Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hindraf stabbed in back!

Extract of news by Malaysiakini on the Hindraf rally:

It is believed that the police - a Muslim-Malay majority outfit - had intentionally restrained themselves to avoid turning the event into a racial clash.

Unlike previous demonstrations, media personnel also expressed appreciation over the police’s directive specifically for the media to get out of harm’s way when they take action.

I say kudos to the police struckout because the police had lied - many Hindraf supporters were physically abused.

... but I say shame to some so-called activists who refused to support Hindraf’s rally.

Like well-known blogger, Susan Loone, I am disappointed that some people who supported and called on others to support Bersih have refuse to support Hindraf’s march and even insinuated the Hindraf campaign is chauvinistic, communal and racist. Sheeeesh!

Who or rather what is a racist?

The dictionary informs us a racist is ‘a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others’, like a Nazi, white supremacist South Afrikaan, some extreme Israeli terrorist group like the Kahane LaKnesset to which the Israeli mass murderer Baruch Goldstein belonged, etc.

In Malaysia we too have our own racist organizations, promoting the ideology of racial superiority or dominance.

From ‘racist’, we have ‘racism’ meaning:

(1) a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

(2) a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

(3) hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Which of Hindraf’s grievances would fall under any of the above 3 definitions?

I am disturbed that these very people by refusing to support Hindraf, because of the pathetic excuse that Hindraf's campaign focused on Indian Malaysians, have effectively marginalised and isolated Hindraf, and by default made Hindraf into a single-ethnic campaign, when the problem that Indian Malaysians face is equally applicable to many and should be supported by all.

The argument that Hindraf has not embraced the poor and marginalised of all races in its campaign does not hold water – incidentally, which significant ethnic group in Peninsula Malaysia has been the most marginalised and poverty-stricken?

Fighting for the progress of one’s deprived, marginalised and even persecuted ethnic group is a noble and worthy strive, whether the ethnic group is Palestinians, Kachins, Montagnards, Indian Malaysians, etc.

I quote Susan Loone in her erudite post Only hypocrites will ask Hindraf not to rally, where she said (extracts):

In our over-enthusiam to reject anyone or anything ‘racist’, are we becoming like the cops who target merely Indians at roadblocks in order to quash the Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force) rally tomorrow? Read Malaysiakini.

A rally is a rally. Anyone can do it. And if we support the three freedoms - freedom of expression, assembly and association - we must allow the rally - whether it is called by UMNO, Bersih or Hindraf.

However, we can have our reservations whether we want to support the rally’s issue or not.

Other than those good for nothing politicians and corrupt police force, it’s strange that I find “learned” individuals asking Hindraf to cancel their rally. Like….who do you think you are? To me, this is being very self-centred, myopic and totally against the spirit of Bangsa Malaysia that those same people are crowing about.

Aren’t Malaysian Indians Bangsa Malaysia as well? Don’t their problems affect all of us? From marginalisation, oppression and demolishment of temples and eviction, we are as much affected as our Indian brothers and sisters. Because, it we don’t help them stop this rot and cruelty, tomorrow it will be our houses, our villages, our temples and churches.

I agree that asking Hindraf to call off the rally is hypocrisy at the highest level. Accusing Hindraf of being racist in its content is riding yourself on a moral high ground of your own delusions.

I will support Hindraf’s call for social and economic equality based on the fact that Malaysian Indians are ethnic minorities in this country. Being minorities they are deprived of every possible opportunity, from politics to social to economics.

It’s wrong to ask Malaysian Indians not to rally for their own plight, just as it is wrong to ask the Orang Asli or the Indigenous peoples in Sabah and Sarawak not to fight for their own lands.

The right thing to do for all Malaysians is to join the rally organised by Hindraf and make it a Malaysian affair. That was what happened to other causes as well, for example, the fight to preserve mother-tongue language by the Chinese educationists. For the longest time, they were called racists as well and accused of sedition and threat to national security and what not.

And that is how we must view the Hindraf rally. It is a stand and a fight against oppression and dictatorship by the government. It is an issue that transcends race, religion, social status and whatever mental, physical or emotional barriers that limits the human spirit.

Thank you Susan.

I think next time there is a Bersih-like rally, we may need to examine it closely in the same (disappointing) manner that ‘some people’ have examined Hindraf campaign to find fault with it.

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  1. Nice roundup on what happened:

  2. 20 years old boy dead in Lebuh Ampang

  3. I saw some very determined Malaysians out there this morning.

    Translate them into votes and we might just see the last of Samy.

    Was the use of water cannons and tear gas warranted?

    It was unnecessary and most excessive, in my view.

    Looking forward to saying ‘Sorry, I was wrong’ tomorrow.
    Posted by Haris Ibrahim

  4. The Hindraf Campaign: A Critique – Dr. Kumar

    Thousands of Malaysian Indians from all over the country are responding to Hindraf’s campaign. SMS messages are being amplified and sent out by the hundreds, petition forms are being signed, funds have been collected, and there is a massive mobilization to present a memorandum to the British High Commission on Sunday 25th November 2007. All this highlights the extent to which Malaysian Indians have been neglected and marginalized by the policies of the Barisan Nasional government. It shows the level of frustration and resentment within the community.

    Many friends and contacts have been asking what is the Parti Sosialis Malaysia’s stand on the Hindraf Campaign? Why is the PSM not organizing buses to support the program on the 25/11/07? The main points of the PSM stand are outlined below –

    It is undeniable that Indians in Malaysia face racial discrimination.
    - difficulty in getting government jobs;
    - lack of special programs for Indian students from poor backgrounds;
    - the poor state of many Tamil Primary Schools;
    - absence of laws to protect the estate community when they are evicted in the name of development; Ditto for the peneroka bandar;
    - insensitive handling of Hindu Temples which are demolished to make way for “development”;
    - extremely insensitive handling of cases of Indian individuals caught in “inter-faith” situations for example Moorthy, Subashini, and others;
    - the negative profiling of Indian youth by the police and other authorities as “gangsters” and the harsh treatment of these youth when caught by police;

    These are just some aspects of the reality of Indians in Malaysia. Indians are made to feel that they are second-class citizens, and after 50 years of Merdeka they are beginning to resent it more and more!

    Ethnic based mobilization is relatively easy to do. Malaysian society has been tutored in racial politics by the BN parties (as well as by some opposition parties also) for the past 5 decades. The vast majority of Malaysians think in ethnic terms. However ethnic based mobilization of Indians will not be able to overcome the racial discrimination that Indians face. At this point Hindraf is asking for

    - Cessation of the Bumiputra policy
    - Institution of affirmative policies for Malaysian Indians
    - Monetary compensation from the British Government for “leaving us in this mess”!

    These are emotive issues, and it is obvious that many Malaysian Indians have responded to them. But is even remotely possible that they can be attained by ethnic based mobilization of the Indians who make up only 7% of the population?

    We should not forget that apart from racial discrimination, the majority of Indians face economic discrimination because they are workers in a system that favours the businessmen and the capitalists. About 70% of Malaysian Indians are workers. The problem they face as workers include

    - low wages. In many factories the basic pay in RM 18 per day, which works out to RM 468 per month.
    - There is no job security. Outsourcing, the widespread use of contract workers, and the easy availability of migrant workers all weaken the bargaining position of Malaysian labour.
    - Labour laws are being tightened and being made more pro management;
    - Low cost adequate housing is difficult to find.
    - Prices of goods is rising faster than wages! Petrol, toll and now flour.
    - Basic services – health care, education, roads, water - which used to be heavily subsidized are now becoming increasingly expensive;

    The problems listed above are also experienced by workers of all races in Malaysia – even the Malays, who are the beneficiaries of the Bumiputra policies. Only about 20% of Malay workers have jobs in government. The remainder have to work in the private sector where they too experience economic discrimination as workers in a capitalist economy. Malays workers are not exempted from the problems of low wages, job insecurity, rising costs of basic services, etc.

    It appears that that some sections of working class Malays are beginning to question the Bumiputra policy which has benefited the UMNO-putra and their cronies far far more than the average Malay worker. Consider the following -

    - the Mat Rempit phenomena. Isn’t this, in part, an expression of the frustration and resentment of ordinary Malay youth who are having difficulties finding and holding jobs because of the low-wage and migrant labour policies of the BN government;
    - more than 50% of the 40,000 Bersih demonstration on 10/11/07 was made of Malay youth who were not from PAS or KeAdilan. They turned up because they are fed-up with the government which is only helping a small sector of Malay elite.
    - Anwar Ibrahim has been openly calling for the ending of the Bumiputra Policy which he claims only helps the rich UMNO politicians. He wants a new policy – the Agenda Baru - that is based on economic need and not on race. All poor Malaysians should get government help.
    - PAS spearheaded the Protes Coalition which opposed the hikes in Petrol and Diesel prices. They are also active in the Coalitions against Health and Water privatization.

    Anwar is an astute politican, and PAS does have close contact with the Malay community. Their articulation of such issues must mean that in their assessment, ordinary Malays are resentful of government policies that favour the rich.

    The political choice facing Malaysian Indians is simple. Do we mobilize ourselves as Indians to fight the Bumiputra policy and ask for affirmative action for Indians?
    Work towards a working class coalition that fights for a better deal for all ordinary Malaysians irrespective of race?

    In other words, do we use ethnic based mobilization or class based mobilisation to fight the present state of ethnic discrimination of Indians?

    Obviously 1000’s of Indians have jumped into the Hindraf bandwagon of ethnic mobilization. But the support of large numbers does not necessarily mean that that campaign is in the long term interest of the Indians in Malaysia. Nor does it mean that it is likely to succeed!

    The PSM salutes all those who have thrown off their apathy to stand up for their rights despite the threats being made by the BN government in the media.

    However, action for action’s sake is never enough. Action must be guided by the correct analysis, and this is where we differ with Hindraf. Though Hindraf leaders have made sacrifices, and have shown courage, we believe that they are inadvertently playing into the hands of the “enemy”. Why?

    Who are the major beneficiaries of the Bumiputra policy? Surely people like Najib, Hishamuddin, Khairi and other top UMNO leaders must be very uncomfortable with growing perception among the ordinary Malays that the Bumiputra Policy has been abused to make a small group of Malays filthy rich – all in the name of uplifting all Malays. These UMNO leaders are also worried about the coming elections for the people are frustrated with price hikes and corruption. Ethnic mobilization on the part of Hindraf would provide them with the perfect opportunity to

    - resurrect the “Ketuanan Melayu” issue. They could use Hindraf’s demands to abolish the NEP as an example of how “lebih” the Indians have become, and of the importance to band together under UMNO for race and country!!
    - Use some of the gangster groups associated with UMNO to provoke a racial incident that will come very useful for BN in the election campaign period. The old BN argument that we have to vote BN to avoid another May 13!

    This does not mean that the PSM is advocating not fighting back when Indians are evicted or when houses and temples are torn down. Not at all. The PSM track record on this is clear – we have gone to stand with the people facing eviction and bullying by developers or the government in many estates and Peneroka Bandar kampungs. But we never have generalized this into an ethnic issue for all the reasons listed above.
    This local fight-backs must continue whenever any community is faced with bullying by developers or government. But national level mobilization should be of all ordinary Malaysians (from all races) and not of Indians only!

    We hope these brief explanations make sense to you. Do not retire from the struggle! Just reorient it to make it multi-racial and fight for the justice of all the ordinary people of Malaysia!
    Salam Berjuangan!!

  5. examining your arguments closely , it is clear you are single mindedly comparing some rakyat's ( cetain Malaysians )support to Hindraf vis a vis the Bersih rally. Bersih is a rally bringing notice to abuses in the current Malaysian electoral system and by default the corrupt state of the present government.

    Hindrar is a racial gathering claiming compensation for unfair treatment by the British and by default the discriminatory policies of the government against Indians thus far.

    They are different in substance tho not in style. Both are mega rallies and both have been banned.

    Hindraf is racial and rstricted to the plight of the Indians while Bersih is non racial and Malaysian.

    Got the picture ? so its perfectly normal for some non-Indians not to support it. No spliting hairs here with your elaborate erroneously thesis.

    smart bystander , KL

  6. instead of providing your readers with lengthy inconsequential wishy washy hypothesis you should emulate our dear old friend here with his objective observations & superbly relevent pixs so that your readers don't get carried away by your decidedly lost opinated opinions & yr post gets washed away like another malaysikini wannabe

    truth is truth

  7. It's so easy isn't it to call on everyone else to support and march and risk limb and life while you cozily sit behind your pc/or are abroad pontificating?

    After all that show, the leaders of this rally now say they will present the petition in London in Jan with a delegation of ten ppl. How come they did not plan like this from the start? Could have spared the poor innocents being tear-gassed and watercannon-ed?
    Doubting Thomas

  8. heard rumours of several deaths .
    anyone care to verify this?

  9. anon of 8:55 am - ;-) you don't even know the meaning of 'racial' - look at/read my post - saying Hindraf is racial is like saying Palestinian struggle is racial

    the problem is those leaders who supported Bersih (or in fact hijacked it) saw no political mileage in supporting Hindraf, because then they would only play a supporting role. It's dirty rotten treacherous politics - the story of "numero uno", the olde "what's in it for ME"

    plain disappointing, sorry to rebut your blind defence of those who have been hypocrites

  10. anon of 12:34 pm - support didn't mean you had to march - different considerations altogether. But while not supporting was disappointing enough, telling others not to support Hindraf had been terrible, like deliberate sabotaging - why didn't they at least remain silent and let others make up their minds - why discourage others from supporting Hindraf - it's being anti Hindraf, like the government - that's why I consider their motives disturbing

  11. I must say that my initial response was "What? Another racial thing, and Indian?!!"

    However, after thinking it through, I must say, the Hindraf Rally is OK. It has a valid point to make, and I support it in principle. That principle certainly applies to all non Malays in Malaysia. And that is about equal treatment. So it is a fight for all non Malays that Hindraf is making public globally.

    I am apt to say the original NEP or concerns of the Malays as enshrined in the Consitution has been perverted, twisted, and abused by scalliwags in the UMNO wagon and without. Its about time this is stopped. And stopped good. It has been more than 50 years. More than enough time for "eradication of identification of race with economy (and politics or military)". Instead the NEP has now gone into 4th gear into total domination and identification of economy with Malays only. This MUST stop! No wonder that propspective foreigner investor stated "Invest anywhere in SE Asia but Malaysia"!

    Obviously, the values systems perpetrated by Mahathirism is so widespread now that daylight robbery and corruption is perfectly ok and normal every day values. HECK!

    So go rally for equal rights and equal treatment, Hindraf. You have my support. In fact, all of us should also go RALLY for equal rights and freedom for ALL as the next step perhaps The EC is a crock!

    Will AAB & Co. try and reinvent UMNO to save UMNO from being ditched by the people? I think he should for the sake of the country and the people. Remove all vestiges of Mahathirism and Mahathirists from UMNO. End the NEP and let's get back to being a normal country where every Malaysian is equal.


  12. Which direction is Malaysia heading: Is it rushing headlong straight towards the cesspool? Two things below is reason to pause for thought.

    1. MAS under Idris Jala has finally become profitable. Today's The Star's biz section reports that "MAS 3Q profits soared to a record".

    Previously, before Jala came on the scene, MAS routinely suffered losses in the tens or hundreds of millions. This highlights how vital a role competent leadership brings to an organization.

    2. At one time Malaysia's ringgit is at par value with the Singapore dollar, ie, one ringgit equals one Sing dollar. Now the Singapore dollar has surged to more than double the value of the ringgit.

    Singapore is now a de facto developed nation while Malaysia is still dreaming about reaching that stage in a decade's time. Question: Will it remain just a dream, forever unachievable?

    Singapore is moving ahead by leaps and bounds. Malaysia, meanwhile, is strenuously running on the spot, or maybe running backwards.

    The situation in education is laughable -- public universities are slipping down the ratings internationally. The powers-that-be wanted to help improve the standard of English use in young people by having Maths and Science taught in that language. But before long the authorities are thinking of making an 180 degree turn around and abandoning that move. This kind of vacillating decision-making only serves to make the public utterly confused. And one wonders. If the government really is sincere about helping the populace improve their standard of English, why are the two English news broadcasts on TV scheduled to midnight? How many people would stay up that late to watch the news?

    Given the caliber of administrative leadership and the manner the country is being managed, one can only be lead to conclude that for Malaysia the future is bleak.

  13. u know what, you talk too much. you sound like one of them BN-MP always running away from the questions people are asking like, why DIDNT you walk? if you didnt walk, let us know why instead of slamming others for saying it was racist blah blah blah.

    a lot of bloggers will tell you why they walked a walk or not, with pics to proof, you are just an empty vessel, telling what malaysiakini says or what susan loone says. where were you man?

    i consider zorro-unmasked,, screenshots, ronnie liu, muststopthis, what a lulu, rocky's bru, eli wong, susan loone much more better blogs than yours.

    you are just an empty vessel blowing hot air. tell me, as a blogger what have you considered seemingly as your blog says?

    i tell you what you have considered, two things come to mind.

    Jack and Shit!

  14. ;-) but you love to come here don't you hahahhahaaaa - miss me? ;-)

  15. If we look back from the time we seek for independence for this country, The British will not give independence unless the Malays were willing to share power with the other minority including INDIANs.

    That’s how the social contract was established. Among the condition precedent to independence imposed by the British was the government have to give choices to all minority INDIANs the Malaysian Nationality (which we didn’t agree at all). And the Indians were given the choice of wanted to or not wanting to become a malaysian citizen. Your FOREFATHER agreed to become one…Shit

    We at that time believed that all INDIANs to be sent back to INDIA where you all belong and will be loved. But after numerous occasion of meeting which was held in England, Tunku give in. FUCK THE BRITISH AND TUNKU (for not being firm).

    After 50 years of independency, You INDIANs still has no respect at all towards the Malay who has sacrificed so much in order to please the INDIANs.

    If you all feels that you were left behind, not being treated fairly, and whatever you all think (we don’t care), with open heart, please go back to your native country (INDIA) where you all belong. We don’t force you to live in our country. Don’t create chaos here.


    • Please change website address This is a racial website with the aim of creating hatred among INDIAN to the Government especially the Malays, NOT THE POLICE.
    • Please make a note to website that this website only for INDIANS since there was so many statements you refer as "MALAY MUSLIM POLICE" being so unfair when carry out their duty whereby the police force consist of three major ethnic group which is Malay, Chinese and INDIAN. At least you INDINs were not shot by the police when making gathering compared to gathering happened in Terengganu recently.
    • You are a pervert undermined low class ethnic group who does not know how to appreciate.
    • Ananda Krishnan is among top two richest men in Malaysia with the assets estimated billions. He is an INDIAN. No Malays in the top FIVE. And you were saying that we discriminate the INDIANS? FUCK YOU.
    • Why not try ask the government a certain sum of money for each and every INDIAN in this country. Use that money to return to your beloved country, INDIA rather than making gobbledygook claim to the BRITISH. Don’t forget to ask for pocket money…
    • Why not Ask the BIG BRO of HINDRAF to pledge to MINISTER of TAMIL NADU to accept you all back……

  16. obviously hindraf is a rascist movement.

    so why blame other parties for being rascist?

    Hindraf members failed to identify what's the objective. Is it for Hindu devotee or is it for indian.

    If you said indian ethnic being marginalised you're saying none of the doctors, lawyers, newspaper distributor, freight forwarder are indian.

    So Hindraf is total bullshit.

    Change your mentality first Hindraf members!

  17. well said "i am no bloger".


  18. I believe that the INDIAN should address their dissatisfaction through a proper channel. They have the MIC and now a new political party lead by the ex vice president of Keadilan.

    If HINDRAF talking about dissatisfaction, the BUMI's also have and so are the chinese. Lets not get too emotional when making accusation such as "ethnic cleansing". Thats BULLSHIT.

    My neighbour is an INDIAN. If there is "ethnic cleansing" as accused by HINDRAF here, he would'nt be alive now. The accusation was baseless.

    I believe that HINDRAF should'nt have mention "malay muslim lead government" when addressing their dissatisfaction. thats sound racist and makes u a racist movement. Hindraf should have use "the Government" instead.

    Not all malays support UMNO and not all chinese support MCA and so are the INDIAN. express ur dissatisfaction through ballots. Use ur right as MALAYSIAN.

    Lets hope that this episod ends the soonest and we can live in PEACE and HARMONY as MALAYSIAN.

  19. Kaytee,

    In Lucia's reply to you on the Herald/Allah post, she wrote: "i understand if people like fatima idris (malaysiakini writer) and recently arbibi ashoy (malaysiakini writer too) have that kind of shallow thinking."

    [btw Lucia, they're NOT mKini "writers" lah who-have-shallow-thinking, heaven forbid. They merely wrote Letters to the Editor.]

    But kTemoc, you might want to do some mind-searching -- since you claim to be atheist I dunno if you believe in souls to search -- & reflect on why your friend Lucia alludes to you alongside (horror of horrors) your other friend Arbibi & shallow Fatima (of whose assessment I fully agree with Lucia & more).

    Your attack on "some people" -- why bother refraining from naming him, I wonder? -- is insupportable.

    You made this post on Nov 25. It's now one-and-1/2 months on. Have you tempered your views since then?

    If not, I may have to take issue, like Lucia does, in another forum.


  20. HINDRAF losers. You're all a sad bunch just cause you;ve got no money. You poor bastards. Its a pity to see all of you begging the government for money on the streets and the best part of all, you people are so bloody proud of this whole thing. Funny how the chinese dont beg at all. fuck you indian losers. suck your own balls and maybe someday you;d get a decent job that pays well.

  21. HINDRAF IS BULLSHT FOREVER..make malaysian "kelam kabut"...please stop indian gangsterism.this isn't a movie