Monday, April 26, 2010

Hulu Selangor by-election - winners and losers!


(a) Najib
(b) Kamalanathan – will now assume position held by Liow Tiong Lai (who took over from Koh TK) as Raja Bodek
(c) S Subramaniam (former deputy president MIC) – hehehe at Palanivel
(d) S Subramaniam (HR Minister) – hehehe at Palanivel
(e) Koh TK and Gerakan – hehehe at MCA (see below)
(f) Hulu Selangor freebie receivers
(g) Zaid Ibrahim – for keeping his dignity intact
(h) Lim Kit Siang and DAP – for showing his/their loyal commitment to Pakatan
(i) Pak Haji Aziz – for showing his commitment to Pakatan as well
(j) PKR – for shedding off dead wood

(k) Azmin Ali - hehehe Zaid Ibrahim
(l) HS Chinese school (Rasa Chinese primary school) – RM 3 mil unless ... (see below)


(a) Najib – despite spending a 'known' RM64, people still don't believe in his 1Malaysia when they know how dirty the BN campaign had been, which even involved the EC, for changing the polling stations of 14,000 voters, mainly Pakatan supporters.
(b) Kamalanathan – lost all his dignity and self respect
(c) Zaid Ibrahim – odds were stacked against you so don’t fret (see above under ‘winners’) - wait for next BIG one
(d) EC - EC violated constitution by illegally transferring more than 200 voters from HS into the Selayang constituency, confirming what voters have suspected all along
(e) Muhyiddin – Najib didn’t trust Muhyiddin to run the election campaign just like he didn’t trust Koh TK to run the report card scheme. Najib had to turun padang himself in Hulu Selangor at least 3 times to direct the campaign. Traditionally the deputy chairman of BN is the election director but not so in this one.
(f) MIC – lost sovereignty and whatever little respect it had; no say in HS by-election even though a MIC was the candidate, UMNO took over control including nominating the MIC bloke
(g) Poor Palanivel – what can I say, stuffed from the very beginning by own side
(h) MCA – koyak kau kau liao – HS has 16,000+ Chinese voters; MCA has 8,000 members in Hulu Selangor yet Zaid received 76% of Chinese votes – how to explain to Najib?
(i) PAS – losing trust of DAP and PKR; should DAP/PKR continue supporting PAS?
(j) HS Chinese school – if Najib plays you out (because Zaid won some 76% of Chinese votes)
(k) Democracy – due to a corrupt election process

I don't know where to place Anwar Ibrahim?

1 comment:

  1. Winners are Hulu Selangor people and Kamal who I hope will be an MP in the mould of Lee Lam Thye.
    But the greatest winners are Najib, Muhyiddin and UMNO.
    KT, pray tell, how can losers like Zaid, Anwar and PKR be the winners?
    You implied PAS was not supportive of Keadilan in this election.
    Are you suggesting PAS join BN?
    That's very good and surely Najib welcomes it.
    You asked about Anwar. He is licking his wounds. Poor loser that he is, he wasn't around to let Zaid cry on his shoulders.
    He will indeed faced a lot of flak from his people like Azmin who did not agree with Zaid contesting.
    The blame game is among PKR eh?
    Also conspicuously absent is the ayah Samy Vellu.
    What we most want to hear is will he made true his promise to quit as MIC president?
    Will this be just another empty threat?
    He made this vow because he thought Kamal will lose.
    Then he can blame Umno for choosing Kamal.
    Over to you aya Samy.