Monday, June 09, 2008

kaytee moderating comments

Since I started this blog, I have permitted unrestricted comments, only deleting commerical or deliberate spams and on rare ocassions, making minor editing on potentially libellous comments, but alas, a person (to be fair, I believe is neither a cybertrooper nor a gurkha) has targeted me as if I am Nemesis incarnate. Go get a real life, mate!

Anyway, I have taken the advice of a visitor to moderate comments which I'll do from now on, much as I am against such restriction. So bear with me - I promise I will only delete spams, particular abusive ones. As always, I welcome any form of criticisms ;-)


  1. oh dear. well that's the price of being popular. :)

    yes it's good to start moderating comments as we don't want to see your blog turning into an X-rated blog. those previous XXX comments must be done by the same person, seeing that they were done within minutes of each other.

  2. Aiy0

    where is freedom of speech?

  3. .. must come along with responsible speech ;-)

  4. "As always, I welcome any form of criticisms"

    Sir, I salute you.

  5. Fully agree with your actions. The trolls were disgusting, to say the least.

    So does this mean our comments will not immediately appear but only after moderation ?

    All the best.

  6. unfortunately yes Peter, but my moderation is of minimal process, only to stop mainly obscene abuses. I don't mind people swearing at me for attacking Anwar ;-) but not the sort of pornographic silly stuff.

    To a lesser extent I will also delete commercial or deliberate spams (which have no added value) and perhaps edit (slightly) libellous comments (just to keep myself out of trouble).

    Basically I want responsible comments even if I am to be the sand or punching bag - I allow for anger but not malice.

  7. Freedom can only be sustained if responsibility is exercised in pursuit of this freedom.

    Moderating, on your part is a responsible act. Do it.

  8. At least you are more moderate than that extremist and narrow minded fellow bloger of yours named "Susan Loone" who was incapable of thinking outside her small box of a brain when she called visitors signing under nicknames as having something to hide when anonymity is already provided on these blog platforms.

    One's policy towards the freedom of expession (save malafide ones) says uch about a person. You do fit the bill of a thinker. Unlike other pretenders.

  9. dsicerner, I disagree with you. Susan Loone is very tolerant and my friendship with her is an illustraion of that, where though we have different political leanings we remain good friends and can even discuss our differences with mutual respect - there are many aspects demonstrating this that would take too long to emunerate.