Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim on way back to UMNO via court appeal?

So …..

Malaysiakini tells us that Anwar Ibrahim’s right hand man, Azmin Ali, claimed today that 2 gov't parties may defect to help PKR form a government.

Azmin boasted that not only were negotiations going on well with the two BN parties but there were also talks with UMNO MPS.

Holy Moses – you frogs better hurry up or there won’t be any important positions left for latecomers.

Whenever Azmin Ali steps in, it means that Anwar Ibrahim has to take a break from his over-generated claims of party defection, or the public will be jemu jelak (sick through over glut) of the bullsh*t.

Azmin told Malaysiakini that said the MCA and SAPP denials were predictable because of the "... culture of fear, intimidation and harassment in Malaysian politics. So you have to appreciate their predicament, but our discussions with the component parties are very positive and progressing very well."

Indeed …

It’s only logical that when those people who want to defect over to the PKR are fearful of harassment by UMNO, that Azmin and Anwar would deliberately revealed their intentions not only once but continuously.

That form of logic is called ‘deformed logic’ or in Bahasa, 'lojik deformasi'.

Yesterday, based on a Malaysiakini report by Tony Thien, I posted Ku Li as PM in a new coalition?

My good matey, kittykat46, commented: “Hehehe ... it may be a supreme irony if all of Anwar's maneuverings actually succeed in bringing down the BN regime, but it’s not he who gets to be PM ...”.

No matey, the greatest irony would be the following scenario:

… 1 week later …

The KT Herald announces that Ong Ka Ting defected over to Pakatan Rakyat.

Meanwhile, Ayer Itam Telegraph proclaims in its tsunamic headlines that Dr Mahathir has joined Pakatan Rakyat.

And from Tamil Metro we get Samy swears allegiance to old matey Anwar Ibrahim.

Then 1 month later …

Malaysia KNN reveals that, following the Malaysiakini (17 June 2008) report of Anwar sacking to be probed in court, where the Federal Court gave Anwar Ibrahim the green light to challenge the constitutionality of his sacking from Cabinet posts almost 10 years ago by former premier Dr Mahathir, the court rules in favour of the plaintiff.

KT Herald scoops the court decision that Anwar Ibrahim shall be rightfully restored to his former DPM position.

Ayer Itam Telegraph in a sensational breaking news reveals that Najib has suddenly resigned without explanation (under pressure?) that same afternoon while the UMNO Supreme Council invites Anwar Ibrahim to resume his No 2 position in the grand old party in the name of Malay solidarity.

And Tamil Metro reports that Anwar Ibrahim 'reluctantly', and 'only for the national interest', accepts on the condition that he be allowed the freedom to continue his deformasi reformasi agenda from within UMNO.

TV 30 tells us that the new DPM uses the terms 'defining dis-enthralled discourse' to explain his historical decision, which brings tears of sweet joy to Malaysiakini Vox Populi writer Ex-Malaysian - see Ex-Malaysian's historical and prophetic remarks here.

In response the notorious maverick blogger kaytee publishes a post titled 'Bombastic bull braggadocio'.

... and Malaysia KNN publishes the following series of headlines in the following week:

Dr Mahathir and Ku Li marooned in PKR

Samy Vellu ripped off his wig

Ong Ka Ting entered monastery.

PM AAB on leave in Perth.

Gurun bestowed city (of frogs) status by HM on advice from the acting PM.

and Blogger kaytee seeks asylum in Tel Aviv

Now that, my dear kittykat, would be real irony ;-)


  1. The headlines ought to be:

    Dr Mahathir and Ku Li sent to Kamunting for sedition

    Samy Vellu became Hindu priest

    Ong Ka Ting masuked islam and joined umno.

    PM AAB divorced Jean and married Rafida Aziz.

    Blogger kaytee refused asylum by the Jews in Tel Aviv and hence joined Al Qaeda in Afghanistan

  2. Good one Anon 8:55 PM !!

  3. would be hard for DSAI to turn around his sacking as DPM 10 years ago as the post of DPM was not provided in the Constitution. It was only tradition that a DPM was elected by the PM. How can he say it was illegal to sack him as DPM when that post was not legally instituted in the highest law of the land?
    AAB can just give him ex gratia payments and we all can call it a day.

  4. Just get rid of BN.

  5. sounds like a page from Robert Ludlum international espionage.

    do let me know if u intend to publish any novel, KT. Will be your greatest fan!!

  6. I overlook this court action when I blogged.

    To define ANWAR'S position would be more accurate to call him de-facto UMNO PM rather than de-facto PKR leader.

    I am sure Anwar will win a court decision in declaring his 1998 sacking's as null, void and out of order.

    With the de facto assistance from who, I guess you know.

  7. HA HA HA, an excellent piece.

    A fairy tale, yah? But, I maybe, ah, your hammer not too far from the nail ;)

    So we wait and see, ya? Maybe you can charge copyright royalties if anyone needs to recycle your 'prediction' headlines!

    Thank your for a great read.

  8. Time stamp now: 2.45 pm
    Looks like something is brewing politically. According to TheStar, SAPP (Sabah Progressive Party) president is expected to make an important announcement at around 2 pm today.

    People say that the stock market is a forward-looking mechanism. Probably as a reaction to the unfolding political drama, the KL Composite Index right now has already dropped more than 15 points or 1.25%, whereas markets in Asia, such as Japan, Hongkong, Korean, Singapore, are going up merrily.

    Tracking the breaking news should be quite interesting now!

  9. Dear KTemoc

    The Mayor of Hiroshima is reported to have asked, seconds before he was vapourised kaput,

    "Is that the thunder of the handclap of victory by our glorious Emperor Hirohito?"

    So, dream on. Your nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim, will come to haunt you in person for the rest of your life, within the next few months!! Ha, ha!

  10. Anwar may win his case, but there can be no reinstatement, since the Govt has changed. This is the same for most employess who claim unfair dismissal. In most cases, the employee may not find working conditions in the same company conducive to his happiness.

    So, at best, he can only get monetary compensation and have egg all over Maha Firaun's face!

  11. kt bro, u seem to enjoy pouring cold water onto us....... i mean people like me wanting to see changes, by hook or by crook, can we be worse off?

    i have no affiliation with anyone just a desperate true blooded citizen.

    i want a government that can rule well, unite all people, no more discriminiation, no more racism and put genuine efforts to make this country into a beautiful garden.

    its now or never! if its going to be hell, well, its a matter of we suffer or our children.

    i used to have a friend called khoo, i called him ku ku chai and we friend no more..... so much for principle, he claimed that i insulted his father, insulted his ancestors........... i said sorry, i was being naughty, nothing else but he won't accept it....it was wrong, an inexcusable, he has principle!

    we all have given chance to bn, to change, but it failed us. there are lots of good people in bn but the system is so badly damaged to the extend termed un-repairable.... there is no more will power left to change in bn.

    so, unless bn reforms we have no choice but to take a gamble.

    white frogs, black frogs, as long as they bring about change, they are brave frogs...hopefully good frogs.