Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UMNO's MIC local boy metamorphoses into MIC youthful candidate

There’s either a lot of memory loss experienced by some people these days or the reporters have been misquoting them.

Small fry is no small fry – it’s small committee (jawatankuasa kecil).

He picked Mugilan but no, he didn’t pick Mugilan.

Dr Pornthip was assured protection if she wants to come to testify; then when Dr Pornthip said she be here, protection will only be assured only after Dr Pornthip provides details.

BN wants a local boy – ooops, he’s from Perak; now BN now wants a youthful candidate.

There have been more of such ... er ... misquotes, but cukup ler.

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  1. Jawatan kuasa kecil means a sub-committee. Clearly the context does not support that. He meant that the inter-faith committee was of no consequence, hence 'small fry'.