Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Khalid Ibrahim - the SMS-ing MB

Dear Pak Cik Khalid,

Once upon a time, someone you know said: "Nowadays, we can even divorce our wife by sending messages."

"I am not so keen on that, but they say it is perfectly legal, perfectly Islamic."

"I think that if people want to divorce their wife, they should resort to a much more personal approach than that.”

"We hope of course that instead of sending messages, you should look at the beautiful wife that you're going to divorce ... maybe she would cry a bit and you would change your mind."

Now we all know you haven’t been involved in any divorce, Alhamdulillah, but I have been shocked by what Malaysiakini had reported in Khalid's suspended special officer resigns, where we were informed that you suspended Yahya Sahri via an SMS!

Isn’t that just callous and cruel, an electronic pariah-rization of the bloke? Why didn't you haul him in and explain face to face that you are putting him aside until the matter of alleged corruption has been fully investigated.

But of course we realize that you may be uncomfy facing him, because according to someone you know, ‘should you look at the poor bloke that you're going to suspend ... maybe he would cry a bit and you would change your mind.’

And that bloke must be so shocked that, according to Malaysiakini MB's office dispels Khairy's claims he immediately resigned … alas … only by fax.

Yahya Sahri said he would be running to Tok Semua Tahu to complain but it seems he has even resigned as PKR state secretary as he claimed you made him look guilty in the public eyes.

Ah, I now see - so Yahya was the PKR state secretary. I had mistakenly assumed he was a state civil servant left over from the previous UMNO-led state government.

Yours sincerely,

Kuai Larn Knia

Is Khalid Ibrahim up to the MB's job?


  1. In Perak, PAS state secretary become MB.

  2. Yahya Sahri sound like an ex umno-led state civil servant...wait, isn't him one before?

    Some rumor spread around say many umno division personnel are drawing salary from government coffer.

  3. Dear Ktemoc

    Khalid Ibrahim is doing a much better job than his predecessor.
    Why needle your ally over relatively minor matters?

    My thoughts on other more important matters i.e the current situation in our beloved country. Here's my analyses:

    1. TDM keeps on attacking via his blog. The response? Counter-attacks by proxy i.e. Judge A says this about bad TDM on Day X, Mr B says this about bad TDM on Day Y, Mr C says this about bad TDM on Day Z
    2. DSAI keeps on attacking via "katak strategy". The response? Santa Claus and his assistants get on their sleds (oops, I mean airplanes) and fly over to distribute goodies left and right.
    Santa Claus also distributes goodies left and right nearer home.
    (I truly fear for the financial state of Malaysia if Santa Claus keeps on doing so!)
    3. How does Santa Claus pay for this largesse? Perhaps partly by the higher price we poor sods have to pay for our fossil fuels?

    Phua Kai Lit

  4. Malaysian Men Banned From Non-OIC Countries

    Dalai Lama wants Islamic states to follow Tibet

  5. Khalid shouldn't have sent the suspension notice via SMS. Bad form.

    Other than that...
    In MNCs, it is standard procedure for an office holder, even Senior person, who has been accused of some impropriety to be suspended from his duties. The principle of "innocent until proven guilty" still holds, and an investigation has to be carried out by an independent party. The person has a right to defend himself, and question his accusers.

    If the accusation is not proven, the suspension is set aside, and not to be construed as a slur on the person's record.

    That is 1st World management standard.

    Apart from the boo-boo on the SMS, Khalid Ibrahim should be congratulated for upholding a higher standard of governance, instead of UMNO's "kau-tim" culture.

    Why should it raise any questions as to whether Khalid Ibrahim is up to the job ?

    Chin Nia Kuai Larn Knia

    Bayan Lepas, Penang.

  6. KK46,

    You from one of the MNC in Bayan Lepas, may I ask how is your company doing in term of profitability and your company confident level.

    My previous company dealing with pharmaceutical is in bad shape and the confident level is very low, nothing to do with our country political situation. More from slow sales globally and internal company's politics.

    Cheers and have a nice day.

  7. Our customer base is quite diversified, and customers from Asia and Europe are not doing so bad. So, yes, revenue and profits are leaner this year, but still surviving.

    So I still have a bit of time to read blogs...hehhehe..At the peak period 4 years ago, I even had to hurry through washroom breaks...