Wednesday, June 25, 2008

PAS worried about sexy click clack of high heel shoes

The wave of air is still under the table
The hot cup of coffee
The burned-out cigarette on the edge of the ashtray
The lipstick-smeared tissue
My heart, its beatings audible from afar
That poem I thought of, but the other I wrote

- Amjad Nasser (Jordan)

Look, this one is fascinating, though the news is a bit old.

Malaysiakini reported in KB council says no lipstick, high-heels 'ban' a denial by the pAS authorities that there was a ban on the use of lipstick or the wearing of high heels by women.

It's the old story (or rumours) about PAS' known spoilt-sport attitude towards women who want to look good and feel good, instead of looking like an anonymous black sack of (presumably) bipedal being.

In an earlier post 'Virtue' of Kelantan posted one and a half years ago, the State's Menteri Besar, Pak Haji Nik Aziz decided that the State government would protect the 'virtue' of women by introducing fines for women (yes, those he wanted to 'protect') working in shops and restaurants who wore clothes such as mini-skirts, see-through blouses and tight trousers (eg. jeans) which was labelled as 'sexy' outfits.

Then, under the KB Municipal dress regulations, Muslim women must wear dresses which concealed their ankles (blast!) and a tudung which covered the hair and forehead.

I asked: “Hmmm, what about poverty, unemployment, justice for the poor, flood control, illiteracy, etc?”

“Non-Muslims aren't spared either, providing us with a glimspe of PAS' intention under an Islamic State rule it proposes. The non-Muslim women (men excused) must wear outfits which do not expose the navel, or reveal cleavage (c'mon lah, Pak Haji!) or emphasise the buttocks (emphasised? Aren't buttocks ... er ... buttocks?).” […]

“F**k it then, I am not going to KB too if I can’t see cleavages, body-hugging outfits and miniskirts. I could bloody well die a 'virgin', and for a Chinese Malaysian to die a virgin means kaytee is without 'virtue' and a damn disgrace to my Chinese ancestors.”

“But more importantly, PAS has presented non-Muslim Malaysians with a dilemma - whether to vote for PAS with its 'sword of Islam' ideology or UMNO with its 'keris of ketuanan Melayu' doctrine?”

Of course that was 18 months ago, and the recent election showed that voters decided the sword of Islam was far more preferable. Perhaps that could have encouraged PAS to come out with a ‘brochure’ as part of its new awareness campaign on an Islamic dress codes for women.

Azman Mohd Daham, the PRO for the Kota Baru Municipal Council (MPKB) clarified that it does not intend to ban Muslim female workers in the state capital from using lipstick and high-heel shoes.

He said: "The brochure is just a part of a campaign to explain to Muslim women the dress codes according to Islam which forbid the use of lipsticks and high-heel shoes.”

"However, if they (do not comply with this) dress code, MPKB has no right to take action."

Azman came out with this clarification, refuting reports by a foreign news agency yesterday that MPKB had issued a circular forbidding Muslim women from wearing thick make-up, brightly-coloured lipstick and high-heel shoes which made a tapping sound when used.
Such moves were apparently drawn up to ‘discourage rape and illicit sex’. The report had also suggested a RM500 fine would be imposed on those flouting this new dress code.

Good Lord, 'high-heel shoes which made tapping sound' had been the cause of rapes and illicit sex? And all this while I was unfairly blaming those crimes on budu - see my earlier post Has Aphrodisiac Budu Been Responsible?

Azman said the brochure mustn’t be mistaken for the circular. The former is not enforceable whilst I presume the latter is what I had blogged about 1.5 years ago.

I don’t have the stats on rape of course but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Peninsula East Coast has the highest.

But what caught my eye has been Azman’s assertion that Islam forbids the use of lipsticks and high-heel shoes.

Can anyone who is versed with Al Quran, Hadith or the Syariah codes please tell me whether there’s anything written in those religious tomes that specifically say ‘nay’ to lipstick and high heel shoes?

… or has it been one of those PAS misogynist inventions, again?
Misogynist? Please see my post Wives not satisfying husbands are abusive!
OTOH, despite the lack of revealed cleavages and 'emphasized' buttocks, Kelantan may still be a dream abode for men ;-)


  1. was lipsticks and high heels even invented when the Quran was written?

    i thought our PAS dude has come to accept the world as it is since joining forces with PKR and DAP it looks like they are just playing along.

    in selangor you have dude who protest over our own malaysian singers and now they want to ban lipsticks and high heels.

    why cant they just live like priest or monks in a monastery and leave the common folks alone?

  2. Lets get some facts right.
    It's just a brochure.

    There's no by-law, no binding directive, no new regulation.

    Never let facts get in the way of a good yarn.

  3. i say our women r simply TOOOOOO SEEXXXXXXXY for PAS members...

    Malaysian Men Banned From Non-OIC Countries

    Dalai Lama wants Islamic states to follow Tibet

  4. Surely kittykat46 is way lot smarter than the owner of this blog and oh yeah, than juslo and agnos too ..

    He knows about this pretty well than the one who took all the length to blog on this not-even-real thing.

    There's no law about it, no directive, no regulation. Just a brochure and no fuss at all.

    Amazing how hysterical non-kelantanese react to this matter when back in Kelantan, the people know nothing about it being implemented !

    Talk about xenophobic ...

  5. Badawi got a hard job in hand! Harder than we taught, 1st time a Msia PM being challenge this strongly!

    with PAS doing all this ISLAMIC trend is hard to see why the country isnt falling in pieces!

  6. Many have asked why penalize the women when it is the men, especially Muslim men, who seem to have a problem keeping their pants zipped up.

    Forcing women to do this or that so that the men won't go berserk at the mere sight of painted lips or whatever is just treating the symptoms instead of the disease as medical professionals would say.

    If Islamic law says that if a man steals then his hand should be cut off because his hand had sinned, so isn't it logical that when a man rapes his entire genitalia should be hacked off -- his scrotum, his testicles and his penis, all would have to go in one fell swoop. ;-)

    So, there, problem solved! The root cause of the problem or the disease is dealt with directly and neatly resolved. And everybody lives happily ever after! What more can one ask?

  7. Hey, Ruthless........seems like you are living up to your name. kekeke!

    Anyway, men can live up to a ripe old age without their cock and balls, as evidenced by those eunuchs of imperial days. No problemo there!!

    In those days, boys aspiring (is that an appropriate word under the circumstances, one wonders) to be an eunuch had their entire manhood sliced off without benefit of anaesthesia. Two strong men held the kid down while a third stepped up with a knife - and whack - those things were gone! One can imagine the pain. Maybe would-be rapists will think twice if this is what they will get if caught.

  8. why? dont the gomen care about public image?

    give us explanation please!

    The media like Thestar cant be trusted as well.. ha!

  9. I am not that very well versed with those codes, but one thing I am sure is Islam does not want u to approach adultery.

    By the way, why bother about it so much? It's not a big thing in Kelantan.