Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PAS Kedah menjadi Raja Go-starn

Malaysiakini tells us in PAS Kedah 'playing old BN tunes' that the PAS-led Kedah government may be UMNO Mark II, now championing those environmentally dodgy BN-initiated projects despite previously labelling its political rivals as socially and environmentally disastrous.

Local communities and a dozen rural, environmental and social grassroots organisations in Kedah have been taken aback by the PAS state government’s go-starn (reverse action) on its previous condemnation of several key developments.

Sahabat Alam Malaysia’s (SAM) is pissed off with the PAS administration for carrying out exactly the same ‘destructive legacy’ of the previous BN government in approving or announcing projects without any proper consultation, let alone the consent of local stakeholders.

PAS has also refused to make public the projects’ environmental and social impact assessments and costs-benefits analyses.

As stated, there are a host of environmentally dodgy projects that super-hypocritical PAS has embraced warmly as if they had conceived it in the first place, which they had condemned prior to becoming government. I am too tired to write more on PAS hypocrisy.

Aiyoyo, Pak Hajis all cakap ta’serupa bikin.

What if it becomes the federal government? I dread to think of the go-starn gear conduct.


  1. ktemoc, can you be more specific on these projects that PAS "go-starn" on?

  2. While you're at it KT, can you ask Guan Eng to do something about the hillslope destruction in Batu Ferringhi? They're building condos and houses on the slopes between Ferringhi and Tj. Bungah and there's been increased cases of landslides in that area.

    Just drive along the winding roads and you'll be amazed at how much hillside jungle has been leveled for this project.

  3. Yeah, can you be more specific ? Or you are crying PAS is foul because you don't like them ?