Friday, April 23, 2010

Hulu Selangor - UMNO's growing trepidation

Do you know Calvin Sankaran? If you are a Pakatan supporter you're better off if you haven't wakakaka.

He’s one of the mainstream media’s (msm) reporter who (in my view) specialises in attacking DAP. Recently he wrote a piece where he attempted to psycho-analyse Lim Kit Siang on the latter’s concern about Zaid Ibrahim’s chances in the Hulu Selangor by-election, naturally in favour of BN.

As a msm reporter, apart from playing pseudo-Freud, he couldn't help ending up lauding BN’s chances in capturing the federal seat. Alas, plugging away for the BN did kinda spoil his amateur attempt at political psycho babble.

Well, it’s my turn to play Calvin Sankaranooops … I mean … Sigmund Freud.

When I read in The Malaysian Insider’s
Dr M says don’t trust Zaid the ‘frog’ I suddenly realise how bad it must have been for the BN in their campaign in Hulu Selangor, to bring in such a top gun with all his 30mm cannon blazing away.

Dr M who had earlier asserted he won’t campaign for the BN in Hulu Selangor (and why should he for a by-election when he’s virtually a national senior statesman) has down turun padang against his own words, no doubt to to shore up and lend impetus to the BN’s very dirty ad hominem campaign aainst PKR candidate, Zaid Ibrahim.

However, I find his accusation of Zaid Ibrahim as a frog a wee off track because I recall Zaid had the decency to resign completely from his ministerial post on a point of principle – in protest against the ISA-ization of smart sassy sweetie Teresa Kok and a sweetie journalist for a Chinese newspaper.

A political frog is define as a representative (must hold a federal or state parliamentary seat) who after winning a seat under the banner of Party A defects across to Party B, taking his/her federal or state seat across to the new party.

If a pollie doesn’t have a federal or state seat but changes political party, he/she won’t be deemed a frog. If he/she does hold a seat but resigns from that seat and then changes party, he/she would in fact be considered as an honourable person with strong principles.

Anyway, Dr M’s very fierce but very ad hominem attacks on Zaid Ibrahim indicates the underlying grave concerns of the BN for the outcome of the by-election on Sunday.

That he went into overdrive by moving Zaid Ibrahim’s yamseng-ing into the latter’s potential drunkenness while at work only accentuated the growing trepidation within UMNO* that Kamal will lose.

* Note that it’s mostly quiet on the MIC front – it was only last evening that they managed to drag out Palanivel. Look, regardless of Palanivel's performance as a former MP for HS or his ability, can you blame this bloke, the No 2 man in MIC, for sulking after his unmitigated humiliation by UMNO and utter betrayal by his own boss?

I am not going to comment on Dr M’s equally fierce attacks on Anwar Ibrahim because the Grand Old Man has never ever forgiven (nor ever will) his once-beloved heir apparent, so it’s a no brainer he would attack Anwar whenever wherever whichever however, without my amateur psycho babble required.

What will UMNO think of next to attack Zaid Ibrahim?


  1. What did you expect Mahathir to say? Good things about Zaid? When he changed his mind about campaigning in HS, he is definitely going with all guns blazing. Mahathir is not someone who is shy about lambasting the ooponents especially someone in his capacity as a minister reversed his actions on the judiciary. There is no love loss.

    Zaid of course made it easier by being a frog, as normally defined, someone who jumped. Whatever reasons or principles are easily accomodated but the stench of now sleeping with enemy will never be erased.

  2. Mamak: "All's fair in love and war"

    Then why is he screaming bloody murder over the wars in Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan et cetera? Wars are fair, he has claimed. (Except when his fellow co-religionists are on the receiving end, it seems)

  3. What will UMNO think of next to attack Zaid Ibrahim?

    That he is the illegitimate father of Barak Obama?

  4. What is so principled about Zaid ? As Nazri said, Halili is the principled man. According to Nazri, Halili fouind it perplexing that he was not nominated as the candidate for Hulu Selangor. On this noble principle, Halili quit PRK and joined UMNO.

  5. This is zaid's swansong.
    In 27 hours time, he will meet his Waterloo.

  6. Madey Mamak Kutty still thinks we are idiots like when he was the PeeM.

    Zaid Ibrahim is a man of principle with greatest courage, honor and righteousness.
    As a matter of principle , he did not hesitate to quit his minister post to protest the violation of human rights thro ISA.

    Madey just ask yourself ,would such a man be party hopping ?

  7. KT,
    Look at that Mahakutty, being a muslim killing a muslim in the name of politics.How crude can this old bugger goes.He is stretching his blooddy luck like he can live forever!The muslim before they die would always seek forgiveness before they kick the bucket but this guy knows he cant find one single soul and that's why he is a walking dead to spill more venom.Its amazing a cruel old man who is going to the Maker can be so vicious and cruel with his mouth.Oh! we forgot this ex pm has no class at all!