Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is Anwar Ibrahim backtracking on his policy on NEP?

Yesterday I was flabbergasted by Anwar Ibrahim questioning Hindraf’s campaign against the inequality and iniquity of Article 153 of the Malaysian Constitution.

I asked myself what the hell had he been driving at when he called for Hindraf not to attribute its grievances to Article 153 of the Constitution, but instead to chase after UMNO, as was reported by Malaysiakini in its news article Go after Umno-led BN gov't: Anwar to Hindraf.

And I queried his urging to Hindraf “to consider a more balanced and responsible approach to address its grievances”?

Puzzled and annoyed by what I saw as his apparent protection of the ethnocentric marginalizing apartheid-ish Article 153, I question his sincerity in his recent (PKR) policy on the NEP.

Early this morning I raised the issue in my post Anwar Ibrahim, Article 153 & Hindraf.

Only fellow blogger xypre of
Reduced and Recycled blog, said of the concerns and queries I posted:

“In this I agree. When I read what DSAI said in Malaysiakini, I had the sudden urge to tell him off. What more balanced and rational means? Through the castrated political process? Through an ambiguous opposition coalition? Through the intervention of MIC?"

"Just what balanced and reasonable way of doing things?"

"Indians are, if DSAI doesn't get it, damn angry. But for the consequences of any violence tomorrow on BERSIH's rally* - or any future rally, for that matter - I would be fully behind Hindraf's cry for something to be done."

* what he had probably meant was Hindraf's (not Bersih's) rally planned for tomorrow

Good on you xypre for speaking out on Anwar Ibrahim's inconsistency. But I am terribly disappointed that many, who have been quick to condemn UMNO for the NEP, have act dunno and kept silent over the questionable statement by Anwar Ibrahim to Hindraf.

I repeat, I question Anwar Ibrahim’s sincerity in his policy on the NEP.


  1. NEP is infavour of the Malay race in this country and AI is also one of the beneficiary. So don't expect him to be on the other side of the fence on this issue.

  2. What do you expect? He is Anwar Ibrahim!

  3. An War I Brae` Him.

  4. why don't we fight for malaysia for malaysian ... no bumi, no malay, no india, no cina,etc

    all malaysian will get equal benefit ... No SMJK - no that no that ...

    NO political party that based on race ... No movement or organisation that based on race

    all bahasa being learn in one school

    i'm malay - i also want to know about tamil and mandarin.