Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ikan Bilis fight back

photo from The Malasian Insider

To him, interfaith panel is just ikan bilis
but ayoyo, it's one with quite a hefty kick
because now they won't attend the majlis
Those non-Muslims think he's such a prick

He gave in to that bloke from ultra Perkasa
Telling the pseudo-warrior it's only for show
No worries buddy, there won't be any dosa
Sandirawara only to make 1Malaysia glow



  1. One day perhaps, the ikan bilis will grow up to be piranhas instead...

  2. It's quite true that sometimes (not always, of course - life is never so simple that sweeping generalizations can be made; there are always exceptions) one can tell a person's character by carefully examining the person's face.

    So, sometimes, just by looking at someone's face you can say with quite a remarkable degree of accuracy that the person is mmm ... well, prick-ish.

    Many of us have had the experience of say a first meeting with a person and we are immediately struck with a feeling of unease - that there is something about the person which makes us feel uncomfortable yet without being able to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes us feel like that. And then, much later on we find that our initial gut feeling turns out to be true when that person turns out to be a conman or a sex pervert or something bad.

    This is just a general discussion, of course, and has no reference to any particular person.

    Sixth Sense

  3. Musuh dalm selimut dalam kabinet Najib!!

    Sack this ambitious "caesar"!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race