Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sarawak judge attacked Dr M

Whoa ho ho ho! This is the most explosive revelation ever, even more dynamite than the Lingam tape.

Malaysiakini published Bar Council startled by judge's 'damning' disclosure, in which we are privileged to a tsunamic revelation by Sarawak High Court judge Ian Chin ..... that 10 years ago he and several judges were threatened by none other than Dr M.

Judge Chin claimed that at the Judges' Conference held on April 24 2007, where then PM, Dr M, was scheduled to hold a dialogue with the judges, that event turned out to be anything but a dialogue.

Apparently it was a monologue briefing. Chin averred:

“What was termed a dialogue and later reported as one was anything but a dialogue. (Mahathir) went there to issue a thinly-veiled threat to remove judges by referring to the tribunal that was set up before and stating that though it may be difficult to do so, it was still done."

Chin said this happened after a couple of judgements were passed but deemed as unsatisfactory in Dr M’s opinion.

Apart from implicating Dr M, Judge Chin also laid in on former chief justice Eusoff Chin.

Malaysian Bar president S Ambiga was alarmed and concerned when contacted to comment on the stunning revelations. Needless to say, such a revelation by a current sitting high Court judge has sent shock waves throughout the legal fraternity.

Chin also informed us that one month after the so-called ‘dialogue’, he had to attend a boot camp together with selected judges and judicial officers.

He claimed: “The boot camp was without any doubt an attempt to indoctrinate participants to hold the view that the government’s interest as being more important than all else when considering judgments.”

“Everyone was quiet during the question sessions. Also invited to the boot camp was a lecturer from a university who berated the election case.*"

* the voting result for Sarawak state constituency of Bukit Begunan in February 1997 was declared by Judge Chin as null and void on the ground that the vote was tainted with bribery, and which Dr M was allegedly unhappy about

I wonder who was the uni wonder?

Chin continued: “(But) the bright spot in this episode was that a judicial officer, during question time, told the lecturer that she had no question but only a statement to make which was that the lecturer was in contempt of court.” ;-) what a woman - wow!

Chin also revealed that former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim had attended the ‘boot camp’.

Apparently Dr M was scheduled to talk at this ‘boot camp’ but he did not turn up and instead sent then-blue-eye-boy Anwar there. According to Chin, instead of talking, Anwar invited questions.

Judge Chin remembered just one question that was aired, recalling: “The one question I remembered being asked was: 'are politicians looking for girls when they are often seen loitering at posh hotel lobbies?'."

Was the answer ‘yes’? ;-)

Strange Anwar Ibrahim didn't reveal this earlier - it would have knifed Dr M well and good, but of course he could possibly have been damaged collaterally.


  1. I distinctly remember Ktemoc was hostile towards the Lingam tapes, just because it was Anwar Ibrahim who released it.


  2. kk46, it was the way he did it, grandstandingly parts by parts, to get max publicity/taunting instead of being sincere about exposing a corrupt case in one fell swoop (he could have still retain a copy or two of the entire tape if he surrendered it in its entirety) - I had suspected he was teasing/pressuring UMNO to re-admit him, in the same as the current katak taunting (why wait until Sept; why not now? coz he wants to rejoin UMNO and become PM from there rather than as a PR leader). Alas for him, AAB or the entire UMNO didn't want him.

  3. He revealed the tape in parts in order to protect the identity of the cameraman, who would had been harassed/intimidated by the govt and others should his identity be revealed

  4. To me, a struggling wage-earner, all this talk about who did what in the past, seems like a luxury.
    Honestly, I don't care. This whole country is in a backward mode, the leaders engaged in bringing each other down. How about getting some work done?
    The past is the past, damage done. So why not work on the here and now and the future?
    It seems to be the fashion now to put all our ills on TDM's doorstep. I only have this to say: At least the Mahathir years brought us some optimism. (Damn, now i'm going to be tagged as an ardent supporter!)

  5. Mahathir's ignorance about the rule of law is wellknown. He had many times "mistaken" it to mean rule BY law (his LAW). So his heavy handed attempt to bully the judges is hardly surprising.

    Malaysians must never be allowed to forget that Mahathir corrupted the Malaysian Legal System like no one else. No other PM was folish enough to think he could get away with the things that Mahathir has done.

    Mahathir must never be buried at the national mausoleum when he dies. He does not deserve that honor neither does he deserve a State funeral. Best thing perhaps is to build a public convenience over hsi grave so that he will serve the rakyat, something he failed to do during his term as PM.

  6. "Mahathir years brouht some optimism"??!! Heck! That man made decisons on a short-term basis to garner glory and popularity for himself; bugger the future years. Now when we hit a bad patch, all the sh*t is coming out from under the carpet.

    And what is past is past? No way josey! That man is till around. The past ain't past until that man is six feet underground.

    As a citizen, I cannot forget the many times how enraged and outraged I was with his racist comments in the papers and we were powerless to do anything about it. Not to mention his bloody racist body language.

    The man had made much of UMNO into his mould, and it will take a lot of effort to undo the damage he has done mentally, physically, spiritually, etc..., this man done over his 22 years and more.

    Only a clean break with UMNO will enable Malaysia to start anew again.

  7. No need to examine it and no need to attack Mahathir. Majority of Malaysians for that have their opinions. So no matter how one tries to judge things, the collective wisdom of a nation is not lost in the heat of personal dislike and petty calculation, for no one can't read between the lines, for no one fails to remember the past and compare notes. Every Malaysians knows a bit of the truth. Despite that, those who have the fallacy that things can only be put under one glass, also must be given space for consolation. That's better for they remain peaceful with themselves feeling they are "important." Good again!

  8. I think there is more than meets the eye here.

    Perhaps the poor judges are being used as a weapon against the
    former PM (who is currently heavily criticising the current PM)?
    Another example of Machiavellian politics at work!

    Nevertheless, the more disclosures by both camps (by the former PM in his blog and by the present PM through the mainstream media and other mouth pieces), the better for the citizens of Malaysia

    Phua Kai Lit

  9. Talking about libel awards. If every libellous sentence uttered by this bast%&*d were to be awarded $1 million each time, I think we won't need Petronas to fill our coffers for subsidies!!