Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Perkasa warns MCA

The Malaysian Insider - MCA blames Perkasa for loss of Chinese support

The Malaysian Insider -
Chinese abandoned MCA before Perkasa was born, says Ibrahim

Actually both are right …

… unless you consider Perkasa as an extension of UMNO, a subsidiary where the usual waving of the Chinese blood dripping keris, issuing of tebuan warnings and brandishing the May 13 red book have been devolved to this so called NGO …

… then Chua Soi Lek would be correct.

Ibrahim Ali pointed out that Perkasa or no Perkasa, MCA has consistently failed to win in Chinese-dominated areas in the urban constituencies such as Kepong or Bukit Bintang so WTF!

... though of course UMNO with its waving of the Chinese blood dripping keris, issuing of tebuan warnings and brandishing the May 13 red book have was always around ... to f* up and undermine MCA.

Now, a challenge Ibrahim Ali has tossed to Chua Soi Lek, as reported by The Malaysian Insider:

Ibrahim said: “If they keep accusing Perkasa, MCA will have a dark future because in the next election the Malays will not vote for MCA candidates.”

Well Chua Soi Lek, what do you have to say to his threat?


  1. Perkasa the bad cop for ameeno
    So that the black knight can look good

    Branding his 1Malaysia slogan
    Capturing the minds of the people

    Yet it doesn't work
    People just can't believe it

    For Perkasa keeps branding
    The soil of the land..........

    MCA better opt out
    In Bee Anne it becomes irrelevant

    The blaming puppet
    So thick skin forgetting dignity

    For the crumbs of gold
    It sells its soul...........

    Race base party
    The goner in changing star

  2. I despise Perkasa hateful aim, but this is not the reason the Chinese community reject MCA. It is more to MCA people self serving interest, what more when the party is headed by a pornsident. They should look inward rather than outward for the cause why they fail, instead of blaming everything and everybody but not themselves. This is typical of Dr Chua Soi Lek.....thats why they burst

  3. "Sticks and stones
    may break my bones.
    But words aimed with
    an angry art,
    Can sting like anything."
    .. Phyllis McGinley (poet)

    Well said, KT. Clap, clap, clap.

    I guess some people will be feeling quite stung by your words and they must be feeling very hot and bothered, hopping in fury like Rumpelstiltskin, or, maybe more accurately, like as if there is a vibrator buzzing like crazy up their shithole!!


  4. mca and perkasa should make love and produce an offspring named "mca diperkosakan", the way anwar was diperkosakan by saiful

  5. u kno what the more u harp on Malay issues the more Malay like me will hate u peoples and we will change to become more racist day by day...go on blame anything Malay.


  6. You are right. Both CSL and Ibrahim Ali are right on both accounts.
    CSL and MCA leaders have worked hard in Hulu Selangor to get the Chinese votes.
    They are really not to be blamed.
    Simply put, the Chinese do not want to vote BN.
    Why do you set so much store on Ibrahim Ali's word?
    Malays will continue to vote for MCA in the coming elections.
    Dont you know that Malays prefer MCA than PKR?
    We have proven we can give victory to Kamal. Malays are the least racist.
    The so-called racist Ibrahim too campaign for kamal.
    Its the DAP and their supporters who are the real racists.

  7. But, Nazri has already given the title of 'the real racist' to TDM ... ha-ha-ha