Monday, June 09, 2008

Insidious Iniquitous Imperialistic Bush

It's that guy again, yes, the one who gave us (the world) our present oil price crisis - US President George Bush. Dipping his hands into the Middle East for oil (both the fossil type and for holy anointment) he came up instead with his hands bloodied.

If you were an Iraqi, how would you feel about a secret 'deal' that Bush is shoving down the throat of the current Iraqi puppet government, which would, among other things, allow the US military forces to:

(a) occupy more than 50 permanent bases in Iraq,
control Iraqi airspace below about 9,700 metres (approx 32,000 feet),
carry out military operations as it wishes - namely have a free hand to conduct arrests and military operations without the consent of Baghdad, or even an obligation to consult the Iraqi government,

and the greatest insult of all to a supposedly sovereign Iraq,

have total immunity from Iraqi law.

The secret Bush deal was revealed by The Independent, a British newspaper, on Thursday.

It would appear that George Bush and his neocon Zionists are rushing to seal the deal and to lock the US and Iraq governments into that agreement even if Democrat Barack Obama becomes the next President.

The aim of Bush's unholy haste is to prevent Barack Obama (if he becomes President) from fulfilling his campaign promises to withdraw US troops. Bush and his neocon Zionists want to ensure there is a permanent US military presence in Iraq.

Patrick Cockburn, author of The Independent report, told Al Jazeera:
"Iraqi sovereignty would be very much diluted if this pact goes ahead as Washington wants. It would be very difficult to call Iraq a fully independent country if it agreed to these terms."

Diluted? It would be non existent, and how. Iraq would then be a de facto American colony or to be more correct, a vassal state.

… and all planned by the leader of the ‘Free World’, God bless not America but Iraq and those nations with oil, gas and minerals.

Of course the US (under the Bush Administration) has said in the past that it does 'not' want permanent bases in Iraq.

But The Independent pooh-poohed Bush’s lie and quoted an unnamed Iraqi source who described Washington's official position as nothing more than a tactical subterfuge. Tactical here means 'short term', and subterfuge a 'ruse', in short a temporary lie by the Bush Administration!

Muqtada al-Sadr, the Iraqi Shia leader, doesn’t believe Bush too. Last week, tens of thousands of his followers did a violent version of the Bersih rally on the streets of Baghdad and other Iraqi cities to protest against the deal.

His supporters have demanded that the government hold a public referendum on the issue, which effectively means a mighty big NIX to Bush. Really, which Iraqi with any self respect would entertain such arrogant insidious iniquitous imperialistic bullsh*t?

In fact more than 50% of the Iraqi parliament has already written to the US Congress rejecting the long-term security deal unless Congress accepts the condition that US forces shall and must leave, and leave completely by a specific date in the very near future.

Khalaf Al-Ulayyan, founder of the National Dialogue Council, has been more shrewd, saying any bilateral talks on a long-term security deal should be shelved until after US forces leave Iraq.

He added: "We prefer to delay until there is a new administration in the United States," obviously not trusting a low-brow Bush who has been so easily manipulated by his neocon Zionist advisors, but preferring to deal with the new US President, either McCain or Obama.

But the Bush Administration is obviously pushing for the new security agreement with the puppet government of Nouri al-Maliki by July.

The Democrats have accused George Bush of quietly setting up an insidious deal which will have the legal effect of dictating US foreign policy according to his neocon beliefs even after he is out of office. Actually they have over attributed Bush with more strategic planning than he is capable of because the dumbo just does what his neocon Zionist advisors tell him to do.

And you can bet the Bush deal won't be good for the world, especially Iraqis, Arabs, Iranians and even Americans, save the government of one Middle East country.

al Jazeera.


  1. i cant understand why 50% of the americans who were so easily trciked by him. everytime, i see his face in the tube, i can just see thru him, that he is the BIGGEST LIAR in the world. America will be better off many times without him;the world will be more at peace without him;and I am freaking sure that oil prices will be lower without him. oh, by the way, he loves the high oil prices now so that his cronies in Texas can have a gala time. you think, he cares for the ordinary man in the streets who are now impacted by the high oil price? look at his face, it tells everything. If not, go see Jim Carey for a consultation.

  2. The only way for the Iraqis to boot out the US invaders is to bring in Osama Laden and his howling pack of wolves. The moment American casualties hit 100,000, the US public will immediately demand their withdrawal. Proof: Vietnam

  3. be real mate....

    Osama is created by Bush. He will only appear only when Bush wants him to appear. And he disappears when they want him to.

    He was CIA trained, remember???

  4. Dear Ktemoc

    Just concentrate on problems at home. We have too many domestic problems to worry about those who do not know where M'sia is on the world map.

    If we sink, Iraq, Iran & Osama are not going to rush here to save us. But the USA might since it is our No.1 trading partner and export market.

    So,don't bite the hand that feeds you. They may not always be the nicest of friends since they always have their own agenda as well, but are a damn sight better than Saddam, Khomeni, Osama, Mao, Stalin, Mugabe, Saudi, Libyan & Pakistani terrorists etc.