Friday, November 23, 2007

Police helps Hindraf gain local & international attention

Who or what the hell is Hindraf? One month ago did many people know or care?

But thanks to the UMNO-led government and their too clever by half overreaction, almost everyone now knows who those Hindraf leaders are, what they have been and are fighting for, and is rooting for them – go aneh go, go aka go, go tambi go, and go tangachee go.

Malaysiakini reported the authorities' typical idiotic inflexible response in its unconstitutional denial of Hindraf's wish and application for a permit to protest in front of the British High Commission.

To give even greater prominence to Hindraf's campaign that it could have actually obtained, the police raided the offices of two Hindraf leaders as if they have the X-files. Then, we are told by Malaysiakini today that “the police have arrested three key leaders behind the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) - lawyers P Uthayakumar, P Waythamoorthy and V Ganapathy Rao, just as the movement is preparing for a mass rally this Sunday.”

The police also brought the unsuspecting public’s attention to the Hindraf’s plan to protest by mounting their attention-attracting road blocks and creating the consequential traffic jams.

Haven’t those idiots learnt that is precisely the best way to provide free publicity to a protest rally which it wants suppressed.

What national security would have been jeopardised if the police had allowed an orderly Hindraf protest rally? How many members of the public would have paid special attention to such an event?

PM AAB as the Internal Security Minister has been badly served by his moronic advisors. The Hindraf leaders want the very attention the police are helping them garner. They have already achieved their aim, of attracting both local and international attention.

All we now need for the icing on top of the Hindraf cake would be a bit of tear gas and chemically laced water sprays - yes please.

Thanks once again to the men in blue! Brilliant publicity directors ;-) - they have a future in the ads industry.


  1. So very similar to what`s happening in Sri Lanka.
    Wait till the `Tigers` come out.

  2. Hahaha.
    They had to use Indians in the police to nab Uthayakumar. Maybe the other cops dunno how to speak tamil.
    And the lawyer does not understand English nor Malay is it? IGP getting stupider by the day.

  3. This corrupted and coward govt. is so afraid of ordinary people especially from the working class, expressing their discontent through democratic rights and means. The UMNO elite/capitalist class leaders who professed falsely to be devoted Islamic followers have indeed hijacked the religion to be so barbaric and abusers of human rights! Being a Malay myself, I’ve only contempt for this elite/capitalist class of Malay leaders who manipulate racial ideology of “Ketuanan Melayu”/Malay supremacy to brainwash the imaginary united Malay/Islamic communities especially from the mostly brainwashed Malay masses, to go on supporting them despite of their betrayal to the whole Malay civilization and Islamic religion!
    Thus, the whole Malaysian communities must move towards true socialist politics based on true Marxism - see (not pseudo ones like Maoism, Stalinism, Pol Pot-ism and so on) to fight for true social justice for the poor and oppressed from any background, ABOVE race, religion and nation-hood. That’s where loyalty & patriotism should be for - that is for true social justice consciousness and activism that encompass true equality, true freedom and other universal & secular-based fundamental human rights principles.

    I truly hope Hindraf, despite of its good intentions, will also move away from such divisive racial politics towards such socialist one; in order to fight for the oppressed and poor Indian communities.And to fight against the real enemy - the corrupted & greedy scumbags from the ruling elite & capitalist class, be it from UMNO, MCA, MIC & so on, although UMNO leaders are the main and most deceitful culprits.That is what & where the opposition parties in Malaysia should be moving towards, in the new era of Malaysian politics, based fundamentally on true social justice especially for the poor & oppressed from all backgrounds; and for the preservation of our natural environment.

  4. Maybe the politicians and police have been watching too many Bollywood films. If one Hrithik Roshan-looking macha can defeat 50plus people in a fistfight (with "dooshum" "dooshum" sound effects), god knows what a few thousand machas' will do...!

    And its ironic, since the roadblocks & warnings have only served to alert people about whats going to happen on Sunday. If they just let them hand over their letter... nobody outside of Malaysiakini/Malaysia-Today would have known!

  5. to the dot kaytee. now, i know more of hindraf and as a malaysian i support their just cause.
    best wishes hindraf.

  6. Good work Hindraf and i must say you did a splendid job in demonstrating a minority groups struggle of pointing out the errors of this Government. I must stress, please keep the assemblies peaceful, please stress this to all your members. Next order of business, replace your MIC leader with a much more diligent and faithful one and i dont mean Nalla, he is worst. If Samy Vellu promises to solve the indian woes and nothing materialises, then he is not fit nor qualified to do anything for his people. Talk is cheap Samy, it's time you relinquish your post and redistribute your family assets back to the Indian people in this case the Maika fund. I am so sorry to hear that the traders in KL were left in a lurch, but if anybody is to be blamed, it is the Government.
    If the goverment had allowed the rally, heck even i would have had teh tarik and watched this peaceful rally. Kudos Hindraf.

  7. I hope for a better Malaysia.. without the corrupted BN leaders and their chinese friend says that if the BN leaders are confident, why didnt they just let the Bersih and Hindraf people send their memorandum.everyone can have their normal life.. another BN project

  8. Hahaha! Before The "Tigers" Come Out, How About This One?

  9. These stupid polis. They are only good getting bribes from Massagr parlour and SPA centers. I am a frequent customer who goes for massage regularly and sometimes the massage parlours in cheras and pudu got raided when i am sitting there. I got some opportunity to video tape the polis taking some bribes during the massage parlour raids and will be posting it on the web soon. Those who wants to download the video clips and photos - pls call me directly at 012-3691850