Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Political gossip

New Wonder Boy of Hulu Selangor has jilted his huggy Perkasa friend Ibrahim Ali.

Ezam Mohd Nor to be made a senator.

Zaid Ibrahim has one horse, Dr Mahathir has 30!


  1. Dr Mahathir has 30 racehorses? Why wasn't that raised during PR's ceramahs in Hulu Selangor?

  2. 1). Whoa learning fast. Uncle Samy must have told him. Anyways, today he was looking at drains at a Chinese house. Can you imagine your Zaid doing that?
    2) Congrats Ezam. Your hard work did not go unnoticed.
    3) Your point? Dr M's horses are for riding. Like he said, we can hug and kiss the horses.
    Zaid is for betting, Dr M says.

  3. this zaid start with 1 horse.
    If he wins Hulu Selangor, he will buy 10 horses.
    If he become minister one day, he will buy 20 horses.
    If he become DPM, he will buy 40 horses.
    If he become PM, he will also have 50 horses.
    This guy zaid was ex-Umno. There is no different between him, Anwar and other Umno members.
    All same.

  4. The bare minimum annual cost of maintaining 30 horses is $540,000 i.e. $1,500 pm x 30 x 12!!

    Now, how much savings does he have and how much pension does Dr.M get per year?

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  5. New MP looking at drains? BN spent (or promised to spend) millions of RM in bye-election and the first significant thing he does is look at drains? Why? because looking at drains doesn't need brain power and has PR effects. New MP really have good PR...and nothing else. If you need someone to look at drains, better just employ a mandore instead.

    sri hartamas

  6. Madey Mamak Kutty Iskandar Kerala is a curse on Bodohland, I hope one day the bugger will drop down from his horse and die instantly.

  7. anon 11:56, you are right. perhaps you should say more boozing as well if he wins.