Monday, June 30, 2008

Naughty Zosia Blue

I am not sure who the hell is the blogger of Zosia Blue who has plagiarised my post Has Dr Wan Azizah blundered badly? (no acknowledgement that it was posted by kaytee is plagiarism) and posted it as Anwar Ibrahim’s blog.

But worse, it’s not 100% copying, with a few new words inserted in various places and some substituting for what I had written, eg:

“i believe dr pale azizah” instead of my “i believe dr wan azizah”,

“…has made a terrible terrible tactical slip in her try on …” instead of my “… has made a terrible terrible tactical mistake in her attempt …”

And various other deliberate distortions.

Aiyah, what to do with such cyber perverts?

Thanks to my blogging matey, Lucia Lai of Mental Jog who alerted me to the corrupt plagiarism!


  1. Who gives a F*ck ?
    A low-class porn blog copying another low-class blog

  2. IF this is a low-class blog, then what are you doing here, anak merdeka penang? Oh, I see, you are a low-class person!!

  3. this is stooping really low. for the plagiarist and others ardent supporters of Anwar..are they really convinced of his innocence? they of all ppl should remember that he was not let off the previous charge a clean man, they just didn't have enough to nail him..

  4. 'Attribution' or 'Accreditation' is a religious tenet of a 6000 year old religion. It says 'when you steal a word and thereafter acknowledge it, you redeem the word to a higher level'.

  5. Yep, I saw it yesterday and was wondering "What the heck?". Meant to follow up on it but time got the better of me yesterday. Good for you to catch it. By the way, I truly enjoy reading your blogs.

  6. kaytee,

    i think that post was automatically "mined" and "copied" by the spam blog, that is obviously screaming for traffic. don't bother. maybe report to

  7. that's cos u r a fucking heartless, lying cyber perverted cunt. hope u r FUCKING YOUR FACEBOOK FUCKMATES. And ugly lucia and fat susan.