Friday, November 09, 2007

SIL: It's the towkay and those Indians!

There are more ways to rubbish the 'Nons' than just shout at them, or even threaten them with keris or tebuans or ‘wash our pointy thingy with Chinese blood’.

The following quotes have been extracted from Malaysiakini.

Umno Youth has urged the government to revamp how it subsidises various areas of the economy in order to ensure that only the needy and deserving receive such privileges.

“Imagine: A pakcik on a motorbike pays RM1.92 for a litre of petrol. A towkay in a Mercedes-Benz pays the same price. Why? Why must we subsidise those who are already rich?”

Note ‘pakchik on motorbike’ versus ‘towkay in a Mercedes’!

It's that damn towkay and not Datuk Seri this or that, including one who lives in a palace in Port Klang, or young turks who were given multi million ringgit loans without collateral.

Then the Indians were not spared as well, as in the following:

On Malay entrepreneurs, Khairy said the Malays lack control of the supply chain and this explains their poor standing in various industries.

“Today is the first time the Umno president's speech is not being read by the masses because a particular ethnic group controls the distribution line of newspapers and they are on holiday,” he said.

Because ‘a particular group controls ...’ Hmmm, which 'particular group' controls virtually every bloody thing, the police, army, civil services, universities, ministries, ... you name it ... !

Khairy was referring to 'no publication' day of almost all the major newspapers in Peninsular Malaysia as it was the Deepavali holiday.

Umno president Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had yesterday delivered his annual presidential address yesterday but it was only carried in Utusan Malaysia, Kosmo and Oriental Daily today.

What about The Star and NST? Yes, what about the NST?

He was using this as an example of how the Malays are often at the bottom of the supply chain.

"If you look at the distribution network, all is control by a certain race. We have always allow this distribution network to be controlled by one race. Only today, we know the implication. This is because we did not control the distribution network."

While he did not name the ethnic group which control the distribution network, it is an open secret that Indian Malaysians made up the majority of the newspaper vendors.

Amazing, now who has been bullsh*tting about Indians being marginalised?

Using agriculture as another example, he said Malays had become synonymous with farmers because the distribution, middlemen and processing stage of the industry were controlled by non-Malays.

Jeez, how did the successive Malay dominated governments allow the UMNO Malays to become so marginalized?

But thank goodness the World’s most famous SIL with his Oxford education is here to save bangsa, agama dan negara.


  1. KJ is obsessed with race, and for him, the Malays are in the present bad situation because of the Chinese and Indians. He is playing up to the gallery and all the listeners are just fools listening to incompetent arguments and even believing that after 50 years the Malays are the same as when the British left, and that the Malay race is being marginalized by the others. What a joke! I wonder what the youth group will think of their leader who is an Oxfart. He is obnoxious and a vermin. He is best treated with Shelltox or some other insect repellant. Isn’t he a Malay towkay, a towkay who became one not because of hard work bur just because he is the SIL. How degrading. You should not throw stones when living in a glass house but this fellow the kris guy and the Bugis descendent are now throwing around the penis the phallic symbol to prove a point. When you resort to this, can you imagine what their thoughts are throughout the day, just penis talk and no more. The listeners are titillated poor mutts, what more can I say.

  2. A close friend of mine once told me that he met Khairy during a MSA dinner in London. At that time, he had rather progressive views, and had talked about his ambition to amend the NEP to focus on social standing instead of race. And, he also had a British-Jewish girlfriend. My friend (and his dinner-mates) were taken in... only to be shocked by the transformation a few years later...

    I guess the lure of money & political power got the better of Khairy. As for my friend, he's now working in Wall Street.

  3. if this is not racism, i dont know what it is. and the ruling party is no less of that with them accommodating and accepting such views.
    for all the years in oxford, he has learned so much. may be, the fault is that in oxford subjects are taught in english. like he said, english is a bariier to acquire english. i almost puke and i wouldnt mind if i have the opportunity to do that in front of him, a real hypocrite.

  4. i think 20 years from now the NEP will achieve its objective of bumiputra controlling the country politically and economically. It is the only logical conclusion that I can see unless something drastic happens. If you look around you the "nons" have already started migrating and adding to that the falling birthrate of the "nons" which will in the end make the NEP irrelevant. Ironic isn't it the government needs the "nons" to perpetuate the NEP and at the same time asking the "nons" to leave the country if they don't like it.

  5. The monkey should remember that the MPs and government leaders are PIAD petrol allowances and these should be WITHDRAWN as they are richer and definitely well to do MORE THAN the pak cik !! The monkey as a monkey glibbers without his nut brain.

    Ape Brain