Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MIC fights back at UMNO, MCA ...?

In reacting to the possibility of UMNO picking local boy youthful candidate (wakakaka) V Mugilan over MIC’s preferred candidate (and deputy president) G Palanivel, the spokesman for Selangor MIC divisions, A Saktivel, stated:

“It has never happened in history that a candidate not chosen by the party president is fielded.”

“We don't want a candidate who is allowed to contest for the seat through the back door. This is about party dignity.”

"If MIC has no say in the choice of candidate, there's no point having MIC around. We will lose our face. We won't be able to face grassroots members."

Even though MIC is an @r$eh*le party he’s right.

In my post yesterday titled Will UMNO get its way and nominate its own MIC man for Hulu Selangor? I wrote (extracts):

Basically all parties in an alliance or coalition [like the BN or Pakatan] are ‘equal’ though of course the bigger or more powerful party is accepted as the primus inter pares or ‘first among equals’ – note the term ‘among equals’.

… the federal and state seats are negotiated and then allocated – sure, there’s the usual pre-emptive strikes (like what PKR tried to do against DAP just before the 2008 general election), tradeoffs, stealing, cheating etc etc, but once a seat is allocated to Party X, Parties Y and Z have to butt out and mind their own business.

Unfortunately (for MCA, MIC, Gerakan – no point mentioning the mosquito parties) in BN, UMNO vets and approves the other parties’ candidates.

Now in Hulu Selangor, it would appear that UMNO has taken an additional step – it directly selects the candidate for MIC!

Accepting this as an UMNO prerogative would be the most shameful indignity that MIC will have to suffer in its 50 over years of history.

So I support Saktivel’s statement as reflected in Malaysiakini's Hulu S'gor MIC branches issue 'final' ultimatum to BN as a rightful fight back for dignity.

They warned that if Palanivel is not chosen as the BN candidate, it would be a blatant show of disrespect to MIC and its leadership

"We will not go out to vote if it is not Palanivel," said grassroots leader K Alloo Pillai, suggesting that BN could be facing a boycott.

Hulu Selangor MIC information chief Raily Muniandy has threatened that all the party branches in the constituency will be closed.

Good show, but what about MCA?

Malaysiakini reported in Hulu S'gor MCA to ensure 8,000 members vote BN that Party president Dr Chua Soi Lek said all the MCA branches had been given the list of voters and their polling district to facilitate them in tracking down the voters.

"We must ensure that every MCA member numbering 8,000 who are also voters in the constituency come out and vote for the BN candidate.”


This should be the time for MCA/Chua to demonstrate it has balls by showing solidarity with MIC and say, words to the effect, “If MIC’s preference is not respected, MCA will not support the BN candidate.”

Dei Chua, today it’s MIC, tomorrow it may well be MCA, and by the way, have a read of my other but related posts below - wakakaka!

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  1. mca chua dare to stand up to UMNO?

    aiyo yo, Section 377.

  2. You guys joking or what? MCA stand up with all the skeletons in the closet?

  3. I daresay if Samy is 90, he will still say he is the more "youthful" candidate!

    But you are right. Both MCA and MIC have been treated like pariah's by UMNO who ALL seem to think voters will continue to favour them continuously for having no self respect.

    This really is the last straw. If MIC can't determine its own candidate, they should quit and join Hindraf!!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  4. Dey Macha,

    don't confused Malaysian by saying "UMNO vets and approves the other parties’ candidates"

    This statement is misleading.

    The actual fact is, BN chairman has the power to select the candidate.

    And again the word Indian in MIC is also misleading. Indian is referring to people that living in India. In Malaysia, they have to call themself Tamilan or what so ever they would like to call.

    This party is truly misleading the country, as if the party is fighting the rights of Indian (u know what i'm saying la tambey)