Monday, June 23, 2008

1st World mentality?

In Malaysiakini Top Blog corner, Lim Kit Siang posted an important question about the disgraceful incongruity of Malaysia’s First World Infrastructure, but the absence of a First World Mentality!

He's absolutely right, and pretty succinct with his post title.

Uncle Lim was referring to a blog post by Hannah Yeoh, DAP Selangor Assemblywoman for Subang Jaya who related to us the shameful behaviour of the teachers of SMK Subang Utama toward an illustrious alumna, Hannah herself.

Hannah was invited to the school’s Prefects’ Reunion next week, but according to two prefects, the school teacher have threatened the prefects into withdrawing the invitation to Hannah who had served as the head prefect in 1995/6.

Furthermore it is to be a private function so what right do those teachers have in interfering with the function that is being organized by the prefects and who they invite as their guests?

Naturally Hannah has been traumatised to see such politically divisive interference intruding into a school and affecting students.

The Minister of Education should bloody well explain.

But to be frank, I am not entirely surprised with the UMNO-led government’s attitude. We are certainly not a 1st World nation in our democratic process, ministerial and governmental conduct, and our civil service behaves as if they are the private property of warlords.

Yes, we are also familiar with Malaysian tribal mentality - see Ijok - where Malays are even more tribal!.

But I mustn’t let the opposition escape from sharing the blame.

I ask Uncle Lim whether encouraging party defections would be a 1st World political process?

So Uncle Lim, please lah, much as I love you, don’t throw stones when you’re living in a glass house. Go sort out your Sarawak branch, and bring them into the political practice of the 1st World.

And also, what sort of person would brandish the slogan of 'Ketuanan Rakyat' yet in the same breath intend to subvert the decision of the Rakyat made on 08 March 2008?

Deformasi, defomasi, deformasi! Uncle Lim, you're in bad company, so ... why raise the issue of 1st World mentality?

Let's look at another case.

Recall RPK
statutory declaration which is readily available on Malaysiakini for anyone to peruse!

What did RPK declare?

Let me summarise in three sentences (with some commentaries) what he wrote:

(1) I have been reliably informed … yadda yadda yadda … essentially the circumstances surrounding the crime, the participants, and those who are 'believed' to know about this, namely 2 politicians (including the PM) and a ruler (as told to and claimed by RPK)

... bearing in mind ‘reliably’ is very subjective – it may be deemed ‘reliable’ by RPK but unless the facts (not just a Stat Dec) of the case are evaluated properly, it has to be considered as just an opinion.

(2) I make this SD because I am aware it is a crime not to reveal evidence that may help police in investigating the crime

RPK calls it ‘evidence’ but is it? An unknown bloke told him the story so how would it be evidence? And even then he is stating he made the Stat Dec (but not police report) as compelled by his need not to commit a crime.

(3) I know both whistle blower and said ruler but I have agreed not to reveal who they are, other than the PM and his S-I-L who were provided with a copy of the incident from Military Intelligence.

I wasn’t aware that MI reported directly to the PM. But anyway, unless the whistle blower is made known, it's just another '50 dahils ...'

Now, the IGP wants to interrogate RPK as well as the three individuals named in RPK’s Stat Dec, as the Star has reported in
Cops to probe RPK’s claims.

What if the 3, presumably Rosmah Mansor, Col Buyong and wife Norhayati said “we don’t know where the f* RPK had obtained the silly story? Why don't you go and ask him?” What else can the police do?

Then the police go to RPK and ask “who is your informer? Tell us or you’re in deep shit!”

Then (I am of course speculating or scenario modelling only because RPK has not revealed who the whistle blower is) RPK answers “he is actually the Ruler! Both are one and same person.”

Hmmm, can the police interrogate a Ruler?

End of story!

While RPK’s Stat Dec has been politically sensational and titillating, and ammo for (and the job of) the opposition to raise the issue for debate in Parliament, as reported by Malaysiakini in Altantunya: Emergency motion on new allegations it’s lacking substance, real substance.

I believe it serves a 'certain purpose' but it’s hardly evidence UNLESS RPK comes up with the REAL GOODS. Why beat around the bush with "I have been reliably informed ..."?

… which brings me nicely to my query about ‘1st World mentality’.

Najib and Rosmah are both bloody lucky that Najib is the DPM or they would have been lynched by the mob already, as from what I have read around the blogs, they are guilty until proven innocent, and f* due process.

1st World mentality?


  1. Kaytee,

    I must admit that I am quite of a fan of your blog lately which prompted me to ask, why aren't your blog promoted to the TOP BLOG status by Malaysiakini?

    Hey, I am not in agreement with some of your view but you are definitely a good blogger. Insinuating also lah. hahaha.


  2. "What if the 3, presumably Rosmah Mansor, Col Buyong and wife Norhayati said “we don’t know where the f* RPK had obtained the silly story? Why don't you go and ask him?” What else can the police do?"

    If the Police does their job properly, they can actually do a lot. E.g. asking for the whereabouts of the 3 people on the date of the murder. Asking to see if there is a 3rd party who can collaborate their whereabouts. And take notes to put it into writing, getting the 3 to sign to the truthfulness of their statements, so that in a future event, if someone else comes up and say that is not true, then, they will be investigated again. In short, it doesn't pay to lie to the Police.

    Of course, in Boleh-land, some of us thinks that our Police practices selective investigation.

    This is unfair of course.

    The question we should ask ourself is is the current situation acceptable or not.

    If it's not acceptable, what do we have to do to change it?

    And are we contributing - as bloggers - to creating that better place?


  3. 1. By doing so, MSM is forced to expose the story, and to some extent, forced to expose the name of the VIP...

    2. SD against any other person we can tunggu tunggu elegant silence... but the target is top leader in the government! So now if someone bloody point his finger towards some of the top leader in the government that they are terrorists, can the government remain silent? LKS did the right thing by asking the affiliated party to response to the SD... because... alas they are the top leaders from the government, i.e. Rakyat's representatives to lead the nation...

    3. The nation is now in deep shit to stir hatred from one country called Mongolia. And more so... the nation has suffered humiliating glances from the other countries due to this bloody Altatunya tragedy... Do you not think that these related party aka Abdullah, Najib and Mrs should make a strong stand... that fking RPK is LYING!?

    4. For God's sake, if you are clean, sue RPK for defamation! take him to the court and send him to the jail! Remaining silence IS the issue!

    5. and you should read back what LKS move the motion because IF the related party, aka Abdullah Najib and Mrs chose to remain silence, this doesn't help in reliving the Mongolians' eyes, and the Malaysians mouth... and thus deeply impact the government, and the name of the Federation of Malaysia...

    6. It is not the matter if they are innocent... the rakyat, which means the dewan rakyat deserves to know, did their leader end up involve in killing a foreign citizen? Did my leader know the whole story of a tragedy, but choose not to do anything and act like he knows nothing?

    7. The first world congress of the super power country in the name of United States of America questioned and even debated about their commander-in-chief Mr Clinton's alleged oral sex with Ms Lewinsky... heck, Mr Clinton wasn't even possibly-guilty to start with, he ended up facing impeachment from the congress...

    8. It's not about guilty or not guilty... has or has not received the "intelligence report"... It's about the government was said to do some terrorism act by a Malaysia citizen, this citizen shall be put into jail for defaming the government and the nation...

    9. But we get elegant silence instead...

  4. Indeed like father like son...

    much more than we asked for!

    if we dont target them, who else?

    we dont have other choices?

    Do we?

  5. how much did najib pay kaytee to write ... i hope not too much.

  6. umno topwings lah... so innocent until proven guility lah. if pakatan people or you and i, guilty until proven innocent.

    and anyway, no point all these proven guilty/innocent stuff for them as they will not be investigated or charged at all!

    yes as seng said, selective investigation by the police! have you guys forgotten the 2 sets of law - one for umno and one for non umno?

  7. Your Barisan Nasional/UMNO friends F*ed due process a long time ago.

  8. I do not see that RPK's SD will help in any way Altantunya case, until more concrete evident surface. Until then, I see that the SD which was cleverly words is an acts to target AAB and topple him.

    Is a sad method to use Altantunya.


  9. There is a dishonourable history with Malaysian authorities to punish the whistleblower rather than the perpetrators of a crime, when it involves "connected individuals".

    RPK is correct not to reveal everything unless there is a serious investigation into the issue, and I mean serious one, not just haul up RPK for questioning.

  10. kk46, you would be the last bloke I expect to resort to an unworthy "Your Barisan Nasional/UMNO friends F*ed due process a long time ago".

    ;-) your idol is the one actually of UMNO and hopes to return to UMNO

  11. KK46,

    Understand your contention, but I see it this way. The Altantunya case is very close watch issue internationally and the government of the day cannot effort to loss credibility. Didn't the government act to the Lingam video and did Dsai went to jail?...instead Dsai actually gain credibility and his party went on and did very well in the March 08 election.

    Any concrete evident, bring them out and the people know what to do other wise is just an other cheap spin.

    Cheers and have a nice day.

  12. Anon of 2:31 AM, June 24, 2008 wrote: how much did najib pay kaytee to write ... i hope not too much.

    Please let him know I'll be sending him an invoice ;-)

  13. Actually, the most likely party/persons who will going back to UMNO is PAS.

    When this whole scenario finally settles down, which may take more than a year or even a few years, I wonder if Ktemoc will ever be man enough to admit he's wrong about Anwar ? kekekekek...

    If I turn out to be wrong about him, I will gladly be coming out with my own Anti-Anwar blog.

  14. and I'll link with your blog ;-)

  15. PM stated that he does not believe that his deputy and his deputy wife are involve in the murder of Altantuya. I think this statement is subjective as his deputy may be not telling the truth.

    Then followed by saying that he have not receive any military intelligence report about the murder. I except this statement as factual unless proven otherwise.

    The ball is now at RPK feet???

    I am really concern for RPK, sometime he is irrational and do silly thing.