Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hulu Selangor - BN's blame game; preparing for defeat?

After UMNO sidelined Palanivel to hang high and dry like a sotong (squid), the MIC No 2 was so cheesed off that he said, words to the effect, UMNO shall now be responsible for Kamalanathan’s victory.

At best that was Palanivel saying if Kamal were to bomb out in the by-election, blame UMNO. At worst, it could be anything from Palanivel and faction scratching their b@ll$ and picking their noses while drinking kopi-o throughout the campaign period to sabotaging the young upstart picked by UMNO.

Private conversation overheard in HS: Pordah, they can go f* themselves; why the f* should I slog anymore for those @$$h*le$.

Meanwhile, Najib thinking he has sown up the Malay and Indian votes, worries about the forecast 75% (minimum) of Chinese votes, including those cast by HS’ MCA members wakakaka, going to Zaid Ibrahim. So he piled the pressure on the new MCA leadership by declaring the HS by-election is the acid test for Chua and Liow.

Private conversation overheard in HS: Mafulat, ta’sangka ahli MCA undi ni kaki botol juga!

Tapi Datuk, orang Cina syiok kaki yamseng lah hehehhe!
[thinking he was smart making a joke]

[cold stare a la Tun Razak - joker shut up, straightened face and assumed apologetic welfare face]

Janji 3 juta untuk sekolah china jikalau BN menang. “Oi ah Pek ah Mm, lu latang Kialar Lumpoe cali saya jikalau Ah Larn menang. Saya bagi cek.”

However Chua said victory for Alan (I’m sure by now you know who) is the responsibility of all BN component parties.

Private conversation overheard in HS: Tiu nia seng, your man called our women ‘kai’ (chicken) and you still expect the Chinese to support your man, or the MCA kena blame. Real harmkarch’an lah. Ah Larn? Nah, your Larn T'ooi lah! Watch me serve the responsibility back like Datuk Lee Chong Wei.


  1. acid test for Chua and Liow?

    You mean, if Kamala loses, acid will be popured down onto Chua and Liow?

  2. haha.. eat this PR-lover boys.

    the truth is out, and rakyat make good choice to reject immoral candidate, what's more an outsider.

  3. gee, they were called beggars but all the same the one and only 3-in1 chniese-indian-malay hugged and kiss their arse.

    where's their dignity, KT?