Monday, June 16, 2008

Ku Li as PM in a new coalition?

If you guys think you have it bad, politically that is, just imagine what I have just gleaned from Malaysiakini article Ku Li's campaign gains momentum.

It seems that irrelevant-to-UMNO Ku Li, once cosmopolitan prince now turned proponent of ketuanan Melayu, is gaining slow but steady momentum in his campaign, and Malaysiakini gave one typical reason (see follows) for his resurrected rejuvenated relevance to the UMNO presidential race:

One branch veteran in Kuala Terengganu reasoned with his peers: "Umno today is no longer what it used to be. Everything revolves around one man and democracy has died in this party.

"While they (leaders) tell us not to contest for the top two posts, they encourage us to fight to the death at the bottom (from the supreme council level to the branch level).

"During the elections, we work our hearts out to put them in the leadership but once they are there, they forget about us. One branch leader who wanted to meet an Umno minister had to wait seven years."

Till now, he has still not met the minister, revealed the branch leader.

"Their (the top leaders’) membership fee is RM1, so is ours. Why should our RM1 not be allowed to decide the party leadership?" he questioned.

In accordance with technicolour-coated Joseph’s interpretation of the Pharoah’s dream, 7 years did the Pharaoh put his people to harvest and stow the corn, 7 years did the famine struck but the Egyptians were saved, and 7 years did an UMNO branch leader waited to see an UMNO minister but in vain.

Poor bloke.

Now this one about Ku Li may be damaging to him – Malaysiakini journalist Tony Thien wrote in his article Shift in Sabah political alliance this month? that “... state PKR liaison committee chief Ansari Abdullah has again told Malaysiakini “to expect something big to happen in the week”.

Like his deputy, Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, who is also national PKR vice-president, he declined to go into any details. “June 18 is an auspicious date for the Chinese,” was all Kitingan would say.

But it is not certain how the political situation is expected to unfold. As many as 18 Sabah MPs could quit BN, according to a senior correspondent of a national English daily who is based in Kota Kinabalu.

One proposal which has been mooted is for Razaleigh to be interim prime minister in a new grand coalition that would include parties in Pakatan Rakyat and a number of ex-BN parties.

Did you get that?

“... Razaleigh to be interim prime minister in a new grand coalition that would include parties in Pakatan Rakyat and a number of ex-BN parties ...”.

Holy Mother and the archangels! Can that be true? How did Tony Thien come by that information?

PAS may go along, but will DAP play ball?

And what about the de facto deformasi man, because once Ku Li gets the PM post, interim (ha ha ha) or not, it’s ta ta for Mr Deformasi’s dreams ... forever.


  1. From "Oilheat on PM and cabinet"
    check the blog out

  2. Hope it wont be you who will have the last laugh

  3. Why are we allowing these goons to play games with our future?
    They cut deals in contempt to our needs and our rights. With all these musical chairs we have uncertainty and chaos. Interim governments don't work because they will by definition be lame ducks.
    We want fresh and new elections!!

  4. This may or may not have any relevance to your topic but (hehehe) the Devil is egging me on and I can't resist, so, here goes ...

    All throughout history we have read of decrepit old men wanting to hang on to power or wanting to assume power. When the fact of the matter is that, for many of them, they can't even get "IT" up for their wives never mind about lording it over others.

    You can almost imagine conversations like the following taking place in many boudoirs:

    Wifey: Are you finished yet?

    Old man: Finished! No, I'm trying to get ready for the action.

    Wifey: You mean all that fumbling for the past half hour and you were only getting ready!? Good lord! Go and take some Viagra.

    Old man: (Plaintively) But I have finished the whole bottle last week and forgot to replenish my supply.

    Wifey: (Impatiently) Look, I've had a rough day and I'm really pooped so I need my beauty sleep. Why don't you insert mr. flaccid into the food processor and leave me be. Just turn the dial to "Vigorous" and you'll be one happy fella real quick.

  5. KT, perhaps the deformasi main figure has just woken up from dream and is now facing the reality, that the average citizens are not really supporting his idea, but just love to see his "Raja Lawak" character.
    And remember, Ku Li once had strong tie with Sabah and the pact had nearly sent BN to graveyard. But let see who's gonna last laugh, hopefully not KJ, Kali and Dollah.

  6. At least Ku Li has a better grasp of macroeconomics.


    1. Raise petrol prices
    drastically, but no anti-
    inflation programme in place
    2. No systematic programme to help
    the poor to cope with the
    rising prices

    I bet major decisions were made without listening to the counsel of economic policy and social policy advisors.

  7. Hope, people. And have faith that out of this messy situation, someone or a bunch of someones will gather a huge enough bunch of heads to turn this whole equation and revamp the screwed-up corrupted system and turn everything around start it all afresh from there.

    That's all the hope we need for now. Otherwise, let's just live with it and complain till kingdom come...

  8. can we have Mahathir as the next Prime Minister please ? I beg You !!!

    Its possible, as he is the one who quit UMNO. Tengku Razaleigh is still an UMNO member

  9. Dude, do u really, really, really, believe that Mr Deformasi doesnt have a grasp behind the plan ? Arent Jeffrey and Ansari sidekicks of Mr Deformasi. Are u plain nuts or are u just shevering on the emerging reality of PM Mr Deformasi.

    For once, your distaste for Anuar notwithstanding, give us a solid, accurate analysis, dude.


  10. Well, Ku Li's last 'masterstroke' involving Sabah took the wheels off his drive for power (remember 'sigah', folks?). Can't see him being accepted by the Pakatan crowd now that they scent victory under their own steam. And does Ku Li have to quit Umno for this grand scheme to come to fruition? Don't think that'd gel with his own 'reform Umno' cause...

  11. may be a supreme irony if all of Anwar's maneuverings actually succeed in bringing down the BN regime, but its not he who gets to be PM...

    My grapevine tells me its quite possible there are MCA MPs who will leave BN, but not necessarily join PR.

  12. what does the future hold for malaysia?


    There are so much of uncertainty!