Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zorro impersonator circulating Tamil-bashing post

I was utterly shocked when at Malaysiakini I saw a post of my blogger brother mahaguru58 carrying a provocative title Blogger Zorro's sound advice to Hindu Racists in Malaysia.

Zainol (mahaguru58) posted a letter purportedly from blogger Zorro which, even if it was a satire, was extremely racist and in bloody poor taste. It’s Tamil bashing at its irredeemable worst.

The piece of unmitigated bigotry made irrelevant references to Tamils in India and Singapore as if those justify the appalling marginalisation our local boys had been subjected to for decades.

I have heard of Zorro but have never visited his blog, but from time to time I have come across him indirectly, therefore I have doubts he would post such a nasty piece of shit. So I did a quick check over at Zorro’s.

The purported post of bigotry allegedly from Zorro was not only a piece of nasty shit but a bloody crock of shit. Blogger mahaguru58 has been had.

There has been a such an impersonator masquerading as various bloggers and planting terrible racist and hurtful postings all over, including comments designed to hurt lady bloggers. That unknown person has no scruples, conscience, or sense of respect for the fairer gender, but certainly lots of hatred, vile, poison and a very very sick mind.

Brother Zainol, have you check the authenticity of the article you believe to be from Zorro?


  1. I read it as well, and the style doesn't seem to be zorro's.

    What gives?

  2. ktemoc: thanks buddy for clearing my name. A reader alerted me and I have emailed zainal personally, asking him to take down the post. I think I should put up his post and ask for an apology...whadaya think? Tks again.

  3. Greetings Bro,

    It is as you say! This 'zorro' guy had posted the comment to me and my bloody mistake in checking out his profile first and had thus approved the comment!

    Knowing Zorro in person as we had crossed paths before, I thought that I should share 'his' comment with the world and had unfortunately done so.

    After coming back from my dinner, I was absolutely shell shocked to see Bernard's email asking me to delete the posting which I promptly have done.

    Bernard sounded me off for using 'him' as my mouthpiece!

    Shheeessshh! Since when did Mahaguru58 ever need someone else to speak for him?

    Anyway, I doublechecked the 'zorro' profile after that and saw a blank profile!

    Mahaguru58 has been screwed big time!

    I have no problems in posting all the relevant proofs and clear the real 'zorro's name.

    I am man enough to admit I have been conned by the impostor 'zorro'.

    He has yet to contact me about this.

    I am still waiting.

    My mobile is 6-016-3969881.

    Let me know, Bernard. No worries.

  4. Black Propaganda: Propaganda made to appear as if originating from a different party in a conflict. However, the REAL originator will usually be from another force (usually opposing, but not always).

    It appears someone 'terserkap jarang' again. Ah well...

    Or could it be that ______________?

  5. Well BrightEyes,

    It was a honest mistake and as a result of my falling for a familiar name of a fellow blogger.

    But then again, at least I have the guts to put a face to my name and stand by what I say unlike many who hide under a pseudonym and throw barbed verbal assaults at 'someone'.

    No doubts about it, right?

  6. let us all bloggers be more alert to the black ops iniquity of this evil cyber-impersonator - I know we are a fairly tight circle with known views but without racist outlook. Yes, we may have different political affiliations or ideological leanings - last I recall this difference was termed 'democratic thinking' - let's all leave this traumatic episode behind but be more alert to the increasing likelihood of wicked seedings in our midst.

  7. ya, syabas to mahaguru for admitting his mistake and taking down the post ASAP. true this is an honest common mistake anyone can make. i think for me, i won't be so observant and smart to have notice impersonators! haha. but i would be very honest and apologetic after i discovered the mistake.

    well mahaguru i'm like you too - using my real name and have my photo up... but somehow or other i don't feel it as being courageous. i'm just being myself.

    KT, it looks like you and susan are 'twin bloggers' - posting same topics a few times. haha.

    OT note: looks like blogger comments i can't post with my name and link now... unless i use my blogger account to post, which i don't want to because my blogger account does not point to my current wordpress blog. gee... must do something.

    lucia at

  8. is now history and I want to forget about it. You and I have lots of things to do...lets me on .... and we are still friends.

    KTemoc...thanks for the post.

  9. Well, lets be more careful in future, people are fabricating & passing urban legends and black propaganda on the internet and email. More so, as the impending election nears.

    I've gotten my own share of pro-Chinese/anti-Malay bullshit sent to my Inbox. Worth a laugh to read over, but other than that... not worth anything else.