Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hulu Selangor by-election - Déjà vu Ijok?

The Malaysian Insider’s article title Pro-Mat Taib campaign begins in Hulu Selangor says it all – Mike Tyson wants back in.

His supporters screamed: “For the sake of unity we want Tan Sri Dato’ Hj Muhammad Bin Hj Muhd Taib as a candidate for Hulu Selangor.”

'... sake of unity ...'? What about MIC? wakakaka.

“His name is very popular here. Hulu Selangor used to be a sleepy hollow, but not anymore when Tan Sri Mat Taib served as mentri besar.”

Ya, but what has he done since then, other than to tell Australian Custom he didn’t understand English? This calls for another wakakaka.

Well, the local Umno leaders have been demanding that a Malay candidate be the candidate for the by-election which has understandably panicked the MIC, a devastated party post-March 2008 and which is now desperate to put its deputy party president back into the cabinet.

Poor Palanivel is not only fretting about his nomination but also about intra party backstabiing leading him to state to Malaysiakini that he is the one and only MIC candidate that his party will or has forwarded (?) to the BN Chairman for consideration.

One can’t blame Palanivel for frustratingly fighting a battle on two fronts, against competition from Mike Tyson (or another UMNO bloke) and his own party because the MIC was previously said to have submitted several names to the BN chairperson for the Hulu Selangor by-election.

Anyway, if we recall, the Hulu Selangor by-election situation is exactly like the Ijok by-election.

One - Hulu Selangor demographics tell us that its voters are made up of 53.9% Malays, 19% Indian and 26.7% Chinese (see MKINI's chart below), while Ijok has more or less the same ethnic make-up with only the Chinese and Indians switching percentages – 52% Malays, 28% Indians and 21% Chinese.

Two – It’s likely that despite the Malay majority in the constituency, Najib will nominate Palanivel unless of course Samy Vellu interferes with that, by either putting his own name in (toupee and all wakakaka) or selecting someone who isn’t likely to be a greater threat to him than poor Palanivel. This is not inconceivable of Samy’s manoeuvring, manipulating Machiavellian mischief in order to remain MIC's No 1 for another zillion years.

Three – PKR will once again pick a Malay, and perhaps shows its lack of daring compared to the BN in nominating a candidate without considering the ethnicity of its candidate - I am of course assuming that BN will pick poor worried Palanivel. But if Selangor UMNO succeeds in pushing Mike Tyson’s candidature, or Najib wanting to play safe in Hulu Selangor by nominating a Malay candidate, unlike in the Ijok by-election then wakakaka, Najib has no confidence in his own 1Malaysia.

Incidentally, on the other side (PKR), this time I don’t hear appeals from the Indian sector of PKR or NGOs or other Indian leading personalities like Premesh (Malaysiakini), except from Manoharan of the DAP, for PKR to nominate an Indian candidate. See my April 2007 post
Ijok Indians racially marginalised by PKR? where I wrote (extract only):

Well, it seems Premesh Chandrean’s advice to the PKR, published in malaysiakini, has not been taken up ...

PKR is likely to nominate a Malay candidate, Khalid Ibrahim, for the Ijok by-election. The PKR Youth vice-chief S Manikavasagam has expressed his unhappiness, pointing out a couple of things to the PKR top echelon, namely (1) notwithstanding that Ijok is a constituency with 50% Malay voters, the Barisan Nasional (BN) is fielding an Indian candidate, so why not PKR? and (2) Khalid Ibrahim is a political ‘parachutist’, having just joined the party less than a year ago while there are capable PKR Indian members who have been in PKR for years and could well be the nominated candidate for the by-election.

As for Manoharan’s proposal please see my earlier post
Uthayakumar for Hulu Selangor?

Mind you, Manoharan’s rather radical proposal for PKR and DAP to swap Hulu Selangor (allocated to PKR) for Batu Kawan (allocated to DAP and currently held by Dr Ramasamy) has more to do with mollifying Uthayakumar and getting him onside with Pakakan

So … let’s see whether Palanivel will be nominated as the BN candidate.


  1. the PKR days are over. their immoral leader is on trial for sodomy (shame, shame). their followers and small fry leaders were totally disillusioned from their party (and good thing they finally repented).

    BN will triumph in Hulu Selangor. Do you know our GREAT PM has 68% rating approval! And CSL takes over the incapable OTK. The great BN will enter the new age of GLORY!

  2. Yes, a UM History graduate who lied in open court that he did not communicate well in English while indulging in money laundering and corruption and kickbacks!

    Eminently qualified to stand on a Govt ticket for the by-election!! Don't you think so? Wakaka!

    We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  3. ktemoc,
    why not ask Gerakan to contest in Hulu Selangor? Time to prove whether they are still relevant, especially its back door minister Koh Tsu Koon (chinese translation "si chicken")

  4. You mean KTK should convert to Hunduism, change his name to Sukun Singh, spray his entire body with black paint, put on a Ghandi-styled hoti and then contest in Hulu Selangor as an Independent? (umno already has its own candidate)

  5. Batang Kali voter9:50 pm, April 04, 2010

    As long as its not what's his name fella Mr Vel, it's fine by me.
    Never seen hide or hair of him when my house was flooded.
    I regretted voting for him the last time. I was the brunt of joke until now for voting Vel.
    The rest in my family voted for PKR.
    But if Mohd Taib is chosen, they will vote for BN.
    That Vel is nothing but a Samy pembodek.
    Cant even speak Malay.
    its time Umno gets the seat.

  6. Aiya, Ayoyo, itu Palanivel mahu lari lagi ke. Cukuplah. Enough. Gua tatak suka sama dia. Tak bikin kerja Lor.
    Dulu masa kempen ada dengar orang cakap masa dia reproter pun malas kerja tau. Bikin satu berita satu hari. Sudah ada dalam laci. Kasi bagi Editor saja. lepas itu hilang. Tunjuk muka saje.
    Sekarang itu macam jugak nak jadi Mp. Baru nampak muka. Saya dulu undi PKR. Itu Dr zaial banyak baik punya olang.
    Kalu itu orang MIC yang bukan Vel saya maybe undi dia.
    Tapi olang cakap PKR mau taruk itu Dr Rahmat Halili. Itu pakar jantung. Jika botuk, saya undi dia lor.

  7. Quote: If Najib [wants] to play safe in Hulu Selangor by nominating a Malay candidate, [then it shows that] Najib has no confidence in his own 1Malaysia.

    Guess it's understandable if Najib were to feel a bit rattled.

    Let's imagine his 1Malaysia as a young tree that has yet to establish deep, strong roots to anchor it. But already there is a bunch of mischievous monyets led by the monyet king, Abraham Alley, sitting among the branches, shaking and rocking the tree so violently there is a real danger the tree may topple over!


  8. On the subject of 1Malaysia, blogger Rapera (, has some pertinent things to say about it in his posting bertajuk: "Is 1Malaysia in line with Quranic principles?"

    It's definitely worth a read!



  10. Mau lawan mau menang bukan?
    Itu Palanivel sudah kalah. Macam mana mau menang lagi. Kalah punya.
    Kasi chan muka freshla.
    Itu Najib cakap mau pilih calon yang rakyat suka. Jadi kami tak suka Palanivel.
    Janganlah kerana kasian kasi MIC tanding. Susah wo, mesti kalah lagi dan manyak susah mau angkat balik itu kerusi.
    Itu Palanivel macam lagi 3 MP MIC menangpun sebab Malay undi.
    Palani patut pencenla. Duit dah manyak kasi makan anak bini. Makan tak habisla Anei. Mau beli sari bini ribu-ribupun boleh.
    Apa lagi mau cari?

  11. Umno must take back the seat. But if they still want the spirit of 1Malaysia, how about giving it to the MCA.
    Lee Kim Sai was once the MP there and he was very popular.
    Did sooo much better job than Palanivel.
    It will be a good test for CSL.

  12. KT,
    Good for umno to get that seat!Then we see what what those indies in MIC will do ! That will be the best gift for Pakatan! More fireworks and bitching among BN .Maybe the end of MIC ,but wait a minute ! With slimy Subra the snake its a good omen for pAKATAN!!!

  13. Anonymous 11.25 AM

    Is that you Palanivel?
    To us Subra is so much better than you but never allowed to shine by your Tok Samy.
    Slimy? Hey, that's you.
    If you get the seat, Palanivel, its due to Umno's hard work.

  14. Wow, so many Palanivel haters here.
    I am one too.
    Not only in KT's blog. Also in Kadir Jasin, Rocky, Husin Lempoyang, Parpku Kari and Shamsul Yunus to name but a few bloggers.
    Najib and Muhyiddin must take note of this.
    But on hindsight, just hand the seat to Palanivel. He wants it, give it to him.
    Let him lose. Finish off his political career and ambition to be president of soon-to-be dead party.
    Then he can be President of FOMCA.

  15. All those Senators-Appointed-As-Ministers by umno should contest as Independents in Hulu Selangor. The winner then can claim to have the people's support to function as a cabinet minister. The losers must resign from their ministerial posts ASAP

  16. Adui ini hari Star paper ada tunjuk itu MIC people pegang flag BN di Hulu Selangor.
    Tapi itu Palanivel missingla.
    Itu macam crita means what? MIC dapat itu kerusi ka? Atau MIC sendiri ingat tuan Allah sudah kasi itu krusi sama MIC?
    Chet, bikin malu orang India saje.
    Tengok itu PkR cakap mahu study betul-betul baru nama itu calon.
    Mahu ketawa juga tengok MIC bikin statement tuduh Subra sabotage itu Palanivel.
    Kasiah itu Subra jadi victim. Subrapun cakap dia tak bikin itu jahat tactik. Diapun cakap ada 3 orang MIC lagi mahu lawan itu kerusi juga.
    Aiyoh. Ini jadi sebab itu Palanivel tak kerja kuat. Boleh ka orang Melayu sama Cina mahu pilih ini 4 orang India?
    Kita mau orang yang mahu tolong semua bangsa bukan tolong ayoyo Samylah.
    Kepala pusingla.