Wednesday, November 14, 2007

PAS soars like eagle - AAB & his turkeys

In the last few days, when you read about the phenomenon of the ‘yellow wave’ in Malaysiakini, and the success of the protest but peaceful rally, there is a new debate in town.

One person argued, “So what if it was 40,000 instead of the 4,000 that mainstream media had agreed upon. But the 40,000 were just the vocal minority, hardly representative of the silent majority.”

Another riposted: “How can you sure the silent majority weren’t in sympathy with them? Not everyone could come to KL; not everyone had that activist inclination. But many were delighted they had braver and more active like-minded believers.”

In the end, it’s the ballot box that decides who’s for whom. But the ballot box is perceived as a dodgy item, lacking the integrity so vital to a democratic institution, and which was precisely why the Bersih rally evolved in the first place.

What had been apparent in the rally was that an opposition party, PAS, had not only provided the majority of the participants but prepared well for it to ensure that it was peaceful, orderly and well controlled by its Brigade Amal. Please compare them with the UMNO Putera’s sponsorship of Mat Rempits and the latter’s shambolic gambol at a Lumut (Perak) mosque ;-) - for more read Mat Cemerlang = Mat Cemar = Mabok Cemerlang.

PAS even has in place a post rally cleanup ops, obviously to further showcase its discipline and good citizenship. The political subtext in that was 'we construct, not destroy'.

The expected agent provocateurs were kept out or effectively neutralised by Amal's watchful eyes. The potential for excessive and undesired exuberance a la 1989 was kept on a tight leash.

The Bersih organizers' diversionary tactics were brilliant. The objectives were achieved, a show of people’s power (albeit still of debatable status) in the face of questionable police hampering and the symbolic handing over of a ‘people’s’ petition to the King to signal discontent and distrust with the current regime.

Not taking anything away from the equally passionate non-PAS participant such as the DAP, PKR and other smaller political parties, and yes of course those 60 odd NGOs, it was an impressive show of planning, discipline and firm execution by PAS.

PAS together with DAP, and yes of course those 60 odd NGOs, graciously gave way to Anwar Ibrahim, who only arrived at the climax of the rally, to deliver the petition cum memorandum to the King’s representative, and to represent Bersih in the international press conference al fresco.

By contrast, post rally, the government is in complete disarray while lacking the wits to respond.

So, we have the usual low level minded ministers making shrill and abusive accusations against the opposition and foreign press, and an IGP threatening to charge those who took their children with them to the rally while Malaysia has been reeling from a frightening number of child murders still unsolved.

Those miserable idiots failed abjectly to do the wisest thing under such circumstances – keep their stupid mouths shut.

AAB has also failed miserably to seize a golden opportunity to ‘launch an investigation’ into the police excessive use of force on a group of Bersih protestors at Masjid Jamek. How he would have come up smelling like roses if he had shown 'concern' for citizens who were outrageously hurt by the police use of tear gas and chemically laced water sprays on them.

Alas, it’s his loss of a chance to recoup the initiative which lies now with the opposition – but then, don't you think that's inevitable when he has such category of ministers and advisors.

You just have to commiserate with his political setbacks. But then, how can he soar like an eagle when he has only turkeys for company.


  1. KT, good writing on the non-partisan rally.

    Here is mine few days ago.
    The Yellow Wave: How Come Opposition-Led?

  2. yes there are 40,000 ppl in the rally, but speaking of the number, how many of them are opp party members. how many are affiliated with pas, dap and keadilan. we heard pas said to gather 100,000, so majority of them i presume is PAS.

    heck, the same for bn who can easily muster 3 million ppl for whatever cause since 3 mil ppl must follow what their party say.

  3. for the newcomers to these activities and still have doubts.. u should try to separate BN in your life,try not to believe the BN propaganda n instead believe that youre a Malaysian that have equal rights, believe that you too can have your hak keistimewaan especially if youre from the low income.Im a Malay Muslim and I do believe that whether youre Chinese,Indian and other races, you too should enjoy the wealth and benefit of our country equally.Pas,Dap n other oppostion parties,NGO have had their fair share of this struggle.learn from their history then u will know how much they n others have suffered all this while.

  4. Yes, KTemoc, Pas has proven itself to be capable of very good and efficient organisation. I truly was impressed that they cleaned up afterwards.

    About the golden opportunity that AAB missed, well how could he after having said "saya pantang dicabar'? And sil urging arrest.

  5. I was there too. But I am not PAS, DAP, Keadilan or any of the NGOs. I was with a friend and he was neither all of these as well. The few others who were known to me who I met were also none of these.

    But I must say that I was awed by the efforts and the organisation of the PAS boys. They came prepared and I believe no agent provocateurs would have had the opportunity to effect any evil they might have attended. What I felt was more insightful of the PAS Brigade Amal was that they did not advertise themselves to have been from PAS, which they could very well have.

    My only reservations is that the politicians should have taken a back seat and allowed the civilian members of BERSIH, if any, be the ones to have handed the petition in. This way it would have been a wholly Rakyat affair.

    I guess I went because it was not a political affair. I would not have bothered if it had been a PAS, KEadilan or a DAP affair. The sanctity of the Yellow Wave being a Rakyat movement has to be preserved.