Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Citizenship, Sweeties and Obedient Wives

In Parliament, the parliamentary secretary to the Home Ministry, Abdul Rahman Ibrahim, said 106,000 people have renounced citizenship since 1957. This of course doesn’t include the millions who are Permanent Residents (PR) in foreign lands.

Of those who renounced their Malaysian citizenship in the last five years (2000 to 2006), 87% (14,316) were Chinese, 6.6% (1,098) were Malays while the Indians account for the smallest percentage, only 5% (822). Does this make Indians the most loyal of all Malaysians ;-)

According to the news report by Malaysiakini titled Renouncing citizenship: Chinese top the list, Abdul Rahman said those former Malaysians had applied for citizenship in India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Indonesia, the UK, USA, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, New Zealand, France, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Brunei, Finland and Jordan.

Jordan! Why not Saudi Arabia? ;-)

And most surprisingly, there wasn’t any mention of Australia - I am rather doubtful of this strange omission.

Mind you, some have been great looking Malaysian sweeties enticed away by those foreigners – bastards! ;-)

To equalize the spiriting away of sweeties, some Chinese have been marrying China dolls who unfortunately have problems getting citizenship here, while many of my Indian friends, Hindus, Muslims and Christians, have gone to India to look for well brought up and ‘obedient’ wives – hahahahahahahahahhahahaahahaa

… because after 6 months here in Malaysia, those Indian wives take to Malaysian way of life like duck to water and they behave even more liberated than local tangachis - ;-)


  1. Have you read Faisal Tehrani's novel Tuhan Manusia?

    And do you know this anti-Gubra & anti-Sepet author is targeting a new group of people in his latest novel?



  2. KT, DON'T take M'siakini as the Gospel truth ALL the time, cast your eyes ON other sources and read widely!. Australia is IN, from Bernama (more authoritive).

    "They sought to be citizens of India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan,
    Britain, Australia, Denmark, Pakistan, Canada, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia,
    Hong Kong, United States, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, New Zealand,
    France, Sweden, Austria, Ireland, Belgium, Norway, Brunei, Switzerland,
    Italy, Egypt, Fiji, the Philippines, Kenya, Korea, Finland, Cyprus, the
    Netherlands, Luxembourg, Venezuela and Jordan.

  3. Why are you complaining? I was in Penang last Wednesday. From what I noticed, there is still a lot of pretty chinese sweeties around. Better hurry back...if you are looking for one because there was equally a lot of handsome Mat Salleh guys around. Hahaha. w9

  4. --"I was in Penang last Wednesday. From what I noticed, there is still a lot of pretty chinese sweeties around. "--

    ahem! *pointing to myself* ahem! ;)

  5. Lucia, absolutely, you're my Penang sweetie ;-)