Friday, November 30, 2007

1st Malaysians (or Indian Sherpas) at Everest?

K Sugu is another of my fave columnists at Malaysiakini, who should be persuaded to write more often. Today he posted a great piece on Indians and Hindraf, but I want to give you just an extract of what Malaysiakini has published.

The extract of Sugu's article refers to the conquest of Mt Everest by M Magendran and N Mohandas, the first Malaysians to reach the top of Chomolungma (Goddess Mother of the World) as Everest is known in Tibetan.

Malaysiakini photo

Sugu wrote (extract):

An excellent example of this attitude was when two Indians in the first Malaysian team to attempt the conquest of Mt Everest managed to reach the peak first.

The question in Parliament was: “Why didn't they wait for the others?” which beggared belief and exposed that particular YB's abysmal ignorance of conditions prevailing in the Himalayas. His question implied they should have waited for their betters.

The poor benighted man was reacting from a deeply entrenched habit, a product of his environment that continues to this day.

I wasn’t aware of this story, but it's an unspeakable unbelievable unforgiveable words testifying to ethnocentric arrogance and parochial narrow-mindedness!

And who was that Yang Berbodoh?

By contrast, this was what Magendran said: "For all Malaysians it shows racial unity, teamwork, that we could do anything if we work as a team and believe in what we are doing. People are very proud."

Well, you can hardly blame the poor Indian Malaysians for feeling right royally pissed for being considered as the Malaysian Harijans by people like that YB idiot.

200 years of residence in this great country (don't blame country, it's the system) with 50 years of Malaysian citizenship, and the Yang Berbodoh wanted the two Malaysian Sherpas to wait until the UMNO anointed Sahib could catch up and step up to the peak to plant the Jalur Gemilang.


  1. oh ya. I still remember our most hon PM then Dr.M asked was live on radio coz he was some where in over seas (I think).....tak ada orang Melayu ke..or something to the effect. Thats why the malaysian football team is in such a shape. Thank god they cannot fix ones running speed..thats why many non Malays are in those game.

  2. I was listening to the live broadcast on radio after our two Indian Malaysian heroes Magendran & Mohandas reached the summit of everest and the "control centre" or someone informed our PM (corect, correct, corect, he was on one of his overseas flings)about the wonderful news and his first question was "apa nama" in his typical Kedah accent. He actually wanted to know whether it was a Malay who had reached first. One will observe that the later expeditions consisted only of one ethnic group to avoid what is obvious.

  3. I thot the next guy was trying his best.. and I remember he said "saya tetap cuba...saya cuba merangkak" he didn't complained and I saw he was happy for mahae and Nagen.

    So friends understand, nothing you do will get recognition if they don't get a share. That explain why these two guys achievement became irrelevant.

    Also, see the the crimebuster Kulasingham who died yesterday. He was a datuk, tan sri not.

  4. Reached the peak of Everest not even a Datukship but when you swim across the Channel, you get one and if you are chinese and cross it in half the time the malay did, also no Datukship.

    MALAYsia Boleh!!! Prolly the space passenger will be getting one soon.

    The RAKYAT are not blind lah!!

  5. “Why didn't they wait for the others?”

    Tell that to the Russians, i.e. they should not send up Yuri Gagarin BUT to wait for the Americans to send their first man into space

  6. Despite the rot, the likes of Nicole, Chong wei, Tan-Koo, Mew Choo, Josiah, ..... are still slogging it out for Malaysia. For some of them, only the world recognise them as NO. 1 and we know how more excited our local press is when one with another name wins but a single competition.

    The young chap, Lennard Lee who swam across the English Channel even gave over RM 100,000 to a local Cancer Fund and the rest of the proceeds from his swim to other charities. He is going to be a great medical doctor with so much heart. Don't worry, he will be remembered someday, when the contry invites him here to save the life of a "more" important person. Then, they will proudly claim him being Malaysian born.

    To Magen and Mohan, I salute you. TQ man for lifting the spirit of Malaysia. Too bad, some prefer Malaysaja.

  7. Now, you know who the first malaysian space tourist is. Let's see if he will get Datukship soon.