Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sons of Jacob among us

It’s amazing a foreign company linked to a small country in a faraway land can cause so much anxiety to UMNO.

We’re talking about APCO and Israel respectively.

Anwar Ibrahim, once known and taunted as a pally buddy of neo-con Zionist American Jew Paul Wolfowitz, has turned the table on UMNO by revealing the Israeli-APCO link and thus, by politically expedient extrapolation, to an APCO-Israel-UMNO nexus wakakaka.

Najib is currently looking for a hole, preferably an Arab one, to dive into.

And you wonder why UMNO, usually arrogant with a couldn’t-give-a-damn-sh*t attitude about almost everything, is now in a tizzy regarding this nexus?

It’s the ‘Heartland’, home of the pious.

To them, Israel is Syaitan incarnated, the Nemesis of not just Arabs but all Muslims.

I would certainly agree but with qualifications, because not all Jews are Israelis, not all Israelis are murderous bastards like the members of Likud Party, Shas Party and all those ultra rightwing fanatical Israeli Talibans, and therefore not all Israelis are acolytes of Syaitan.

Be that as it may, our country has not only been so Islamized but also Arab-ized that any perception of a Malay pollie’s connection to Israel is embarrassing and politically poisonous - padan muka wakakaka!

The recent Israeli disproportionate and murderous attacks on Gazaan Palestinians have accentuated Muslims’ hatred for all things Israeli, thus there is very little mitigating avenue for a Malay pollie seen as connected, no matter how remotely, to Israel or anything Israeli.

In fact the news of Israelis working here are not new - a few years back, there was a report that an Israeli was working with a local airline – beat that!

How in the world did those Israelis manage to secure jobs with Malaysian based companies - sure as hell puzzles me? And what more when we now learn of Israeli agents snug as a bug in a rug with the PDRM. We have heard of business links between the son of a senior police officer and a company with Israeli-links.

Look, Israelis are here because we KNOWINGLY allow them!

It's GREED, which is colour, creed, religion and politically blind wakakaka! It's not unlike some Americans like Dick Cheney being in the Israeli camp. The only difference is he did it openly, defiantly and confidently (because the USA is already under the sway of Israel), whilst our pollies and senior administrators like the IGP and the Najib camp, being Muslims, 'act dunno'.

Don’t forget, our lil’ but powerful neighbour has mucho connections with Israel, and I wonder whether leng chai Khairy Jamaluddin, with his close connections to some Singaporeans, can help by throwing some light on the potential of Israeli agents to use Singapore as a convenient spring board (titik tolak) to infiltrate us (though for what, I wonder?)

For there are certain men crept in unawares. Men who have crept in without their character being understood.

Who were before of old ordained. Whose coming was predicted and whose lives were placed under condemnation - Jude 1:4

But let me tell you what I don’t like!

I don’t like Anwar Ibrahim asking the Agong to intervene in getting the government to cancel its contract with APCO because of its alleged links to Israel.

I note that PAS has also sent a memorandum to the Conference of Rulers, urging it to order the government to cut its ties with APCO.

It’s one thing to politically pressure the UMNO government into cutting ties with APCO or any Israeli company but it’s another to encourage and invite royal political activism. Haven’t we f* learnt? Huhlooooooo, remember Perak?

Much as I dislike those murderous Likud-Shas Talibans (and kaytee is renowned for that), I dislike and fear royal political activism even more.


  1. Look at the number of Malays wearing Levis, eating Cadbury and other products of Jewish companies.

  2. What's to hide?
    Apco Apco
    Ameeno cries

    Suspend opposition members
    Let them be silence for a while
    Close the gap before it spreads

    The internet write up
    The deeds run into the people
    Now they know

    The 'enemy at the door'
    Marching in with contracts
    Ameeno just pretends?

    The truth lights up
    In the mind of the people
    We know what you did

    We are just waiting
    For the GE13.....
    Then the change

    8/4/10 9.39pm
    KTemoc - I read your article on gambling A good one though I expect many to believe in dreams and luck Most of us do It is those who forgot going overboard that they cause the misery of their lives

  3. The involvement of S'pore-Israeli subcontractors were exposed in M2day by RPK in July 2008!

    Not to mention allegations that the IGP had personally recommended to the PM that contracts be awarded to companies connected to BK Tan, an underworld boss. The total value of the PDRM IT packages were estimated at $4 billion.

    So who "goofed" up on national security and related vetting procedures? Why, it appears to be none other than the guy whose contract will not be renewed this September!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  4. thanks caravanserai, me too occasionally punt on 4-D wakakaka

  5. Prince Principles12:50 pm, April 09, 2010

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  6. I have edited Prince Principles' comments because he used a disrespectful word to described the Agong - he wrote [edited]:

    The Agong is being involved because the Agong is the [deleted] Head of the PDRM!

    What's the problem in highlighting this problem to the Head of the PDRM so that he can instruct his underlings to cease acting in a compromising ways?