Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why change Constitution for one civil servant?

Malaysiakini tells us in its news article More rallies in Kuala Lumpur next month that despite the government’s increasing and unjustified brutal reactions to protest rallies, there will be three more such marches in Kuala Lumpur next month.

Kaytee reckon the most important one is the planned Dec 11 demonstration in front of Parliament to coincide with the second reading of the Constitutional Amendment Bill.

Tian Chua representing Bersih (instead of PKR) said he believed that the government was fast-tracking the amendments in order to keep Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman as EC chairperson.

This is because Abdul Rashid turns 66 on Dec 31 and should by right retire. But by proposing the constitutional amendments to raise the age limit for the Election Commission members, the government gets to keep dear Abdul Rashid as the ‘independent’ Election Commissioner to serve at least another one year.

An election won is good to the winner for five years which will then provide plenty of time to ‘train’ another dear ‘independent’ Election Commissioner.

Tian said: “In order to extend Abdul Rashid’s term for another year without constitutional amendments, the prime minister needs the King’s approval. We think the government is worried that the King would not approve.”

Then in just one simple query, Tian exposed the iniquity of the AAB government:

“Why change the Federal Constitution just to save one civil servant?”

Indeed! The Constitution is a document of sacrosanct status - Keluhuran Perlembagaan (Supremacy of the Constitution) - and not some inconsequential piece of paper to muck around with.

But I guess the only stuff sacred to the UMNO government is its intention to win and rule the country, at any cost.


  1. More rallies in Kuala Lumpur next month -> yes, more free sri paandi food .... yummy

  2. Woot, they can't find a replacement to play the gerrymandering games.

    It is rather strange that badak-wi can't find a replacement. I can only speculate that the Son-in-law afraid that the new EC head will be somebody from opposite-C4 faction. ;)

  3. the king is just ceremonial and to sign anything that is dumped on the table? nazri thought so and declared to the whole world the same message.
    if this is the case, they dont have to muck around with the consitution. after the fairoz debacle, nazri must be saying "better be safe than be sorry".
    by the way, I rather place my entire trust in the King than any politicia. kt, you would probably disagree with me and I respet that.
    loud mouth, you had it, isnt it?

  4. To UMNO the constitution is written on toilet paper to wipe their ass with. To have to amend the constitution with their two thirds majority so easily just so one civil servant can seel his soul to the devil once more is sick to the core. How Halal is this? Badawi has claimed this is an Islamic Country and that he has founded the new religion of Islam Hadhari. Maybe the stealth that is intended by this act is permissible according to Islam Hadhari! Badawi, since only you seem to know what Islam Hadhari is all about, can you help me understand this?

  5. old fart, right, no wonder they don't want to wave the constitution at the assembly but to wave the keris instead. too smelly and telling on them. lol.

    yeah why change the constitution to save one man when they are so stubborn not to want to change it to save thousands of others??? because that one man can be controlled by them lah....

    mental jog