Saturday, June 14, 2008

Squandering public funds in hollow gesture

Just woke up from an 'AAB' ;-) and read the following from Bernama - June 14, 2008 20:42 PM

Singing Of 'Negaraku' Accompanies Flag Raising On Middle Rocks

MIDDLE ROCKS (Johor), June 14 (Bernama) -- For the first time, the 'Jalur Gemilang' was officially hoisted on Middle Rocks to the strains of 'Negaraku' Saturday, signifying Malaysia's sovereignty on the outcrop located in the strategic shipping passage.

In a brief but symbolic ceremony, the flag was raised at 11.40am by Datuk Muhammad Hatta Abdul Aziz, secretary of the National Security Council under the Prime Minister's Department.

"Following the decision of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that the Middle Rocks is ours, we must take steps to strengthen sovereignty.

"The ceremony is a move to ensure that there is no dispute in the future," he told reporters here.

On May 23, the ICJ decision ended the years-long dispute between Malaysia and Singapore, with a ruling that Middle Rocks was Malaysia's while Singapore had sovereignty over Batu Puteh. For South Ledge, the court ruled that it belonged to the country in the territorial waters where the feature was located.

Saturday's ceremony was also to mark the end of mapping and survey works by the Survey and Mapping Department from June 4-12.

Let me ask you - What f* dispute will there be in the future that Muhammad Hatta has alluded to? Hasn't the ICJ passed a ruling on Malaysia's sovereighty on the Middle Rocks?

More importantly, in the current strained economic circumstances for the rakyat, we need to ask - Hasn't his action been a bloody waste of public funds, to crow over an issue that we had overall already lost bloody badly to Singapore?

Shouldn't the bloody government change its bloody profligate 'lifesyle' and bloody stop squandering public funds in such stupid meaningless hollow (not hallow) gestures?


  1. "Let me ask you - What f* dispute will there be in the future that Muhammad Hatta has alluded to? Hasn't the ICJ passed a ruling on Malaysia's sovereighty on the Middle Rocks?"

    Hmmm, not exactly la. I think the wording was something like "the middle rocks go to whomever those waters belong to" so they weren't explicit about it belonging to Malaysia, but the prevailing assumption (on this side of the causeway, anyway) is that it does.

    But yes, it's definitely a silly gesture.

  2. If you read the fine print of the ICJ's decision, it upheld one of the basic principles of international law, indeed analogous to similar principles in common property law.

    One of the proofs of sovereignity or ownership is the exercise of such ownership - occupying it, collecting rent, exercising the right to grant or refuse access, carrying out some kind of visible activity on the property.

    So for those many uninhabited islands which Malaysia considers its territory, but may already be subject to dispute now or in future, it had better start exercising its sovereignity rights

    Anyway, yes , the ICJ formally gave Middle Rocks to Malaysia, so Singapore can never turn around to claim it again.

  3. It wont be a waste of funds if he sang "NegaraKuku" by namewee there .
    Shows how hollow are the umno crooks

  4. int - you were probably referring to the South Lege - this sillyness was conducted at Middle Rocks, already certified by the ICJ as Mlaysia's.

    kk46 - thanks

    khun pana - LOL, damn good comment wakakakakakaka

  5. aiyo......... lets then exercise sovirginity (sic) over all motherlands in this world including Mongolia.....

  6. Then high tide and all drowned.