Friday, June 13, 2008

A sad day

Today would have to be the saddest day of my brief stay Downunder. This morning a friend rang, saying in hoarse whisper “kaytee, we need you badly now”. I heard sobbing in the background. I knew the news would be bad.

A family who has been most kind and close to me has lost their youngest, a mere teenager. Struck down in his sweetest innocent youth, robbed of his as yet unfulfilled potential, the reason unanswered, impossible to answer, I wonder at the injustice of Fate.

I tried to lend support and comfort to the devastated parents but what just adequate commensurate compensation could anyone provide to the weeping father, mother and siblings, good folks who had brought him up as a labour of selfless love, who cherish him and still do, but who now only have memories of him to live on.

All I could contribute were comforting embraces, consoling whispers, a pair of friendly hands for them to hold on to, but mainly silence - while I too quietly cry.

Imagine the sun disappearing
Behind the highest mountain
Visualize utter darkness fallen
Upon a cold cold bleakness

You have gone from us

Like rain, tears gush without let
We hear only the howling wind
In the dark void of empty space
Barren of laughter, smile & joy

You have gone from us

Now a traveller through time
In the endless sea of Samsara
Never ever again to return
Never to give us your laughter

You have gone from us

‘Tis the fate for us, everyone
But why must you depart first
Leaving your parents behind
Perpetual tears in their hearts

You have gone from us

… forever


  1. That's a nice poem. One that can be easily related to by parents whose loved ones like my teenage daughter whose time was up when the Lord called for her to return to the Father's house, earlier this year. Cancer was the woe.

  2. oh, Kaytee.

    Am so sorry to hear this. May this person's soul rest in peace.

    The truth is life never ends. And our stay here on earth is a mere visit. When our "visa" ends, so we must leave too.

    And if there's a chance, souls will meet again.

    Lets live to appreciate the living, and remember the dead, with a smile, and not tears.

    I love your poem. It would be appropriate for Toni Kasim. There's a memorial for her on Saturday, June 14.

    With every dead of a dear or loved one, I realise, how seriously we must tell those who are still alive that we love them, before it is too late.

    That anger, or hatred, envy or jealously is useless, poisonous, because it is a baggage we will carry with us in the next journey.

    Until then, take care.

  3. Very sorry to hear of this. A young person tragically lost so suddenly.

    My condolences to the bereaved family.

  4. thank you all for your most kind consoling words - I'll pass them on to the grieving family who will find great comfort in your support. thanks too to friends who wrote to me.

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  6. Sorry to hear the sad news, Kaytee. Condolences to the family.

  7. Blame my tardiness... just read this post, and may I offer my sincerest, heartfelt condolences - primarily to the family of the young lad, but also to you, my friend.

    I know what it's like losing someone so young, in their prime of life... been there too.

    All I can offer are my prayers, that his soul rests in peace... and that the survivors of this tragedy find in themselves the courage and strength...