Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Indian interference in Malaysia = Tamil Harimau?

In Malaysiakini today, the news article screams a call made by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, yes that one in India, to the Indian PM to Act against 'sufferings' in Malaysia.

I hope Malaysiakini won’t mind me producing its article in full here (those who don’t have subscription at Malaysiakini yet, and want good reliable news, well, what are you waiting for?)


Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been urged to take immediate action concerning the state of the Indians in Malaysia.

The premier’s intervention was sought by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi and other politicians in the state following the mass rally held on Nov 25 in Kuala Lumpur.

According to the Hindu newspaper, Karunanidhi wrote to Manmohan on Tuesday asking him to employ the necessary measures regarding the “sufferings and bad treatment” of Tamils in Malaysia.

Karunanidhi said the people of Tamil Nadu were disturbed over the happenings in Kuala Lumpur.

The daily reported that he also conveyed their concern over the treatment being meted out to the Tamils living in Malaysia for a very long period of time.

On Sunday, some 30,000 Indian Malaysians took to the streets in a protest organised by the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).


Meanwhile, another Tamil Nadu politician and popular actor Vijayakant also called on the Indian prime minister to act on this issue.

In a news report, Vijayakant, who is the founder leader of the DMDK party, said: "The Tamils were taken there 200 years ago by the then British rulers to work in the plantation fields but the way police dispersed them by firing tear gas showed that the Malaysian government is still treating them as slaves.

He alleged that Malaysia was "becoming a Sri Lanka" where the government "sidelined Tamils from all government departments".

He warned that ignorance by India to intervene in this issue could create a situation similar to that of Sri Lanka, which is gripped by ethnic strife. "What started as a spark, is now burning all over Sri Lanka," he said.

The Nov 25 rally received widespread coverage in the Indian as well as international media. The event was reported, among others, in the UK, US, China, Taiwan, Australia and the Philippines.
Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's warning that the government could invoke the Internal Security Act (ISA) against the protestors has also received wide media coverage.


Now, we are lucky that those seditious words of Tamil insurrection a la the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, were mentioned by a foreigner, Tamil Nadu politician and actor Vijayakant.

Additionally, and more ominously, Chief Minister M Karunanidhi of Tamil Nadu also chipped in his two rupees worth of parochialism, by urging the Indian PM to employ the 'necessary measures' regarding the sufferings and bad treatment of Tamils in Malaysia.

What ‘necessary measures’ did he have in mind?

I have supported Hindraf’s rally and campaign of highlighting Indian Malaysians’ plight of their miserable marginalization and abject poverty – a situation that was brought about by a combination of years of government neglect and the pathetic performance of local Indian politicians who claim to represent Indian Malaysians.

But I resent such interference in Malaysian affairs by any foreign politicians or government officials. Last I heard, India is still a foreign country.

Let's examine the worrying factors of such alien interference.

For a start, any intrusion by India, whether political or by other means, has grave implications because of the ethnic association, and the openly voiced suggestion by a foreigner that Malaysia could face the consequences of a possible Tamil insurrection. This was compounded by a high level suggestion for India to take ‘necessary measures’.

These are provocative interference in Malaysian affairs. At the same time, I have read of Malaysia's (or rather one of its State's) gross interference in the insurrection in Southern Philippines years ago. Aiyoyo, what goes around may frighteningly come around, so I'll keep my mouth shut about Southern Thailand.

Tamil Nadu has always been a spiritual home for Tamil Malaysians. If we were to dig into our news archives I believe we would be able to obtain a report showing that some years ago, the MIC leaders, who were fighting each other here in Malaysia took a trip together to Chennai (Madras) to resolve their differences, presumably in a 'Camp David' style retreat.

I wonder whether the CM of that Indian State then, played host like successive American Presidents have done at the Camp David retreat?

Surprisingly, UMNO then didn't make any noise over the Chennai Camp David affair. Can you imagine what would have happened if the MCA's Camps A and B were to seek such a 'retreat' in Beijing or Taipei to solve their internal strife?

Beijing or Taipei? Hahaha, even a gathering in a Kuala Lumpour temple was enough to launch Ops Lallang where a few of the Chinese political, educational and NGO leaders, who had the temerity to 'reenact a gathering at Shaolin Tze', were escorted to a secluded but enclosed camp and 'persuaded' to spent two years in contemplative meditation - of course with 'free board and food' thrown in by our kind hearted and hospitable Internal Security Minister. Please read my previosu post MCA or DAP - the Chinese dilemma.

But those Tamil Nadu voices are far more serious.

Indian Intelligence, the highly secretive and powerful Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), India's (far more competent) equivalent of the CIA, has a legendary record of mischiefs.

There were press reports (or speculations) that, at one time, RAW had attempted to interfere with Fijian internal affairs by sending arms to the Indians of Fiji, but fortunately, something or someone intervened to stop that.

However, what is known is that RAW was successful in its executed programmes in creating Bangladesh through the splitting up of Pakistan, annexing Sikkim as India’s 22nd State, and turning Bhutan into a virtual vassal State with a pro-India puppet government.

In 1988 RAW was reported to have orchestrated a coup in Maldives by 300 to 400 strong well-trained well-armed force of mercenaries, initially said to be of unknown origin. Those mercenaries resorted to indiscriminate shooting and took high-level government officials hostage.

Then ... ahem ...India reacted promptly by sending the Army (paratroopers), Navy and Air Force to rescue the Maldives government and restore order.

The news article said: But the international community, however, viewed with suspicion the overall concept and motives of the operation. Although the apparent identification of two Maldivian nationals among the mercenaries, at face value, link it with previous such attempts, other converging factors indicative of external involvement could hardly be ignored.

That the mercenaries sailed from Manar and Kankasanturai in Sri Lanka, which were in complete control of the Indian Peacekeeping Force, and the timing and speed of India's intervention proved its involvement beyond any doubt.

Now, this bit by Wikipedia about RAW is scary. It states that RAW started training the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers (
LTTE) to keep a check on Sri Lanka, which had helped Pakistan in the Indo-Pak War by allowing Pakistani ships to refuel at Sri Lankan ports.

However, it created a monster in the Tigers which went out of control, forcing Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi to send Indian Peace Keeping Force to restore normalcy in the region. Rajiv was eventually assassinated by a Tiger sympathizer.

Would a Malaysian Tamil Harimau be a 'necessary measure'?


  1. Malaysia stop interfering in arab affairs - especially those desert lice claiming to be palestinians.

  2. India whther RAW or no Raw, should keep out of the Internal affairs of malaysia.

    But in todays world, it is natural for other human beings living all over the world to raise their voices in support at atrocities and denial of equal opportunities to fellow humans beings.

    That is exctly what voices in india perhaps asked for.Just as malaysia "interferes" with issues thousands of miles away in palastine - which has really nothing to do with malaysia. located so many thousands of miles away ..

    Malaysia belongs to Malaysians of all rekligion and groups-I would not tolerate any interferance by another country into our affairs.

    but a section of the Malaysians has been bligthed by ill conceived and partisan policies of the government- that is a FACT-such discrimination should ASTOP after Fifty years.ALL Malaysians should be treated fairly and EQUALLY and support in the quench for development.

    If the leaders today are so short sighted to not recognise this- then they are doomed for tomorrow.

    talking about a tamil harimau is simply rumour mongering and scaring people.This is sedititious, I would say.

  3. Monday’s press carried reports and photographs of a foreign woman tourist in the Kuala Lumpur centre on Sunday who was the victim of indiscriminate police tear gas attacks which aggravated her asthmatic condition.

    In the era of globalization, the earth has become a global village and it is impossible for Malaysia to disregard international reactions to local events if we are to enhance our international competitiveness whether in attracting tourists or foreign investors.

    Peaceful demonstrations do not scare tourists. It is high-handed police actions and the mishandling of peaceful demonstrations as happened with regard to the Hindraf rally in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday which drive away tourists and investors.

    For example, in countries with a very flourishing tourist industry like the United Kingdom, Australia and United States, peaceful demonstrations are quite common and do not have any effect in scaring away tourists.

  4. Yes I agree outsiders should not get involved in our Malaysia matters. Who caused it? If only the frustration channelled were attended to properly and the rulig government acted humanely this situation would not have risen.

    Our government also interferes with other countries to show off to the world there are champions of muslims in the name of Islamic brotherhood. What about the Palestinian issue, The Philippines issue and of late the Thailand issue. Others don't have feeling for the fellow beings..or is it also not permitted.Why do't you rulling party guys also apply what you preach?
    I am sure Indian government also remembers how a large group of Indians woking here legally (in B'fields) and most of them professionals were handled so badly and humiliated and PakLah then DPM had to appologize..So you think they can't gauge the Malaysian general attitute towards Indians. Can you blame if they have bad impression about our county?

    All said take corrective action now and don't live in denial. To the PM wake up!!!!The people have had enough. Get rid of you stupid racist bog mouthed ministers and listen to the people.

  5. It is true in principle that One country should not interfere into internal affairs of another country. Utterances like ‘Tamil Harimau’ should not be viewed seriously. It is natural to express sympathy where people share the same language and culture.

    However why such situation as arisen so that a ‘Malaysian Indian’ or ‘Malaysian Chinese’ does not feel Malaysian in spite of spending 200 years in Malaysia.

    Second generation Indians born and brought up in America are more Americans than Indians. Which means the socio political process in Malaysia has completely failed to generate that sense of belongingness and equality amongst the non Malays.

  6. The brutal long standing treatment of Malay Indians has been taken note of by us. Soon we will launch a campaign to stop airing of Malaysian tourism ads in India and to boycott Malaysia as a tourist destination. Also petition the Indian govt to ban palm oil imports from Malaysia.

    RS from India.

  7. No illegal act has been committed, as long as it does not involve Malaysian Indians calling for Indian authorities to intervene or working secretly with foreign powers.

    India commenting on events in Malaysia ? Malaysia does it all the time, especially on Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan etc. issues.
    If you can't take the heat, just stay neutral and quiet, like Switzerland. Otherwise be prepared to take criticism like a man, just the same way you dish it out.

  8. UMNO stop interfering and funding terrorists in Kashmir. Got nothing to do with malays.

  9. More on Malaysia’s links with international terrorists

    I need to be careful about what I say as I am still a serving officer with the Royal Malaysian Police. In the 1970s, I was part of a 15-man specially selected unit attached loosely with the police force then but reporting to Mindef directly.

    The unit members were mostly Muslims but a few were non-Muslims who were recruited because of their expertise. They came from the army, navy, police field force and a few from elsewhere.

    Our primary role was to assist Moro separatists by providing them training especially on how to use guns, make home-made bombs, set up ambush, fighting tactics and to organise and operate as a cohesive unit.

  10. Anonymous 11:01 AM,
    It was an open secret in international circles in the 1970's and early 80's that Malaysia was providing aid and comfort to the MNLF. It was the main reason relations with the Philipines remained very cool all through the Marcos era, underneath the Asean politeness.
    Whether Malaysia was actually involved in military support for the MNLF was never proven.
    Anyway the MNLF later went "respectable" and post-9/11 this kind of covert activity would have incurred serious attention from Washington, so I don't think Malaysia indulges in this anymore.

  11. The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  12. Since Malaysia are selling a huge
    sums of palm oil to India, it is possible to interfere, using the palm oil trade.

  13. I'm a Malaysian of South Asian origin and even I'm not comfortable with India's involvement in our internal affairs.

    While I get irritated with those who obviously have one foot still firmly planted in India (or Tamil Nadu to be precise) I can understand why.

    With comments like 'pendatang' and 'kalau tak suka, balik India', there is no sense of belonging, only victimhood.

  14. People like Nazri, and HISham are the real RACIST scum.Thiose calling Malaysian born Indians and chinese to go back...should first and foremost GO BACK on their perahus to the Indonesian island of cambodia.

    AS I said I would not like to see the interfereance in another country's affairs, but should these racists nazri and hisHAM continue with their rethoric and kris weilding ...they should not forget the Indian Sikhs carry a larger KIRPAN, and the Gurkhas with their Khukris....would be easily driown the KRIS weilding morons.

    What hypocrites thes epeole are ...callin g Indian not to interfere but they go round inyterferring in the MIndano, South Thailand, thousands of miles away in Afghanistan or Kashmir...

    By the way, Nazri & HISham dont even think of taking on India.....their sole EASTERN Command will be twice that of the malay dominated forces- and to launch a lesson to teach from their Andaman and Nicobar islands would not be too hard for them.

    I would not want to grapple with their crack 6 footer Sikhs and tough Gurkhas,and sturdy Maharatha and hardy Garwhali Soldiers.

    Please dont destroy this country which the Indians and chinese have oput into build for you to live in style.

  15. What Malayasia wanna fight us???

    Before that remember 1971 when we dismembered another Muslim nation that is today (in)famous as the world's jihadi factory.

  16. RS,

    No, we're not fighting your country, mate. Don't mind our politicians, they're idiots.

    However, we're not altogether pleased that our Malaysians of South Asian descent are resorting to involving ministers in India to resolve an internal issue.

  17. Why shouldnt India advise Malaysia, on how to deal with indians?. If being malays of this "tanah melayu" means practising malay culture and being muslim, then alot of indians who speak the language, and practise other aspects of indian culture, are indians then. If malaysia can be bothered about what happens in palestine, or other middle east country (which apart from religion, it does not share anything else) and keep commenting on how israel should run its country then why not india be bothered about indians who left india and settled in other country?. didnt china censure indonesia when the chinese were oppresed?. about sikkhim, you have language which is similar to indian language, and culture which is similar to india, but the people looking mongoloid then do that mean they are indian?. in that case what about the tajiks and the uiyghurs who are of iranian origin living in china who wants to separate from china? why shouldnt china let them secede since they do not look chinese and they speak tajik a language of iranian origin? i dont think bhutan is a puppet government either, they just want to be autonomous, infact they are not even accepting bhutanese of nepali origin who seeked refugee status in nepal. about the wikipedia entry, i would not put much trust in it, it could be entered by cia or even isi.

  18. No matter what anyone say, Indian politicians have voiced their opinion because the people being oppressed here are Indians. When an ungrateful gvernment can send its police to fire tear gas, and chemicals into a peaceful crowd, then that government has the received the right to be questioned by outsiders, at least the Indian politicians have the sense to speak up, becuase they understand that the our forefathers who were brought here are those who tapped rubber and laid roads that started the much needed revenue for a new nation, Malaya. How quick this Bodowi's ungrateful government has hurt the hand that fed this nation with sweat and blood, my father fought beside the British against, first the Japanese and later the communist, my brother faithfully served in the Air Force, yet when he wanted to enrol my niece who got 13 distinction in her SPM, she was not given any place in the U, and no reason was given.

    The part about the ethnic cleansing, well look at what the census of the Indian population is, it sits somehwere betwenn 6% to 7%, a drop, this is what we mean ethnic cleansing, how many Indians have been kicked around like punching bag when they are locked up calling us by a deragotary name. Oh how you forget that the fathers and mothers of these whom you call seditious and wish to revoke their citizenship, are those who have built this country, ungrateful and wicked you are government of Malaysia. This is why Indians like me have left Malaysia to a foreign country, in the US here every citizen is given equal rights and what the government here say they honor, black or white all citizens are given equal rights based on their citizenship, even immigrants are accorded the protection of the law.

    But your government Oh Badawi, is ungrateful and wicked for hurting these peaceful protestors who were only asking for their legal rights, may God allow the same hardship in all the lives of those who tormented this peaceful protest.

  19. i think it's good to draw attention Indian Prime Minister and Tamil Nadhu Chief minister.

    So they aware that there are indians living in Malaysia.

    Maybe by going back to Indian land, indian people (who claim themself suffer living in here) can escape from the suffering. I hope so.

    Please Manmohan Singh bring them back there.

  20. Just read that the Malaysian government has charged the protestors with "ATTEMP TO MURDER"!! And the Attorney General himself came to the court to press charges!!! Now that's what any sensible person would call as intimidation and racism at its worst. Think we have another failed Muslim state in the making here. Certainly no one believes in the dumb "Malaysia truly Asia" crap anymore...its just another Afghanistan clone in disguise. David from UK.

  21. Yes, I agree. I had planned a trip to Malaysia during the holidays but considering the way they treat non-muslim people, I think I'll switch over to least they have democracy and they care for their people.

  22. Dear sir

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I agree India ought not to interfere with Malaysian affairs. Otherwise, it is time for Malaysia to sign a defence treaty (like Kuwait) with the USA to check the balance of power in the Indian Ocean.

    I see Indians are generally unclean, unskilled and not fluent in Malay. That's the reason for their backwardness everywhere.

    Also, I think the government must introduce new laws to check Indian immigration, screen Indian tourists for tuberculosis, malaria and HIV ailments and fingerprint them for terrorist links to LTTE, RSS, VHP, RAW, Bajrang Dal, Al Qaeda, etc.

  23. chengiz,

    FYI - Indian Nobel Prize winners

    Rabindranath Tagore - 1913 Literature
    Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman 1930 Physics
    Hargobind Khorana - 1968 Medicine
    Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar - 1983 Physics
    V.S. Naipaul 2001 Literature
    Rajendra Pachauri 2007 shares Nibel Peace Prize with Al Gore

    and if we were to include Mother Teresa (an Indian citizen of Albanian origin), there's one more Nobel Peace Prize which she won in 1979

    So I wouldn't be so bigoted as to talk-down on any particular ethnic group

  24. Thank you for your racist comments on Indians and those from the Indian Ocean.
    You are a very good example of how a pro-government racist of your country behave on the internet.
    Never open-minded, less intelligent, seditious, totally bias, commenting on raw unproven facts, underestimating Indians capability......
    Early Stages: Palm Oil plantation, rubber plantation, railways, electricity board, water board, telecommunication, sewage, highways, ports, infrastructure works,
    Currently: Satellite TV & Low-Cost Airline.

    If not for all these contributions by Indians in your country, you people wouldn't have reached the status of Laos or even Cambodia for that extent.

    Chengiz said...

    Dear sir

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I agree India ought not to interfere with Malaysian affairs. Otherwise, it is time for Malaysia to sign a defence treaty (like Kuwait) with the USA to check the balance of power in the Indian Ocean.

    I see Indians are generally unclean, unskilled and not fluent in Malay. That's the reason for their backwardness everywhere.

    Also, I think the government must introduce new laws to check Indian immigration, screen Indian tourists for tuberculosis, malaria and HIV ailments and fingerprint them for terrorist links to LTTE, RSS, VHP, RAW, Bajrang Dal, Al Qaeda, etc.

  25. Don't worry, be happy. Badawi has given Tamils a holiday in those parts of Selangor they always had one until the areas were ceded to the Federal Govt. Give the people circuses instead of bread! That's a fine policy. We don't need India or China or US or UK. Pakistan and saudi sudah cukup. Gte rid of Proton and bring in the camels ( or the clowns..same thing). OK. UMNO rules!

  26. Indian muslims are treated a s foreigners even though they lived in India for 2000 years and majority are sons of soil and were not imported from anywhere and the hindus here have the audacity to talk about malaysia...
    Malays please do us a favor and throw all Indian dogs out...

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