Sunday, June 29, 2008

Has Dr Wan Azizah blundered badly?

I believe Dr Wan Azizah has made a terrible terrible tactical mistake in her attempt to disabuse us of believing the sodomy allegations against her husband, Anwar Ibrahim.

In Malaysiakini news report Wan Azizah to file report against IGP, AG, she attempted to ‘distance’ her husband from his aide (and alleged sodomised 'victim'), 23-year-old Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

‘Distancing’ is a deliberate act to place or keep someone unsavoury or something that has gone badly wrong at a distance from or unlikely association with the person that the ‘distancing’ is supposed to protect.

Eg. Boss ordered me (just verbally) to buy a flat screen TV for office use with company funds. When the auditors subsequently questioned the office on the propriety of such a purchase, the boss 'distanced' himself from me and the purchase by saying he too was both ‘surprised and shocked’ by my 'unauthorised' purchase.

Malaysiakini reported that this morning Wan Azizah claimed Saiful was a volunteer, who joined PKR just a mere three months ago, to help the party during the general election period, and that little was known of him.

Saiful apparently is a former student leader at the Universiti Tenaga Nasional, who 'has taken photographs with a number of ministers'.

Malaysiakin reported in its update that at one stage during the press conference given by Dr Syed Husin, Wan Azizah had brandished her mobile phone to show a photo of Saiful with Najib Razak's aide in front of the DPM's office.

I personally think that's in fact counterproductive to Anwar’s case because there is also a rumour that Anwar himself has staged the sodomy allegations in a bid to cast poo on the AAB government, and to gain international attention and sympathy for him, at a time when his campaign to destabilise the government may be running out of steam (as evidenced by the two SAPP MPs experiencing a change of heart and playing hooky from taking a vote during the parliamentary debate on fuel subsidy).

How else can one explain Wan Azizah having such an incriminating photo so handily on her mobile to 'show and tell' just a day after the sodomy allegations exploded on the Malaysian scene?

More importantly, how can one explain away the ridiculousness of possessing such an incriminating photo/evidence of Saiful in such a 'cozy' photo with the 'enemy', yet allowing him to be Anwar's close aide?

Worse, Wan Azizah claimed that no background check was done on Saiful as he was just a volunteer. Yet, despite all these, Saiful later become a special assistant to Anwar. How could it happen? It sure as hell makes Wan Azizah’s explanation bloody weak and defensive.

… which has been why I believe Wan Azizah has blundered badly in attempting to distance Saiful from her husband or to insinuate that Saiful could have been an UMNO plant.

She should have left it the way Anwar had presented it in the first place, that poor Saiful must have been placed under extraordinary duress to lodge the report.

When I read this Malaysiakini report I thought to myself, Holey Moley, the Anwar camp must be panicking for Wan Azizah to come out with such a - if you don’t mind me saying this of her - really stupid assertion. It has done more harm than good to Anwar's case.

Thus, I wasn’t entirely surprised when I subsequently read that Anwar Ibrahim has sought refuge in the Turkish Embassy since early this morning, as reported by Malaysiakini in its article PKR fears Anwar an assassination target.

PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali said Anwar Ibrahim has received threats to his life and is currently holed up at the Turkish embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Syed Husin claimed the threat has been to silence Anwar for good, not just politically but physically.

All very high drama, but which I believe could well be an Anwar Ibrahim’s counter attack against what he must have sensed or perceived to be coming next from his foes. It also helps to draw international attention to his 'plight'. It provides his campaign against the government with much needed renewed momentum.

I have a bad feeling that the Saiful issue may have damaging … I hesitate to use the word … evidence, but obviously Anwar has anticipated the worst, and has ratcheted up the ante.

There have been so much bullsh*t flung around by both sides that our normal olfactory senses would have been zonked out of service by the putrid stench. I don't trust both sides and will adopt a cautious neutral 'wait & see' attitude, until more facts are available.


  1. This is a very serious matter. This issue should not be judged from body politic yardstick but real politik. Is the the accusation is politically motivated? If yes, then I think the civil society should exercise caution irrespective of our opinion on Anwar (power crazy or reformed)and not to let the high drama of 1998 to repeat again.His voice, whether genuine or not, is still one of the most strongest call for reform. On that merit, let us not, as the Malay saying "Meneguk di air keruh".

  2. I really dont understand? Why does Anwar want to promote a mere person who just join into Pakatan Rakyat for 3 months to become his personal speacial assistant? Is the PKR does not have anyone else that is capable and they need to appoint a dropout from Uniten to become the special assistant to DSAI?

    Look at YB Dr Wan Azizah comments;
    This morning party president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail said that Saiful was a volunteer who joined to help the party during the general election period three months ago.
    She added that little was known of him and that no background check was done on him as he was just a volunteer. He later become a special assistant to Anwar.

    I am in a great concern here...Can PKR really form a government, when they not even bother to do a thorough background check on a person to be taken as the special assistant to the "PM-in-Waiting"?

  3. hardly find it surprising that she readily found a photo. when i read the malaysiakini report, i google-image searched the name of the complainant and that very photo turned up first. i was a little surprised at where the photo was taken. apparently, so was she, i suppose

  4. kaytee,

    the picture was available online since Feb08, published by a unimate of the accuser. I don't think this is a setup by PKr itself. your blinding prejudice against anwar ibrahim did your injustice again. :)

  5. How else can one explain Wan Azizah having such an incriminating photo so handily on her mobile...


    Er...KT , you never heard of the term "MMS" ?

  6. Yeah mate. As wy kam said, the picture is available from another blog, and picked up by
    So, that explains the picture. Others, we'll have to see. It's becoming quite an interesting political drama now in Malaysia, hope it doesn't turn into an international laughing stock.


  7. Ktemoc,
    As usual you allow your pathological animosity towards Anwar to cloud even basic knowledge about how the world functions

    "how can one explain away the ridiculousness of possessing such an incriminating photo/evidence of Saiful in such a 'cozy' photo with the 'enemy', yet allowing him to be Anwar's close aide"

    First Saiful was not a close aide. He basically made the coffee and opened doors, that sort of stuff.

    PKR has easily over a million active symphathisers throughout the country. Within hours of the breaking news, people who knew Saiful were already flooding their PKR contacts who photos, history, biodata about Saiful.

    Can you do us a favour ?
    I don't have any problems sparring with bloggers about the ethics, or lack of , regarding Frogs, or Anwar's fuel price promises etc. but please don't swim in the Septic Tank on the innuendo about Anwar being a sodomite.

    You really cheapen yourself, but somehow, I'm not surprised.

  8. I just read the police report in another blog.
    Obviously he has not been reading the trial of AI in the court previously. No full details were made of such incidents. Even if he is sent for checkup in the hospital, how to prove that it is AI who did it if the doctor found out his anus has been punctured? It could have been any of his friends in BN too.
    He has to provide the times and dates and then see if it tied back to the whereabout of AI.
    Until then, I think we should stay neutral. Innocent until proven guilty.
    The timing of his report is also suspicious, coming after RPK's SD. An eye for an eye? I am sure the public can make their own conclusion.

  9. aiyah ktemoc... i losing your credibility with this post. photos have been online for months la

  10. ktemoc,

    I feel the same. Can't wait for your new articles on this.



  12. ktemoc,

    I suggest you read these three articles written by someone who is very much in the know on the true face of Saiful:

  13. kittykat, i am sick of your fanatical over protectiveness of anwar, and then, with such bullshit arguments.

    Can you bloody show me where is it that I had accused or even alluded to anwar being a sodomite? I had already in my previous post on subject declared I do not believe the allegations against anwar. In this one I am discussing the 'tactical' mistake wan azizah has made and the various possible grounds/reasons why i think so?

    Can you bloody get your reading of my posts in order before you act like an idiotic fanatical anwaristas and blame the whole f* world for trying to 'get' your precious anwar?

  14. He has done it again. They say; a leopard never changes its spots. Anwar is so spotted and this time he knew for sure he couldnt escape except to find another hole ie Turkish embassy. He always after the wrong holes. A very sick man with sick ambitions. If he did not do it, he doesnt have to hide. All he has to do to quote Bill Clinton's famous words "I did not have sex with" Saiful hehe. What a dick!!!!

  15. hey KT,

    Is this how you make things clear to your readers if they have misunderstood your views? If this is your temperament in facing negative responses, fold up and stop blogging. Just be a blog reader for you soon find nobody is no longer interested in reading your blog. My 2 sen comment.

  16. Fuck you KT. You are bloody fucking biased and prejudiced against DSAI.

  17. Why seek sanctuary in Turkish embassy "indefinitely"? Waiting for US bomber planes to his rescue? Or using Turkish embassy to phone Al Gore? He knew now he had it for sure. Perhaps DNA evidence. Otherwide nothing to hide right? Commonsense man. I feel sorry for his wife.

  18. Probably get a Turkish passport and escape the country. What a coward!!!!

  19. Death threat? My foot!!! By doing the disappearing act, he is finished lah.

  20. Or waiting for US administration to negotiate for him........

  21. jamos, kittykat and I have a long standing relationship vis-a-vis Anwar and PKR. A normally intelligent man who have posted good reasonable comments, his comments of late have been of a fanatical blind automated defensive version, simply lashing out without proper reference to my post, which bloody made me jemu jelak liao.

    While I thank you for your advice, I already have a reputation for being a very tolerant blogger, accepting all sorts of comments but in kittykat case, it bothers me to hell that an intelligent bloke like him can become so moronically fanatical and devoid of commonsense when it comes to discussions of anything inimicable to anwar.

  22. RK claim that Anwar was an assassination target, yet they do not check their supporter's background. They trust this coffee maker and within three months he become Anwar personal assistance. If the claim of assassination carry any weight, Anwar would have been death by now. The easiest way to murder somebody is to put poison into the drink.

    I think its better for RK to keep quiet, the more they open their mouth the more they loss credibility. Let the police handle without fear and favor and see what develop.

    Cheers and have nice day

  23. Dear Progressive Friends

    1. When the ideological state apparatus (i.e. state-controlled mass media) fails to work, the next step is to turn to the repressive state apparatus (i.e. police)

    2. Niccolo Machiavelli says that the Prince does not need to be good but just needs to appear to be good.

    Phua Kai Lit

  24. I have a bad feeling that the Saiful issue may have damaging … I hesitate to use the word … evidence,.. Ktemoc

    Hmmm like video of him being buggered by Anwar.

  25. And that there's no disclosure on the source of those photographs, where did it come from. a lil birdie told me those pics from his student activist days back then, could have been a visit to the DPM office, or while attending other official functions. It is not all that difficult to take pics with ministers after all. This thread of evidence that Wan Azizah is hanging on is spreading a bit thin.

  26. Habis lah this time. Sure got sperm evidence lah. Anwar's defence is he was wanking and this boy took his pants down and accidentally the sperms were spewed all over his arse.... What an arsehole this Anwar.

  27. KTemoc,

    Raja Petra should humbly admit that the Truth is mightier than the pen hehe

  28. ayoyosamy, I thank you to NOT post salacious comments regarding the alleged sodomy - there's no proof or evidence as yet, so please keep your type of comments to yourself or post them elsewhere ;-).

    anon of 9:31 AM 30 June - the 'emphasis' should be on my word 'hesitate' and not 'evidence', because 'evidence' means "UNTAMPERED" proof or material that can help solve the case.

  29. I have also given a thought that this maybe a distraction tactic organized by the PKR.

    however on further thoughts i think it is very unlikely because despite AI known ambition to be the PM - would he gamble on his own reputation?

    I dont believe AI did what was reported but it would be nice if he had answer "fabrications" with facts like a good alibi.

    I just wish that instead of saying all these are fabrications AI or his lieutenants could've tell the rakyat where was AI on the date mentioned? Who is his witness?

    Depending on which way one look at it - if AI can tell the rakyat now the fence sitter will surely be bought over convincingly.

    And yes since the content of the report is not true please sue that bug-ger for smearing your reputation.

  30. So, I have signed a false Statutory Declaration, have I? Well, then prove it because the onus is on the accuser to prove guilt and not on the accused to prove innocence. And since they made a police report and announced that I had made a false declaration even before launching the investigation, this points to the very strong possibility that the police investigation must ‘support’ what they have said, that I had signed a false declaration. To do otherwise would be suicide, for them of course.

    In the meantime, while they figure out how they are going to bring me down and lock me away in the Kajang Prison, I too am working on the evidence that will prove the Inspector General of Police and Attorney-General fabricated evidence in Anwar Ibrahim’s 1998-1999 trials. Let’s see whether they get me first before I get them. Anyone want to make a small wager that I will get them before they get me? This should be an interesting bet don’t you think?

  31. anon of 9:31 AM 30 June - the 'emphasis' should be on my word 'hesitate' and not 'evidence', because 'evidence' means "UNTAMPERED" proof or material that can help solve the case

    It is not a matter of emphasis but reading it in toto. The implication in usage of "hesitate" is equivalent to "hedging your bets" but pointing to an overweight to "evidence".
    A video for instance would be evidence. Its "tampering" or otherwise would be determined during the course of the trial under the Evidence Act.

  32. I wrote I hesitate to use the word … evidence, ..., meaning (if you read it in its entirety) that I am of the opinion that what may be offered as 'evidence' may not qualify as what good 'evidence' should be

  33. Way to go, KT - for putting all comments up irrespective of whether they are for or against you. This is what makes your blog outstanding and riveting.

    Life is like that - tumultuous and chaotic, and we know we can never have things the way we want it - neatly and to our advantage.

  34. Pick up from other blog that some one may have interest to kill two birds with one stone that is to discredit both Anwar and Abdullah credibility.Its obvious who this fellow is.

    Like I say many time before it best that PR and BN work together. Can someone inferential please initiate a peace talk.

    Cheers and have a nice day

  35. kaytee,

    i think kittykat did you a favour by posting contradictory comments here,and livening up the debate. :) otherwise, it's such a boring comments-roll.

    take a lot to be able to read from both sides of the argument. :)

  36. The rakyat court has concluded based on emotional evidence.

  37. Anwar learnt that he gained so much of political momentum from 1998 incidence. So why not doing it AGAIN this time.

  38. kittykat46,

    You said, quote: "First Saiful was not a close aide. He basically made the coffee and opened doors, that sort of stuff.".

    My reply to that is: Sorry - you're wrong!

    FYI, here's a posting from a UNITEN student's blog (referred by alex above) called "riwayathayat.blogspot" - on the KEY Position the Special Aide/Pembantu Khas has - ie. as THE HOLDER of Anwar's "Diari Merah".
    Where, Anwar eventually had personally handpicked Saiful as the winner to be his special aide!

    ainis azreen said...

    tidak dapat tidak, kita harus menerima hakikat bukan senang untuk menjadi pewaris "Diari Merah" ini. hasil kajian bersama seorang teman, ini fakta mengenai orang-orang kanan DSAI satu ketika dahulu.

    cuba lihat Ezam (Econs,UIA), Pak Khalid (Masscomm, ITM), Azmin (Master Math, Minnessota), Dr Mansor (PhD), Nik Nazmi (King College,UK), Nat (BA Arts Harvard).

    ironinya, pasti pewaris diari merah kelak merupakan individu yang tidak kurang hebatnya. mungkin setanding dengan nama-nama di atas. saya kira jika DSAI tidak rabun dalam menilai mana satu kaca, mana satu permata.

    at least, DEGREE Holder!!
    Mac 11, 2008 3:55 AM

    Another post by the same person:


    Diari Merah sememangnya menjadi rebutan, esp golongan muda. tak kisah la siapa pun yang menjadi pewarisnya, asalkan pewaris itu tahu sejauh mana komitmennya. berkhidmat tanpa mengharapkan balasan. lagi pula, DSAI telah membuka peluang pekerjaan untuk diisi. ini membuktikan, padang permainan kita rata. semua rakyat Malaysia berpeluang berkhidmat dengan DSAI.

    ps: saya akan tunggu pengumuman dari DSAI sendiri mengenai pewaris Diari Merah.
    Mac 13, 2008 1:12 PM

    May you have a clearer picture. Cheers!

    #2. KTemoc, SYABAS on your unbiased analysis.


  39. piggy singh,

    You could be right!... SIGH.

    Wish all these dirty games, started since anwar joined UMNO with his cronyism & the now infamous money politics; that had long tainted UMNO, will END!