Thursday, April 15, 2010

Palanivel stabbed in back ... right from the very start!

Two weeks ago I posted Hulu Selangor by-election - Déjà vu Ijok? where I stated (extract):

It’s likely that despite the Malay majority in the constituency, Najib will nominate Palanivel unless of course Samy Vellu interferes with that, by either putting his own name in or selecting someone who isn’t likely to be a greater threat to him than poor Palanivel. This is not inconceivable of Samy’s manoeuvring, manipulating Machiavellian mischief in order to remain MIC's No 1 for another zillion years.

Then 4 days later MKINI published Najib says it's MIC but leaves Palanivel in limbo.

Prime Minister Najib Razak has today confirmed that the BN candidate for the crucial Hulu Selangor by-election will come from the MIC. However, he fell short of endorsing G Palanivel [...], giving rise to speculation that he could be bumped off the list.

Poor Palanivel.

On that same day my letter to MKINI was published with a tautological title of
Deja vu again at Hulu Selangor (why ‘again’?) where I wrote:

Samy himself is not unaware that a Palanivel nominated, elected and appointed as a cabinet minister will become an even bigger threat to his position as MIC president, and will in all likelihood expedite his obliteration from the political landscape. In fact one shouldn't be in the least surprised if he forwards to Najib his own name, toupee and all [maniacal laughter]. Thus, between now and April 14, it's virtually more than a political life time for Palanivel.

Sadly my prediction for poor Palani came true

Today in Malaysian Insider’s
Kamalanathan has work cut out in Hulu Selangor campaign it was reported:

Samy Vellu informed Palanivel of the bad news, and toyed with either party secretary-general S. Murugesan or Kamalanathan as a replacement. He eventually picked Kamalanathan, who has the support of vice-president Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam and his son Vel Paari and the backing of the Dewar clan which controls the MIC.

Samy Vellu’s decision to back off after putting up a strong front has roiled the MIC CWC, with members already angry with the party president for failing to keep his word. A campaign has already been started to ask Samy Vellu to take responsibility and resign.

I believe from all these we can safely conclude Samy hadn't been sincere nor serious about his biggest threat, Palani, getting the nomination.

And in Malaysian Insider’s
Barisan names Kamalanathan after battle of wills we read:

Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced the candidacy of Kamalanathan, […]

“He is a workaholic, straightforward, one who means what he says. He’s the only candidate. There is no candidate but him,” Muhyiddin said of Kamalanathan
as a smiling Samy Vellu flanked him.

I suppose poor Mugilan was a red herring after all - an ambitious and naïvely hopeful young bloke, but one used mercilessly by an old crocodile.

Hmmm, I wonder who had stabbed Palanivel in the back?


  1. Palanivel was backstabbed from the
    front and back by his closest "allies!!"

    As for the accidental compromise candidate Kamalanathan or 'Kandidat Kompromi Kemalangan", he's going to get a mauling by Zaid. After which Samy will go to town against UMNO, Muhy and Najib and trumpet "I told you so, mundams!!"

    Ha, ha! What a dithering, indecisive, bumbling Muhy who, true to form after the big screw up with Zahid Hamidi at Permatang Pauh is again all thumbs. And thus is Najib screwed again from a conspiracy within!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human race

  2. Bukit Beruntung Umno man9:42 pm, April 15, 2010

    You go Kamal (Rawang Malays nickname for Kamalanathan).
    Palanivel, vamoose. Dont ever show your face again.
    So Godfather Semi-Value failed to put I, me, myself as MP for HS again. Good.
    No one stab Palanivel in the back. It's he who did himself in.
    Three terms not doing your job and now demanding to be re-nominated.
    For what? You think the Malays in Hulu Selangor are so stupid.
    Last night Samy Vellu threatened to brig MIC out of BN. MIC Hulu Selangor wanted Palanivel and no one else. Or else.
    But it's all empty threat, as usual. Childish.Power crazy. Greedy
    This morning again Vellu threw temper tantrum when he heard Najib and Muhyiddin rejected Palanivel. Merajuk again. Wanted to give Umno the seat konon.
    Mugilan, he blocked on accusations working against MIC. Kamal he got no choice because Umno wants him.
    And, from what i heard, he got the cheek to pressure Najib to give senatorship while waiting for elections when Palanivel must be given a seat.
    What is so special about Palanilvel? You already lost and living nicely for two years.
    Why must ypu be given another seat. No one in Umno who lost got a seat again.
    Umno has given MIC this HS seat. Its damn ridiclous and insane to give Palanivel another one.
    What about MCA and UMNO?
    What kind of horse-trading is this?

  3. Bukit Beruntung Umno man10:47 pm, April 15, 2010

    And not only that. Palanivel will also get deputy ministership.
    That is the ultimatum Sany vellu gave to Najib for rejecting Palanivel.
    What game is this loser playing?
    And why are you pitying Palanivel for?

  4. Omigosh!!!
    This is more fun and entertaining than a troupe of performing circus monkeys! Hahahaha

  5. The Bolehland cabinet has lots and lots of defeated candidates appointed as senators and then taken in as ministers. This is communism!

  6. Ktemoc,
    Well, there you go, Batu Arang Adun has bited the dust when he decided to become an independent. Frankly, I don't really have much confident on PKR Kedah leadership. I would suggest that in the next GE13, PKR Kedah would hand these areas to DAP

    1) Derga (I don't trust Cheung Kar Yann, ex Gerakan)
    2) Gurun ( Kalai has left PKR)
    3) Lunas
    4) Batu Arang

    I have been holding my breath till now. I simply could not understand how Anwar can choose Wei Shu to stand for election. I do wonder what Gerakan would say because they too complain that Wei Shu can't perform.
    Thank goodness that PKR comes to senses when they decided not to contest in Sibu. Better still leave those 20 state seats demanded by DAP alone. You can ask Dominique Ng & Tian Chua to fly kite somewhere as DAP is proven to rock solid party

    I would bring you to the attention on Wee Choo Keong. I am 100% beri beri sure that this joker would drop a bombshell by becoming independent
    I don't have such high regards on Wee Choo Keong. To me, he's a scum. The only thing good about him till now is that he didn't jump. I do have doubt if he remains in PKR. A reject from DAP never been a good thing....
    This Wee Wee fella mention that Zaid is not qualified. Who is Wee Wee to demand Zaid not qualified? Wee Wee complained about Little Napoleons in PKR & PAS. By this convention, isn't Wee Wee a bigger Napoleon

    I believe all MPs must go through morality & financial check. Better still we can't have a cow herd such as Mohsin being an MP. Yup, there are exceptions, Hutan Melintang Adun is one of them but rule of thumb require MPs to be rich enough
    I hate to say this. DAP Perak is right in demanding for 10 seats. I am quite disatisfied of having a low weight PKR MP contesting against Ong Ka Chuan in Tanjong Malim
    Seriously these seats should be reverted back to DAP

    1) Tanjong Malim
    2) Tapah
    3) Tambun

    Anyway, PKR can't win those seats as it's heavily infested with postal votes