Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where are the political bloggers?

This is even better than the one by a certain Minister who claimed that 80% of Malaysian bloggers are unemployed women who are liars.

Reported in
Malaysiakini, soon-to-be-retiring Energy, Water and Communications Minister Lim Keng Yaik told parliament that a Microsoft survey titled 'A Windows Live Report' in August last year, discovered that 63% of respondents blog for entertainment and 49% blog to communicate with family and friends.

He said that the survey showed only 3% of bloggers are into citizen journalism.

With Lim giving us a political blogger population of only 3% out of 115% (wink wink, yes I know), this should reassure the government we aren’t all that fearsome a political force! So do leave us alone ;-)

Lim assured the House: "The survey also concluded that political blogs are the least preferred, where only two percent of respondents visit these blogs. On the other hand, 81 percent said they prefer to frequent blogs operated by family and friends."

I wonder what the other 32% visitors were/are doing?

I wonder too whether the Microsoft survey had been about Malaysia?

But I still like the first ‘grimm’ fairy tale about 80% of Malaysian bloggers being unemployed women who are liars.

I don’t mind their lying - I experienced that all the time ;-) 'tis my sorry lot - but I am still looking for the 80% sweeties in vain. Damn it, has kaytee been so utterly hopeless?


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  1. You might want to look this up: Malaysia bucks the regional trend in terms of blog popularity.

    Research released in November last year by Microsoft's MSN and Windows Live Online Services Business on its portal visitor survey revealed that 20% of Malaysians listed political blogs as being of interest, compared to only 14% in other Asian countries.

  2. As usual, our menteris are behind the times.

    (Mis)quoting a survey that’s a year old doesn’t say much of his “communications” skills.

    Not surprisingly, Malaysian bloggers ( and came to different conclusions last year. But do our menteris read blogs ?