Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lingam tape - PKR's demand snubs opposition leader Lim KS

Referring to the Independent Panel’s recommendation to the government to convene a Royal Commission to investigate the Lingam tape affair, Malaysiakini headlined its article 'Consult Anwar, Bar Council on royal commission'.

It quoted PKR demanding that, in the event the government set up a royal commission of inquiry into the ‘Lingam tape’ scandal, its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim should be consulted ahead of its formation.


If anyone is to be consulted, doesn’t protocol suggest that DAP Lim Kit Siang as the Parliamentary Opposition Leader should be the one consulted by the government?

Why has PKR so rudely ignored proper protocol and snubbed its ally, Lim Kit Siang in the process?


  1. Because it was him who drop the bombshell on the scandal and not LKS. What is it got to do with LKS?

  2. LKS is the Parliamentary Opposition Leader, that's who he is - the counterpart of the PM! When the cabinet calls for a Royal Commission, and requires to consult anyone, it should be the Opposition leader, not a parliamentary nobody even if it's the person who brought the tape forward. That's the correct protocol.

  3. KT you are making a mountain out of a pea! LKS is capable of making his own demands to be heard or does he need the DAP to do it for him.
    Are you expecting DAP to demand for DSAI to be consulted.
    Anyway lets be patient and see whether a RCI will actually be called. AAB or his SIL is still calculating whether a RCI will bring him collateral damage or at least less than it will bring TDM. Hence the present delaying tactics.
    Already about 2 months have slipped by and the last CJ is now a former CJ.

  4. KT, that's politics. For struggling parties, tactics is above anything.

    Anyway, Uncle Lim Kit Siang has make the demands since the release of the tape(actually Uncle KS always demand Royal commission for every major corruption case). So what PKR did is repeat the tones.

  5. KT,

    Sama ada Anwar,Kit Siang or Hadi who cares,janji a Royal Commission to investigate the Lingam tape affair is convene.

    What,U mau itu Nazri buat keputusan?


  6. ali, your arguments bringing in Nazri are way off - cheers too

  7. The illogical request highlight a fraction of an underlying delusion of grandiosity.

    The composite of the royal commission is a measure of it's integrity, independence and dependability. Hence, it is heedless and stupid to recommend anyone with a potentially or proven bias perspective, be it Anwar Ibrahim, other opposition leaders, anyone holding office at the time of the said incidence or anyone whom we know would something to gain or loose out out of this potential scandal.

  8. Kay Tea,
    I think Uncle Kit is big enough to feel snubbed.
    A veteran is just above those little niceties in the realm of politics.

  9. if the argument to consult DSAI is because he bring the tape forward; if an ordinary man put forward a tape like that will he be consulted? no, of course.