Monday, April 19, 2010

He's Kamal but not Nathan!

He’s off to an ignominious start at the (wannabe) sharp end of his political career.

According to the dictionary, ‘ignominious’ means:
(a) Marked by shame or disgrace
(b) Deserving disgrace or shame; despicable
(c) Degrading; debasing

UMNO selected candidate Kamalanathan unbelievably supported the antics of ultra rightwing Perkasa, no doubt in a frantic bid to win Malay votes. Perhaps he might even be vaguely aware that UMNO strategists may actually want him to lose the by-election so that the ketuanan Melayu party can justify staking its claim for the constituency in the next election, so he plays a game to show he is more UMNO than MIC.

Every Malaysian knows that the abbreviated form of Kamalanathan is Nathan, so it’s little wonder that sweetie Helen Ang queried in her succinct article titled Why MIC Hulu S’gor candidate defends Perkasa at the website of Centre for Policy Initiatives, why is he known as Kamal but not Nathan?

Is he beginning to resemble in character another bloke who calls himself a Malay when ethnically and by name he isn’t?

Helen also remarked that Nathan Kamal talked about making Hulu Selangor an education hub with the possible location of an UiTM campus in the constituency when it’s well-known UiTM caters ONLY for Malays and not other Malaysians so how's that going to help those poor tambys of MIC and indeed others?

Obviously he’s playing to the Malay gallery in Hulu Selangor rather than campaigning to all voters.

And most sycophantic of all, he wants to win the by-election, not for the rakyat in the constituency, but as a present for his boss (no, not uncle Samy Vellu nor that person whose MIC career is now in trouble, Palanivel) but Najib Razak.

As a present?!! Just how frivolous and sycophantic can a candidate be?

In defending Perkasa (I still can't get over his ignominious insult to his ancestors) he has obviously forgotten (or pretended to forget) the cow head insult and the followng.

Helen reminded us that Najib Razak’s ‘erstwhile’ aide Nasir Safar … commented that the Indian forefathers come here as “beggars”. It elevates the Malays to put down the calibre of the ‘pendatang’. No surprise either that Perkasa should be the first to rally to Nasir’s defence and
urge that he be given a chance to explain the context of his remarks.

Now, would we be able to conclude that Nathan Kamal, implicit in his shameful defence of Perkasa, also wants the Indians and Chinese of Hulu Selangor to give Nasir Safar a further chance for his description of Nathan’s Kamal’s parents and grandparents as beggars?

Helen further wrote: Nathan Kamal, who is MIC information chief, has a professional background in public relations. Judging from the scorn still poured on Indian ethnicity, it’s evident that their image problem has not been rectified. Kamal has done a poor job for MIC’s Indian publicity.

With people like Nathan Kamal, is it any wonder that the Indian Malaysians have been marginalised for 52 years?


  1. To Malays, he wants to be called Kamal

    To Indians, he he wants to be called Nathan

    To Chinese, he wants to be called A(h) Lan

    To Bais, he wants to be called Malathan Singh

    To Jews, he wants to be called Nathaniel

    To me, he is just a crook of the class of Pak Bohong

  2. Kamal is a "GAY".

    Malaysia Today mentioned this MIC candidate Kamalanathan being gay.

  3. Anon 2010

    Pardon me. With a beautiful wife. No siree.
    Or is it a typo error? You mean to say Anwar not Kamal?

  4. Anon of 9:21 AM, April 19, 2010

    There are two issues here - (1) proof or evidence that he is gay or whatever he does (as in the case of his defending Perkasa, as evidenced by his own words), and (2), even if he is gay, I don't give a damn as this doesn't and shouldn't impact on his competency as a people's representative

    I have friends and relatives who are gay - so what! An Australian pollie that I admire very much is Malaysian born Penny Wong who is a declared gay - she is a very very competent minister in the Rudd Government. Another Aussie gay that I also admire and respect very much is retired Judge Michael Kirby.

    But I cringe at someone (who is not gay but) who defends people who have disparaged or threatened members of his own family and friends

  5. If Kamal or Nathan is Gay, I am happy for him. (Gay - feeling of being "carefree", "happy", or "bright and showy")

  6. this mic fler >>>>> mamak soon !?

  7. MIC Kamal
    Playing to the majority

    He forgets his root
    A sad case to his image

    Yet he doesn't care
    Winning counts......

    Perkasa racist to the core
    Kamal wants the votes

    So he says
    Twisting his ways

    We are called
    Beggars and whores

    We have little kings
    Living it up gleefully happy

    Doesn't Kamal know?
    Cow head parade....

    Ah the 3Ps
    Power Project Prosperity

    Read about Hee Hit Foong
    Now a Dato in Perak

    Hulu Selangor voters
    Don't get fooled

    For Kamal has forgotten
    Where he came from

    19/4/10 11.04am

  8. Dont blame this poor fella. It's not him who gave the name Kamal, Nathan and Alan.
    He's just playing along as he says it "I am 1Malaysia."
    He and Zaid are both pawns of Najib and Anwar respectively.
    As for marginalising of Indians, the MIC did it and no one else.
    Unless they shed their castes superiority, the Indians will further be side-lined.
    Remember Ayoyosamy is of a higher caste. So it follows the nephew Kamalanathan is also too.
    That Samy fella is only obsessed with Palanivel and no one else.
    Look what he did to Subra, Pandian, now Mugilan.
    He accede to Kamal after a gun was ponted at his head.
    So who is at fault when Samy cant even unite the MIC people?
    He should take a leaf from Umno which can close ranks after a bitter fight.

  9. Another feather in the cap for Kamal. Dr Halili Rahmat has resigned and joined Umno.
    Definitely he has lots to tell to the HS people.
    Yesterday several PKR members in Shah Alam have resigned.
    More to come lor.
    Zaid you are the wrong choice. You jinxed people.

  10. Correction. It's Kamala, not Kamal n.b.: Kamalanathan). A Kamala with a cock? Well, in MIC, anything is possible! Did someone say that he's gay? I'm not surprised. Well Kamala, just like the boy named Sue, you should not be shy. The name Kamala may be a male name after all: it depends on how the final 'a' is pronounced. If it is long, it is female; if it is short, it is male. So you are a male Kamala with a short one! Anyway, you shouldn't be shy of your female name (if yours is long). It means 'lotus' in Sanskrit and is one of the names of the goddess Lakshmi. Well, UMNO might have chosen him because Kamal is also a Malay man's name... hey, wait a minute, even in Arabic, Kamal may be male, but Kamala is still female. Can't escape! Drats, even among Spanish names, Camilo is male and Camila is female. ¡No, no puedes escapar! ¡Lo siento! So let's take the MICkey out of Kamala by saying that he's a male MIC member with a female name! God knows, he may even win this election by revealing his true self (and true name)!

  11. you pakatan rakyat are the same as barisan nasional.both playing dirty! gays attack ,what's next?

  12. “DPM Muhy: Kamalanathan’s name reflects 1 M’sia ….Kamal is a Malay name…sounds like Chinese name Tan and Nathan is Indian name ….meaning leader…Kamal also means ‘perfect’ in Arab and ‘Nathan’
    ….I’m not so sure….on a more serious note….” Star Sunday 18/04/10.

    Actually, Kamal from ancient (at least 4,000 years) Sanskrit/Tamil means ‘lotus eyed’ and ‘Nathan’ a reference to the Hindu god, Vishnu. The Hindu god Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, is often referred to as Kamalakrishnan!!

    ‘Nathan’ could also mean ‘leader’ in Sanskrit/Tamil. Kamala on its own is a fairly common name among Indian ladies! And don’t forget Kamal, a M’sian Indian from Brickfields in KL is also one of Malaysia’s most successful and internationally renown pop singer star (Elephant Song) who lives in Oz.

    Also, Nathan has an old (pre-Christian) Jewish origin meaning ‘giver’ or ‘gift from God!’ Many westerners too have this name.

    I think DPM Muhy must be careful even in "jest", as he could soon have PERKOSONG and the syariah/fatwa council on his back for mixing up Hindu/Indian/Jewish names with that of Arabic/Muslim ones!!

    Unless of course as a commenter posted in Din Merican's blog, he is Kamal bin Nathan!! Lol!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  13. Rumour is abuzz that Nurul Izzah is leaving PKR.
    If it is true, it is a real shocker.

  14. Buttercup says: "Rumour is abuzz that Nurul Izzah is leaving PKR."

    That's a good one! Have you heard the one about Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah leaving PKR? Or Lim Guat Eng leaving DAP? Let them all leave their own parties! Turncoats! Frogs!

    The only one not leaving his own party, it seems, is Najib -- he'd be arrested if he did: too many skeletons in his cupboard. ☺

  15. Last time I heard, Obama was defecting to the Republicans