “I am somewhat disturbed by the statement of Nik Aziz, who not only supports the use of capital punishment for those found guilty of dumping babies but has also asked for those committing illicit sex to be stoned to death.

“Nik Aziz should realise we do not live in primitive times. In the present time and age, the punishment of stoning to death, which is a cruel and unjust punishment, does not, and cannot have a place.” 

“What is required is an in-depth study of the reasons which lead to what has become a topic of grave concern ... what has to be looked at with the eye of a hawk is not the symptoms, but the cause, before resorting to cries for the death penalty.”

Mind you, UMNO couldn't claim any high grounds on the baby dumping tragedy, because Malaysiakini also told us that:

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil had previously called for cases of baby dumping to be filed as attempted murder or murder cases. According to the Penal Code, anyone convicted of murder carries a mandatory death sentence.

Datuk Paduka Marina Mahathir had once lamented in her Star column (as best as I can recall, in my own words) that one of Malaysia's deficiencies in its Islamic programs and implementations has been the poor educating of the government's Islamic clerics.

Now, if PAS' learned Mursyidul Am (spiritual advisor) could be so ferociously cruel in his outlook towards some Islamic 'crimes' (instead of being compassionate), what hope then is there for balanced and compassionate considerations from those less educated and less learned than him, plebes like those intrusive Kota Bharu municipal officers. 

Then to add chillies to the sad tragedies, as reported by Malaysiakini’s Valentine's Day blamed for baby dumping PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan bizarrely blamed celebrations on Valentine's Day and New Year's Day as the root cause, where these celebrations encourage free sex that has led to ... yadda yadda yadda ... culminating in baby dumping.

Nasrudin claimed: "It's an indication that the 'mating season' occurred during the New Year's Day celebrations."

My dear Nasrudin, New Year's Days and Valentine’s Days have been celebrated all over the world, yet other countries haven't had our kind of baby dumping. Why?

'Coz their societies are far more humane, compassionate, caring, supportive and less misogynistic. And we could certainly do with less of such nonsensical PAS self-interests-driven pronouncements.

Quite frankly, I have never heard of any theocratic state which was tolerant, balanced or compassionate, not even in medieval theocratic (Buddhist) Tibet.

Invariably, lowly educated or/and young clerics or religious enforcement officers, given almost unrestrained powers, would sense an uncontrollable compulsion to prohibit, persecute (not prosecute, though that'd come subsequently), and punish - if anything, just to show their powers, and to invoke fears (which they possibly mistake for respect).

This was amply demonstrated in the infamous Zouk nightclub raid by JAWI officers, where and when we witnessed how supposedly trained JAWI religious officers behaved like savage predators.

Some people just cannot handle power, and as I have just mentioned, would feel an overriding compulsive and sometimes addictive need to exercise that power.

And that’s exactly what occurred at the Zouk nightclub, where a religious departmental campaign to curb or stop un-Islamic, un-Malaysian behaviour, or that viewed as offensive to Asian values, degenerated into a disgraceful un-Islamic show of unfettered power and oppressive dominance by empowered officials.

Instead of counselling those young (and supposedly) social degenerates, the JAWI officials exploited their position of religious power to humiliate and terrorize the victims.

Those co-called moral police immorally forced the young sweeties caught in the nightclub to urinate right in the open in front of their hot, hungry, lustful and ogling eyes.

But I suppose we could still argue in the favour of those religious department officers by claiming they were diligently scrutinizing those young wayward women for any signs of deviant behaviour, for example, like peeing while standing up.

Their barbaric bad behaviour is guaranteed to happen again because the system provides near unbridled power to officials who lack knowledge in depth, intellectual capacity or good character to handle such authority. Abuses are likely to occur when power is not moderated by knowledgeable and scrupulous responsibility.

This was what occurred in police station such as in the notorious case of the nude ketuk ketumpi (ear-squats), and rape, as had recently occurred to an unfortunate Indonesian woman, as well as deaths.

PDRM's ketuk ketumbi

The common denominator is the unauthorized and uncontrolled exercise of power by those in authority on their unfortunate victims, namely, the power to dominate the victims, to make them do what the authority so desires, sometimes to stretch the exercise of power as far as the oppressors' imagination permits.

In such an innocent matter as unisex hairdressing in Kota Bharu, non-Muslims have already felt the adverse impact of Islamic rules, so what can we anticipate or forecast will be the case of the more punishing hudud for non-Muslims?

We now have to ask this question because it's evident from the Kota Bharu incident that we non-Muslims can no longer believe in PAS assurance the implementation of hudud won't affect non-Muslims.

In January 2009, when Lim Guan Eng was in Kuala Terengganu to campaign for PAS in a by-election, he was grilled by reporters on the hudud issue.

According to Malaysiakini’s Hadi, Guan Eng grilled over hudud, Lim Guan Eng firmly asserted:

"If any problems occur, we will resolve it through musyawarah, that is through discussions. All three parties must hold discussions and if a consensus is not reached, it must be discussed again.”

"This means, should PKR and PAS agree to implement hudud and DAP disagrees then it cannot be implemented. Everything must be discussed until all three parties agree.”

But Malaysiakini's journalist Andrew Ong pointed out, that as Lim GE talked for 5 minutes on the Pakatan agreement for consensus before implementation, Pak Haji Hadi Awang was noticeably uncomfortable. [Was he squirming or rolling eyes or sneering?]

Andrew said the all too obvious body language forced Terengganu PAS chief Mustafa Ali to leap in to salvage the situation. Mustafa stated that hudud was not an issue in the Kuala Terengganu by-election as the results would not have any impact on the state or federal government.

Not so now

That was then, but what about now regarding the immediate situation if/when a Pakatan government rules the nation after GE-13?

As I blogged in Anwar Ibrahim misleading on PAS hudud intention,  Karpal Singh was less than impressed by Anwar's assurance to the (non-Muslim) voters in Kuala Terengganu that there was no need to reject the hudud proposal as it was only applicable to Muslims. He had also glibly dismissed Karpal’s remark that the PAS proposed legislation was unconstitutional.

But we then read in Malaysiakini's Karpal: Anwar's statement on hudud misleading that Bhai shot down Anwar’s statement as a fallacy! In other words, it was Grade 1 bull!

I recall before the demise of Lim Kean Siew, the well-known Labour Party politician and subsequently MCA leader, he remarked with a cynical laugh about (perhaps even  sneered at) MCA’s ignorance on the significance of Dr Mahathir proclaiming Malaysia as an Islamic nation, stating (words to the effect, that’s the best I can do) “they don’t know what an Islamic nation means, and just what they are getting into!”

Lim Kean Siew

So, MCA has been just as culpable and complicit in Dr Mahathir’s Islamic Malaysia, and thus in no f* position to point any finger at anyone, until it does so at itself, first!

But we should consider as a blessing in disguise the impulse of an increasingly arrogant PAS, as it believes it's on the threshold of federal ruling power, to show its cards, or to sting its water-carriage even before reaching the other shore. 'Tis its 3-P's nature.


  1. What about a Chinese Muslim PM and an Iban Muslim DPM imposing Hudud on Malays?

  2. What can I say?Since we have very sick politicians and their sex crazed cronies raping their maids,and committing rape and incests on their children and stepchildren,we are all living in a country with very very sick sex crazed leaders.

  3. In the first place, no political party should use religion as its platform but in Malaysia Boleh Land, semua pun boleh laa.

    I took the liberty to post here a very relevant comment from an observer who frequents Malaysia Today site :

    "Islam is used by our political leader to control Malays. Political leaders are in no position to lecture to us about Islam as they themselves have at times been poor examples of decent human beings. Remember how Nik Aziz was praying for the stomachs of UMNO leaders to 'burst'? Hadi betrayed the BA manifesto in 1999 and wanted to introduce 'Kharaj tax' for non-Muslims. He backed down when Karpal threatened to take the Terengganu government to court if they dared to do so. Hadi also wanted to introduce the death penalty for Apostates. Again Karpal threatened to sue and Hadi backed down.

    Anwar who is adept at playing the sanctimonious pious Muslim was caught on video with his pants down having sex with a China doll. Yet with characteristic hypocrisy and deceit he denies the person is him. Anwar and a lot of Islamists live in an Emperor's New Clothes world. They fail to see or do not want to admit that they are naked. When their 'nakedness' is exposed, they scream ‘anti-Muslim’, ‘anti-Malay’ and this is typical of their cowardly manner." Pro-arte

    Yes, it's a blessing in disguise that PAS in its overwhelming arrogance, could not restrain itself, their mouth drooling with saliva, going into near delirium that the Putrajaya throne is so very near within their grasp, or so they thought, counting the chicks before they are hatched, throwing caution to the winds, calling for Hadi to be the PM.

    In the West, with only 2 or 3 percent muslim population, these muslims are already clamours for an islamic state, what more in this country when the malays (hence muslims) is about 50% of the population. They feel it is their right to turn Malaysia into an islamic state.

    If there is a hung parliament, and PR won by a slim majority, one likely possibility will be that the frogs jumping over to PR from UMNO will vote for Hadi to be PM. Then nasi jadi bubur laa.

  4. "exploited their position of religious power to humiliate and terrorize the victims."

    Well, this is definitely one kind of CORRUPTION.

    Oh wait, Bolehland still not yet define the word inside the national language, so they keep spin around the word rasuah. Well....

  5. Najib,Mohidin,CSL,LTL,KSK,Anwar,what the heck.They are the fucking bunch of corrupted bastards.

  6. I don't know why people keep craving about the idea of umno go join hand with PAS to get what PAS want. um-no is all about talking control of ALL resources for their own expenses, i don't see how they can cooperate if um-no cannot get the upper hand.

    Surrendering power to religious clerics is no less dangerous than enacting military to gain "support". History never failed to tell us how all this backfire and everyone lose than gain, imagine um-no clerics vs pas cleric.

  7. najib,mohidin and anwar1:10 am, November 25, 2012

    Vote for one,vote for two,vote for anybody except me.1dg

  8. the toothless fella1:13 am, November 25, 2012

    Nurul Izzah is my favourite beauty for Prime Minister on the land of the young and beautiful.

  9. the toothless fella1:28 am, November 25, 2012

    Now Anwar is asking Australians to be independent election observers.What next,this man has up his sleeves.Ask Gaddafi to come and set up his Bedouin tent outside Putrajaya.This man sure amazes me.Nurul is a better choice for PM,at least my choice.

  10. The way Anwar is running around in circles tells us that he is not confident of getting the numbers in this coming GE.

    If that is the case,it will mean only one thing.Malaysians are stuck with the corrupted and racial Umno GOM,with Moehedeen as the premier.

  11. I would prefer Najib to Mohedeen anytime.Mohedeen do not have the qualities to be even a DPM.He can only be a low level operative taking care of cybertroopers.

  12. Mr Moohedeen can take care of Ghadafi's camels.Maybe a camel driver.

  13. MATURITY in understanding and wisdom within the human being is the highest believe.
    In the long run, the strong will still win.
    Look at the nature itself, the weak or the weaken will be destroy.
    Therefore to survive in this world, those sin or sins, and the man made ways will never last. If not careful in life, the human race will itself be destroyed by itself due to stupidity and “replacing the Creator”.

    Those who claimed themselves to be righteous, are they one? Or are they hide their sin/s to punish others? Pls don’t be too hipo, the One up there have eyes watching.

    Those whom unable to educate its sons or daughters, please do not produce.
    It will pollute the world at large. And carry thy sins to generation after generation.
    In today term, there are mush more sins all because the original of man had been selfish and living in lack of knowledge and wisdom.

    Are the human race lower than the animals?

  14. I support MCA to prevent Hudud implementation.

  15. the toothless fella12:04 pm, November 25, 2012

    MCA to prevent hudud.Hehehe,what can CSL do,the honky pokey.Bless you,my lad for beliving in MCA.

  16. the toothless fella12:28 pm, November 25, 2012

    No ex umno politicos for PM post in PR.Only fresh uncorrupted figures like Nurul Izzah is accepted.

  17. if anyone here read shuzheng, he possess the typical stupidity of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (and same with petra, kt n his sweetheart).

    almost every bn man i meet in the last 20 years talk the same thing, project and knowing someone. n only a "bumbler" believe we can depend on this parasites sharing the same culture and greed to reduce the exploitation of people by this sucker.

    the chinese support of pas is not an endorsement of their ideology and action, it is more likely to neutralise n "harmonise", n to make them more inclusive to create a balance.

  18. The increasing strictness and conservatism of Islamic practice and law is a worldwide phenomenon, and Malaysian Muslims are not immune to the trend.
    However, after 55 years of BN rule, Malaysia has not become an Islamic theocracy either in name or in fact. Mahathir's 2001 declaration was a political ploy to outflank PAS, no more than that.

    I trust BN not to turn Malaysia into an Islamic theocracy..
    PR, dominated by PAS , I do not trust so.

    The best means to ensure Malaysia does not become a Caliphate is to return BN with a 2/3 majority.

  19. To declare I support MCA to prevent Hudud implementation needs a bit of clarification.

    Najib's current drive to earn the support of the nons has made me warm up to the man. Question - Is he really sincere about treating the nons as equals in the country?

    Well, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. But at the same time be realistic and pragmatic enough to realize that he can only do so much because his hands are tied and he may backtrack on the glowing promises he makes to the nons during this campaigning period. The indisputable fact is he owes his position to the support of UMNO members and thus he is beholden to them and will have to act in line with their wishes. And everyone knows that the vast majority of UMNO members can be described as vile, vicious, unapologetic racists, maybe even seething with contempt and hatred for the 'nons'.

    This leaves voters in the 'non' camp practically no choice - on the one hand we have these vile, arrogant, bullying racists and on the other hand there is this horde of inflexible, close-minded, medieval, religious extremists.

    In his latest column, Wong Chun Wai of TheStar wrote: "Be careful who we vote for ... it's incredibly silly and na├»ve to actually believe that the religious push by PAS, especially the implementation of hudud and syariah laws, will not affect non-Muslims. Last week’s report that a female Chinese hairstylist has been fined regularly by the Kota Baru Municipal Council for cutting the hair of male Chinese customers has revealed how the PAS agenda is affecting non-Muslims." To read his full commentary click here.

    Another worrying fact is that when people come to power they are often tempted to use their position to change the rules and amend laws to make these advantageous to themselves. The latest such example is a news report which says that President Mohamed Morsi of Egypt, who is from an Islamist party, had unilaterally made a new constitutional declaration giving him power over the judiciary branch. Read about it here and here.

    So, many voters will find themselves facing the proverbial dilemma of choosing between the devil and the deep, blue sea. Neither will have a happy outcome.

  20. I was in the audience when a PAS MP came to give a talk at our church hall. It is part of PAS's confidence in its Islamist credentials that he came without fear of being labelled a "Murtad" or kowtowing to the Christian vote, (not that there is really one).

    He spoke on religious tolerance and religious freedom in Islam.
    I would have no qualms voting a PAS MP such as he, especially balance against the money-grubbing, rancid corruption of UMNO.
    Najib's current drive to win the support of the Nons has left me colder than ever. Side-by-side with the latest stinking AES contract scandal, it just proves that nothing changes with UMNO/BN.
    Its corruption as usual...

    This latest episode in Kota Bharu is another face of PAS, unacceptable to Non-Muslims and leaves me more confused than ever.
    The Kelantan PAS leadership better start making some explanations to the public soon, else the damage wll be real.


    Prepared for BN perpetual rule.....Don't worry, with or without PAS, at the present rate, Malaysia will surely become a talibanised state started by our Dr M

  22. From Anon 1:25 PM, 25 November

    Oops, sorry, looks like the last two links have a problem and do not work.

    The problem is rectified and here are the links again: here and here.

  23. Actually, the spike in new voters is not automatically bad for PR.
    In my own circle, the newly registered voters I know are people who are determined to contribute their bit to make a change in the country, and I don't think they have BN/UMNO in mind...

    These are people who were previously too apathetic to vote because "everyone knew" that BN would rule forever...

  24. Anon 1:25 PM, November 25, 2012

    "when people come to power they are often tempted to use their position to change the rules and amend laws to make these advantageous to themselves"

    No need to look halfway round the world to Egypt.

    BN/UMNO has been doing this all the time under your nose....including an EC Chairman which thinks it works for UMNO...and an EC Deputy Chairman who is ACTUALLY an UMNO and Perkasa member.

  25. Fuck PAS
    I'm supporting UMNO this time.

  26. As a non-Muslim Kelantanese born and bred, I will say that, for the most part, PAS has ruled Kelantan judiciously.
    They have run a clean administration, which Chinese businessmen appreciate, though MCA can't understand why (of course they can't).
    There have been few restrictions on the personal lives of non-Muslims. There are plenty of Chinese Taoist temples, Buddhist Wats and Churches around the state. The kind of nonsense that UMNO perpetrated in Selangor refusing the construction of a Catholic church for more than 10 years never occurred in Kelantan.

    Pork is easily available in Kota Bharu. Beer is freely sold in Kedai Kopi, just like in the rest of Malaysia.
    Chinese girls wear modern clothes, though more conservatively than their KL counterparts, but its more a matter of personal choice than any regulations.

    There are some restrictions which remind you this is PAS after all...there are no legal 4-Digit outlets, its not easy to buy wine and liquor, though the old shops which used to hold licenses have been allowed to renew them. Supermarkets have separate checkout counters for men and women.

    I'm not being an apologist for PAS. They need to clear the air over the hairdresser issue, which after all, affects people's livelihoods. But I sure want to make clear PAS's overall record in running the State.
    Kelantan is not a theocracy with 3 P's - prohibit, persecute & punish

  27. To kaytee pleasure

    Wakaf Baru,
    Kaytee will never change. Old dog can't really learn new trucks

  28. Allah memuliakan bangsa Arab selepas mereka memilih Islam dan mentadbir masyarakat dengan Islam. Allah juga akan memuliakan orang Cina, orang Iban, orang Temiar dan sebagainya sebagaimana Allah memuliakan bangsa Arab setelah bangsa Arab memilih Islam. Orang Melayu sudah diberi peluang selama beratus-ratus tahun tetapi mereka tidak memilih untuk mentadbir berdasarkan Islam. Mereka memilih untuk mentadbir berdasarkan hawa nafsu. Allah menjanjikan kuasa pemerintahan bagi mereka yang bertaqwa.

  29. i think we have to believe in democracy or at the least have the trust that most political party respect democracy.

    pas were booted out in both kelantan and terengganu before, hence i dont think the argument that there is no turning back if pr with pas as dominant take over federal govt is a rational one, fact is pas never in the past demonstrate any act that were against democracy and rule of law, however bn/umno doesn't seem to be the case.

    thus i think we should take a courage step to put pr as federal govt, and reassess our decision/choice every 5 years. that said, i think to segregate hair cut by gender is ridiculous, and to impose this on non muslim is hmmm.... stupid.

  30. Kaytee,you cannot be Anwar bashing only.How about Mohedeen,CSL,LTL and the rest of Bumbumno ball carriers bashing.There is always two sides to a coin,yeah?

  31. Hey guys, why not go over to KT's sweetie's blog for some laughs?

  32. Helen Ang did make a monkey out of CSL,letting the sex duo undermine CSL's birdie exploits.Hehehe.CSL need to gobbled a handful of the purple pill to get his birdie to quirk.

  33. Some of the non-comical articles in Helen Ang's blog also seems to border on the outlandish. Like this one

    where she says the Star is in cahoots with Bernama to discredit Najib. "Melihat kepada bagaimana The Star bersuhabat dengan Bernama untuk mensabotaj kempen pilihanraya Najib melalui kerja Photoshop maka BN harus lebih berwaspada, terutamanya pada saat-saat genting menjelang pilihanraya."

    Ha ha ha ha ha !

  34. There they go again!!

    TheStar today reports that the local Taliban wants to go ahead to protest the holding of the Elton John concert in Genting Highlands. They want to ban it.

    They are so intolerant and inflexible as ever. They want to ram their religion and values down the throat of others regardless that other people may not share their outlook, their values, their religion.

    If these people think that the concert is not good for them then stay away and avoid it, and advise their own members to do the same. Isn't that the sensible thing to do? Why impinge on the rights of other people who do not share their beliefs. After all, others would never think of imposing their own values on them.

    Let's see - the Jennifer Lopez concert will be the next to be staged. Will these Talibans again raise a hue and cry over her skimpy costumes and sexy dance moves? It's most likely they will. Their dearest wish is to move everyone back to the Dark Ages ... ban TV, radio, computers, the Internet, and so on.

  35. Taliban star sheethole.Poodah pariah newspaper.

  36. some dental deficient dungu who has only a bean sprout wants to talk about forest which he should leave to men with timber. Time for him to go to Hadyaai to abuse lil' kids.

  37. Hi fellas, while waiting for KT's next entree, this article may be a good time filler if you don't mind wasting a few minutes.

    The rage against injustice, the fury about the ruthless exploitation of uneducated, defenceless workers by greedy, heartless employers. It's a delicious piece of writing.

  38. Santa Clause (12:16 pm), not only are Bangladeshis exploited in their country, in my workplace we have also Nepalis, Viets, Myanmar citizens all slogging at the front line facing very dangerous & toxic conditions which Malaysians will avoid totally.

    What is the alternative? This is reality in a capitalist world of unequal development. The exploited have a source of income, the capitalist makes cheaper products and also get his profits. For example your iPhone is partially made by people in Foxconn under exploitative conditions too in China, so we shouldn't complain much unless iPhone customers are willing to pay higher prices.

  39. Anon 4:33 PM, November 27,

    Hi there! You're quite right. That's how capitalism works, unfortunately.

    I've considered buying an IPhone recently. But having read that the much-admired Steve Jobs is/was in person a world-class jerk (as a writer described him) who was overweeningly arrogant and treated others badly, I have decided that I will NEVER buy any Apple products, no matter who wonderful they may be. After all, there are other equally good products made by other companies. That the workers making his products are being treated unfairly also will definitely influence my decision.

    I will never treat my elves badly, you can be sure. ;-)

  40. i never in my life buy any apple product yet but ...

  41. Off late Apple seems to be taking advantage of US loose patenting process. Apple now owns the 'rectangle with rounded corners' shape and also 'page turn' on electronic devices. Steve threatens thermonuclear war on Android allegedly of 'stolen product', but else where he was quoted of saying great artists steal! The way the Apple Samsung saga is continuing may be stifling competition which is necessary to make better products for consumers.

    Anon 4:33 PM, November 27