Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lingam tape - Nazri heels dragging, Lim KS bellowing, Lee Lam Thye awaiting apologies

Today Malaysiakini has Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang questioning the farcical announcement by Nazri Abdul Aziz, the de facto Law Minister, that three senior ministers have been appointed to study the independent panel's report on the Lingam tape.

Coincidentally the three ministers are drawn from the UMNO bloc, they being Nazri himself, Home Affairs Minister Radzi Sheikh Ahmad and Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Dr Rais Yatim.

Nazri claimed they were chosen because of their legal background and experience in law affairs in their ministerial portfolios.

Lim lambasted Nazri and demanded to know the reason for the heels dragging.

Of course Lim was only making a rhetorical question as he knows the answer.

Procedurally and on the basis of transparency, the report should have been released at the same time as it was submitted to the convening authority, namely the cabinet.

Lim asked sarcastically: "Firstly, why wasn't the report made public immediately? Why must the ministers read the report first to find out whether it is good or bad for the government before deciding whether it should be made public?"

"We should follow the best international practices of countries which fully practice accountability, transparency and integrity where such inquiry reports are made public the same time they are submitted to the appointing authorities."

Haiyah Lim sinseh, sini Malaysia mah!

Secondly, Lim asked why should there be another three-man ministerial committee to study the report on the Lingam tape.

Haiyah Lim sinseh, to drag on until post election mah!

Then amazingly ...

It seems, believe it or not, the New Straits Times actually reported that the Independent Panel has agreed a Royal commission of inquiry should be established.

Lim yelled: "Why then is the prime minister and the Cabinet dragging their feet in immediately announcing in principle to establish the commission, unless they have things to hide?"

Haiyah Lim sinseh, it’s obvious mah!

So …

The Independent Panel turned out to be independent afterall, realizing that with its limited powers and narrow terms of reference, it couldn’t do much. It has proposed a Royal Commission be established. Maybe it even believe that the tape is genuine even though the snipping hasn't done the authenticity much good?

Erhemmmmm, now that we have confirmed news of a decent recommendation by the much criticized and much abused Independent Panel, methinks some feral quarters owe their apologies, indeed unreserved unqualified and abject apologies to Lee Lam Thye.

Let’s see some honour on the battlefield, shall we … or am I to assume the worst?

(1) Leave Lee Lam Thye alone
(2) The necessary demonization of Lee Lam Thye
(3) The necessary demonization of Lee Lam Thye (2)

... and you are lucky I didn’t continue to Part 3 ;-) because of a sweetie who persuaded me not to


  1. Not only Lee Lam Thye, but the other two members as well. Thank you gentlemen you did not go against your conscience and the people appreciate your honesty.

  2. My earlier, very low, expectations of the outcome had been a usual Bolehland-style whitewash - "No evidence, case closed, no action taken" - as has happened so many times before.

    Yes, I appreciate the Haider Panel showing honesty and integrity. My apologies to Lee Lam Thye and the other members.

    So the ball is back in Bedol's court. The immediate response is farcical - another panel to study the Panels's report. Hohohohohoho..

    Come on.....Royal Commission - to be or not to be, that is the question.

  3. We dunno what LLT`s report was.