Friday, April 16, 2010

Mandore-ism - A letter to Aneh

Private Memo


My dearest most respectable yang sangat berhormat (DMD*) Uthy,
(*dimasa depan)

C’est moi, your tamby, Dodgee Dimsum. My dear dear Aneh who is like Puratchi Thalaivar, eppati irukkinga? Unnai rumba izhanthu vittean.

Enakku udhavi seivienkala? I wonder what you think of the situation in Hulu Selangor. I ask only because my dear Aneh has been noticeably silent about it, unlike your usual wonderfully succinct blasting at that Chinese communist dictator up north on that island, and demolition of his mandore deputy.

Aneh, I was expecting you to lambast those people in Hulu Selangor too for being mandore-ish, in toeing their Big Aneh’s line. They have lost their sovereign dignity, mind you, not that there was any existing before.

Isn’t it just mandore-like of them when even the president’s personal recommendation was ignored and chucked aside, and the deputy president (and future president, though now this is very much in doubt) was left in a devastatingly humiliated state. They were treated, so to speak, like mandores.

Thus I was a wee surprised that Aneh didn’t immediately lambast those mandores. Methinks Aneh is just reserving your energy for that No 2 man up north on that island, but you know best.

My grandfather who saw life through the British colonial period into our nation’s independence, told me of Aneh’s people, brought over from the homeland. There were two groups, one from an island (not that one in our north where your mandore lives) but the one which is more ‘Eelam-ish’ just across the samudera (I feel so privilege to use this word from your homeland), and the other from the sub-continent.

Those orang putih deployed them according to their skills, the islanders (because they were better educated) into their civil bureaucracy and the latter into plantations or as labourers.

All of them, from the two groups, were considered by those colonial masters as mandores, but my grandfather was amazed that among the two groups, the islanders considered the other group as mandores, and would not permit their children to ever marry anyone from the mandore group (though in recent times, a few brave ones have). There was a very conscious division based on class, caste and pannikote origin, and it saddens me because aiyoyo ma, no one with sub-continent ancestors will ever have a chance to marry the delicious hot looking daughter of the man once-reputed as Malaysia’s richest. Sayang saje.

The class distinction was so unlike Chinese society, which could explain why Chinese are more likely to lean towards Marxism while Indians are not so, being faithful to God - a case of agama but not bangsa.

Again it may explain why Indians in our military have been more trusted than the Chinese by the Malay authorities. Chinese could be potential commies, and which a rather ‘flexible’ politician (in Washington recently with the PM) has brilliantly identified one such Chinese communist dictator, up north on that island. Apparently there was a golf story behind this but let's leave that for another day.

I hope to hear from Aneh soon, if not to me privately, then via the media, about mandore-ism in Hulu Selangor (unless of course, their Aneh gives you the land for 98 Tamil schools in Selangor). Apram paarkalame.

I am, your most respectful and obedient tamby,

Dodgee Dimsum.

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  1. Ever heard of Chinese communist dictators who distributed RM100 appreciation awards to senior citizen?

  2. Didnt hear the communist dictators commenting about whisky Zaid being nominated as HS rep?
    Not happy like PAS eh.
    Sure lose one like that, this Hennesy Cognac fella.

  3. Frankly, after what just transpired, I think we must give credence to the conspiracy theory that Wigs manipulated the situation to get rid of Palanivel.

    That way, he gets 2 more years to run MIC entirely into the ground and hand over the ashes to Paarivel!! Lol!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  4. deep prejudice racism by the writer of this blog.but what do you expect,a chinamen mentality ,the bigest bigot race in malaysia

  5. Donplaypuk

    Oh no. How can that be. The Vel boy has all his Tok Ssamy's secrets in his pocket.
    The two Vel-vel are back-stabbing Umno in the HS issue.
    "Palanivel is rejected, Okay but we demand he gets to be senator, a deputy minister and next election get a seat," so says the wig one.
    This is the ultimate ploy which no one can tolerate.
    If Najib accedes to this, he will lose Umno's support.
    P.S. Now it is Umno who are working hard for Kamal. Palanivel of course won't. Only Umno can close ranks. It is in our culture and religion to be accomodating and accepting of others.

  6. who cares what a chinese have to say about the indians?

    the chinese are not sincere people to begin with ,so why bother?

  7. Dear DimSum,

    Hulu Selangor is a fine example of Umno-MIC mandorism and you correctly saw it for yourself. HRP has blasted MIC in total, wrecked it, and in the process wrecked BN. It is beyond redemption, and the PR vultures are feeding on the carcass, thinking it's their win.

    We expect to see our elected representatives abide by the demands of the people; in this instance, land for all tamil schools in Selangor - a fair request that no one can fault. Until that demand is met in writing, HRP supports no one, which by default means BN wins! That would teach PR to accede to the wishes of the people, or perish!

    DimSum, you retain passe and outdated romantic views of Indians. There is almost no more caste at all in Malaysia! This is nothing short of a social revolution that the Indians have accomplished, a miracle indeed. Nearly everyone intermarry. Due to interracial marriages and adoptions in the past there are so many 'chindian' leaders in MIC and HRP. Some branches and tamil schools are headed by 'chinese'. :)

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