Saturday, November 17, 2007

Lingam Tape - Royal Commission Dream Team

After giving the Bersih supporters a drastic shock with a Bernama revelation of the King spurning their petition, Malaysiakini made up for it by releasing some welcomed news that
PM AAB has agreed to a Royal Commission to probe into alleged judicial impropriety assocaited with the Lingam videotape.

AAB said: "At this time, we need to decide on its scope. We need to also decide on the terms of reference for the commission."

And only then would the members of the royal commission be decided upon.

In the meanwhile a happy Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang suggested the following considerations in forming the royal commission:

1) Full and proper consultation with relevant personalities and organisations on the royal commission, but he didn’t say who should be consulted, though PKR has demanded that their de facto leader be consulted. What do you think of the chances that this demand would be met?

2) Full and untrammeled powers for the commission to investigate into every aspect of the Lingam tape revelations, and the restoration of confidence in the independence and integrity of the judiciary.

Hmmm, I think the second part, the restoration of confidence in the judiciary, would automatically come after the first, namely the RC investigating into the tape without restricted powers or narrow terms of reference; besides it’s not a Royal Commission’s job to restore confidence in the independence and integrity of the judiciary, but to probe and come up with findings and recommendations on the alleged monkeying of judicial appointments.

I am doubtful that Uncle Lim would get his first wish, that the RC receives untrammelled powers, but of course he knows that and is only making an ambit claim – you know, shoot very high and maybe can still hit something lower.

3) The appointment of suitable and qualified commissioners. ;-)

Lim has proposed the royal commission be headed by scholar prince Dr Raja Nazrain Shah, the regent of Perak. On the basis of qualifications and intellectual capacity, this is not a bad choice though is a reflection of the recent infatuation with the political flavour of the month, the sanctified royalty.

However, Lim would prefer his father, Sultan Azlan Shah, the Sultan of Perak because of his legal standing and knowledge.

I always have a stand against royalty directly interfering with such matters, particular those who are sitting on thrones. That Sultan Azlan Shah is qualified is beyond any shadow of doubt but that's besides the point; let’s not forget that he is a State Sultan who should, nay, must stay aloof from direct involvement in the mechanisms of public institutions or get himself involved with public probes, findings and recommendations. In fact, that Raja Nazrin is the Regent of a State is in itself a constitutional worry.

If the 'constitutional' royalty chooses to get directly involve with the operating of public institutions, then they must expect to no longer enjoy nor be allowed to invoke their constitutionally sanctified positions. They must be prepared to receive public criticisms, rebuke, and even legal challenges to their immunity and privileges.

Uncle Lim also proposed a few more names but added his Opposition Leader’s veto to three former chief justices – Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, Tun Eusuff Chin and Hamid Omar - because these three should be investigated for their perceived involvement.

Amen to that!

Now, I just wonder whether Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye ;-) would be a suitable candidate for the RC.

And why not, as he has just proven himself to be an impartial member of an independent panel, though much to the exasperations of his detractors who were howling for blood 'ere he finished his task – now, Silence!

Yes, indeed why not. Hey, maybe I’ll write to AAB and propose LLT’s name hahahahahahahahahhahaaaaahahaa



  1. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!
    This is all likely to be spin and fudging.

  2. Tan Sri Eusoff Chin, Khairy Jamaluddin n Nazri to be in the RCI.

  3. Conceal a flaw, and the world will imagine the worst.
    — Marcus Valerius Martialis

  4. Now that a Royal Commison is instituted on the Lingam Video Clip and this Dr Ayam is the result of the “fixing of judgment” mentioned, there should go into his case being rewarded the “MP of Bukit Bintang”. Retrogressively, his MP status should be taken away and deny the pension that he is enjoying.

  5. Wee, the vindicated lawyer-politician, has called for a media conference (new and old media) tomorrow to reveal some shocking details with regards to the Lingam-Fairuz saga that has questioned the integrity of the country's judiciary.

    Time: 11 am, Sunday, 18 Nov 2007
    Place: No 60 2nd Floor
    Jalan SS2/67
    Petaling Jaya
    (it's above Mahagony Music/Coffee Bean)

  6. UMNO supporter:

    The Sultan of Pahang has blasted those involved in the illegal rally in Kuala Lumpur last Saturday for trying to drag the palace into politics.