Friday, November 09, 2007

No light at end of UMNO 'Tunnel'

In the wake of UMNO Puteri’s Noraini Ahmad attack on a Chinese Malaysian blogger, Namewee – see Malay 'sacrifice', Chinese 'sacrifice' - Wanita Umno Kubang Kerian chief Zaleha Hussin must have felt she too needed to make some kind of impact.

Well, it’s a competitive world in UMNO as the party’s pyramidal structure gets narrower and narrower as one strives to the top.

Yes, we must understand that she could be worried with young upstart members like Noraini Ahmad. So Zaleha probably wanted to say something profound.

OK, there’s plenty of important pressing material for discussions at such forum, what with the nation still reeling from corruption, crimes and cronyism (all three ‘c’ could well be inter-related), and prices inflating like chapattis heated on pans, and young little girls murdered before they reached 10, Zaleha decided …….. get this …….. to attack the uniform of AirAsia air stewardesses.

Malaysiakini reported that at the UMNO annual assembly
Wanita delegate sees red over AirAsia uniform. The women delegates to the annual general assembly of mighty political juggernaut UMNO discussed in depth, and with strong words, the AirAsia uniform for female cabin crew as ‘embarrassing’ to women.

Malaysiakini photo

She gasped: “Legs, knees and thighs are exposed for all to see. This is an embarrassment to women. Something must be done.”

So she diligently skipped silly issues like corruption, cronyism, crimes, rising prices of goods, little girls being murdered under cruel circumstances, to focus on what she considered as the provocative dresses of stewardess on AirAsia.

She raised the matter during the debate on a motion on social issues and religion. And guess who was the Chairperson of the debate?

None other than tebuan keeper, Badruddin Amiruldin. The exchange between these two midgets went as follows:

The provocative uniform must be changed to something reflective of Eastern values and which complies with the values of Islam.

I think their skirts are too short.

Cloth can be bought.

I think they don’t have enough cloth.

You have to admit the debate was 'profound' ........ in UMNO's mentality.

She [referring to her ‘embarrassed’ friend] said a flight attendant sat in front of her and she could see her legs, thighs and knees. She was so embarrassed!

Did she see the tunnel?

And the UMNO crowd roared with laughter and approval at that salacious remark by the Chairperson of an UMNO forum on social issues and religion.

Hmmm, wasn’t this the same
Badruddin Amiruldin who insulted God?

Anyway, another day, another event, another wannabe, of the UMNO annual general assembly - untuk agama, bangsa dan negara.


  1. the very people who indulge in corruption, cronysim, nepotism, infringe on the rights of the rakyat, jail their opponents and what not.................. the same breath they can talk about islam and how one ought to safe guard islam in this muslim nation............ now this what makes islam look bad in the eyes of the non muslims............

  2. There is a THICK line between humor and bad taste. UMNO just show how low a human being can be.

  3. I can understand the bad joke for this Bad guy..sees that guy is a bloody sexist b*astard..

    But the UMNO crowd roared with laughter...and this really show the quality of UMNOputras..but then again what did the Wanita do? Sit quiet and take in all the sexist remark from the Permanent Chairman?.

  4. Air Asis did use their cabin staff as sex object to sell their seats... well... sex sells... it's really an insult to women. so where are those so called women's right group to complain about these exploitation of women for commercial benefits...?

    even in the Donald Trump's "the apprentice" shows that sex sells but was warned by Trump not to continue the sex line to sell..

  5. I tell you what's really an embarrassment to women... Puteri UMNO and their airheads trying to outdo each other with stupid statements.

    Isn't MAS's uniform quite sexy as well? Sure, they're wearing the kebaya, but its still figure hugging and leaves little to the imagination...

  6. Dear anak perelih,
    Let me guess. Either you NEVER take a flight or there is something wrong with your eye. A flight crew will NOT stay on the passenger eye vicinity for more than 1 minutes unless necessary.

    If spotting a normal business coat flight attendance in less than 1 minutes can arouse you, you should find a mental doctor.

    If otherwise, you should try learn to book air asia ticket and see for your self, OR change your wife/girlfriend tailor. Baju Kurong is NOT Burka.

  7. The rest of the world sees more skin and curves at events like the Olympics, resorts like Bali, Phuket, Bondi Beach, etc and even in Bollywood’s productions but it does not affect them (the rest of the world) mentally or physically.

    This level of sexism, racism and bigotry is a DNA thing. This DNA is the only one in the universe that is magically bestowed upon you when you pay the small membership fee to join such an exclusive club. In addition, a member gets to enjoy other fringe benefits such as corruption, cronyism, pettiness and nepotism.
    However, as there should be a balance in nature, membership causes you to lose some of characteristics of other normal human beings. Your sense of fair play, your humanity and your conscience go right out of the window together with a massive reduction in your IQ. While you suddenly become partially blind (close one eye syndrome), you also become elegantly silent.

  8. Ah yah, Zaleha, admit lah you are old, jealous to see the young ones with their slim thighs Eh!.

    Ask yourself how many tudung clad Malay women and girls got raped/sodomised even though they were covered from head to toe ?