Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Aussie Government

You'll read about this tomorrow in Malaysiakini, but here's kaytee's advance version.

John Howard and his Coalition have suffered a drubbing at the hands of the Labour Party. He has conceded defeat to his opponent Kevin Rudd, who will be Australian's first Mandarin-speaking PM. Rudd has been Labour's leader for only 50 weeks.

Despite the Coalition's 'scare campaign', with a last minute incident of questionable standards, Rudd hung on to a principle which the military terms succinctly as 'selection and maintenance of AIM'. His 'aim' was to present to the Aussie people his party's platform as one of generational change of 'fresh leaders with fresh ideas'. He stuck to that.

He won. He needed to win 16 seats to gain government but he won with a majority of approximately 15 seats (counting still proceeding to confirm the exact number). This meant the Labour Party won approximately 30 seats from the Coalition.

John Howard is also in danger of losing his own seat of Bennelong to Labour's Maxime Mackew. If he does so, he'll be the first Aussie PM to lose his seat in almost 80 years. Only one other prime minister, Stanley Bruce in 1929, has been deposed while holding the highest office in the land.


  1. after blair, another blind supporter of bush is gone. what goes round, comes round. at least, blair is smarter. he quit before he gets his dues.

  2. ....all this foreign politics talk by local bloggers is nothing but crap........there r more pressing issues back home where ppl like you can comment upon an address.....Howard is fine...Aussies are fine......their level of democracy is light years ahead of Msia's....I mean c'mon...lets clear the dirt in our own backyard first......

  3. disagree for that precisely would be behaving like katak dibawah tempurung - these are examples for Malaysians to aspire to. Afterall, there is no such concept like 'democracy' under SE Asian history and culture. We need to look at otehrs to see hwo we may recah that stage.

    Besides, it's my blog, my choice ;-)

  4. Let`s see how Rudd fares for the next 6 months. His name itself says it -`Ruddy`.

  5. To the best of my understanding ruddy or ruddish means red headed and covered with freckles. It has been pointed out to me that ruddy means red or brown skinned, but it seeems out of context. If David were red or brown skinned would his brothers' who he was chosen over not alsl be red or brown skinned, therefore no need to even point it out.
    If you research it you will find that the ancient city Elam and the nieghboring city Ur , where Abraham came from, was filled with artwork and sculptures from a group of people who are very white looking.

  6. Poll says Chavez loses Venezuela referendum lead