Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summary of some headlines

I did an AAB but just woke up! ;-)

From Malaysiakini - Param: Shame on those 'leapfrog' judges - Senior lawyer Param Cumaraswamy said that judges who had 'played ball' with Dr Mahathir Mohamad and received 'leapfrog promotions' should be ashamed of themselves for remaining in the judiciary.

Well sir, what about frog-leaping MPs as compared to leap-frog judges?

From Malaysiakini - PM: No more fuel price hikes this year

Only two days ago, AAB said that he
could not guarantee that petrol prices would not go up further but now he ‘promised’ there would be no more fuel price hikes for the rest of the year.

I don’t know about leap-frog or frog-leap but AAB is sure flip-flop.

Meanwhile Anti-fuel hike roadshows begin on Saturday so it will be clip-clop as Protes plans to rally 100,000 people in a
mass demonstration in Kuala Lumpur on July 12 against the recent hike in fuel charges.

And it’s all about the drip-drop of the greasy stuff.

From Malaysiakini - Zaid: No probe on judge's expose coz it’s just a ‘waste of time’.

Also from Malaysiakini Khalid: Graft allegations 'unfounded' regarding the senior public servant in the Selangor MB’s office and the alleged corrupt award of contracts

Of course man, we live in a ‘clean’ country and to ensure we maintain our non-corruptability, the Selangor government has All set for free water to flow - where Malaysiakini reported the state government will implement its promise to give away for free the first 20 cubic metres of water, worth RM11.40, beginning this Monday.

Then over to the Star Online which published Altantuya trial: ‘Cops knew crime scene’.

What! No ‘Justice for Altantuyaa’ protestors? What happened to those brave people? Oh I see, wait till the fuel trouble for the government has abated? Don't waste ammo lah! Sorry Altantuyaa, please take a seat - tunggu saat.

Finally from the Star Online again - Bus with 32 outstanding summonses in crash - haven’t we heard about this sort of tragedy which affects the travelling public before. A major problem has been the 'close-one-eye' attitude of authorities and allowing a high probability of such accidents – they have virtually handed a cocked and loaded gun to the driver. Alas, a reflection of the state of corruption that pervades the rotten regulatory and bureaucracy.


  1. How dare you compare an MP to a judge? Their circumstances can't be of the same and their tasks can't be of the same magnitude despite both being valuable. Moreover, while an MP announces his leave and joins another party or grouping, a judge is secretly making deals and makes ghost judgements in line with the secret deal. An MP or ADUN will also have another meet with the people, through an election and they can replace him/her but a fraudster judge who issues Lingam type ghost judges can't be replaced at anytime. Moreover, the more you go to the top echelons of justice, the more you finf Eussof Chin type and Lingam appointed evil people, and therein lies another perpetual problem that can't be solved. Justice and politics can't be equalised at any given time for the judges hold the soul of a nation and its higher ideals. And if any MPs or ADUNs have defected in the past or quit their parties to join another party, then it was under Mahathir as well, that's why Param is not looking at petty political moves of elected representatives but judges who collude with tin pot dictators to issue ghost judgements on behalf of their masters, yet their actions can't be rectified for the whole system is rotten and full of Lingam boys.

  2. It is absolutely illegal, unconstitutional and immoral for the government executive to interfere with judicial decisions through carrots and sticks.

    Frog-MPs are controversial, arguably immoral, still theoretical at this moment (as far as PR is concerned) , and is not illegal in this country per se. If there is evidence, emphasise evidence, corruption involved, yes, its illegal. You may laugh, but in history, some frogs ARE voluntary you know.

    By the way, almost the entire Australian Democrat party was at its beginning "frogs" from the Liberal Party.

    I'm afraid Ktemoc is such a heavy user of Ibrahim-brand blinkers, he has lost his moral compass in the wider scheme of thinks.

    By the way, I'm a Barisan Nasional supporter for today.

  3. kk46, don't be naughty and aver that the Australian Democrats were frogs from the Liberals. Don Chipp the founder was a retired Minister as well as a bloke having already resigned from the Liberal Party to become a radio commentator on public affairs. He was admired by many and urged to form a centrist party - you could hardly call him a frog, hardly.

    In 1977 he headed the new party which were made up by a merger of the Australia Party and the New Liberal Movement. The Australia Party was a splinter group from the Liberal Party, calling itself the Liberal Reform Group, who opposed the Libreal Party's policy of conscription and military involvement in the Vietnam War. Again hardly frogs.

    Years later when Senator Cheryl Kernot became the leader of the Australian Democrat she left it to join the Labour Party because she felt she could contribute better by being in one of the two main parties BUT she did so only after surrendering her Senate position.

    In Oz, froggies are given short shift by the voters - froggies are held in utter contempt. In Malaysia some people actually idolise a frog hunter (1994 in Sabah and 2008). It shows their hero worshipping blindness or their political immaturity or their inability to remember what had been their driving ideology (thus degenerating from reformasi to deformasi)

  4. Haha Ktemoc, too clever by half.
    I have nothing against the Australian Democrats, but lets get some facts right.

    Don Chipp was not appointed to any Ministerial position when Malcolm Fraser became the Liberal PM, even though Don had held a Ministerial position in the caretaker government (long story, I won't go into the Gough Whitlam sacking saga), as well as shadow minister while in the opposition. He quit the Liberal Party in disgust. I think he was a radio commentator for exactly two weeks. Technically, not a frog, I guess. In reality ?