Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Deepavali Open House & MIC - Must I Cancel?

I wasn’t at all surprised when I read in Malaysiakini that the MIC retracts ban on Deepavali events.

Samy Vellu had earlier bravely
called for a ban on Deepavali ‘open house’ by MIC politicians, supposedly in angry protest against the ferocious demolition of an Indian temple in Shah Alam - see my earlier post What lies behind City Hall's brutalities?

But ;-) according to Malaysiakini, in just less than three hours, MIC made a complete U-turn and said the 'open house' is on again.

Hahaha, well, that’s Samy Vellu and the MIC for you. And do you still need to ask why most of Indian Malaysians continue to be the most marginalised ethnic group in our country?

Samy gave the excuse that there has been an 'overwhelming request' by the members of the community for the ban to be overturned - hmmm, 'overwhelming request' from the MIC community or the entire Indian community? Alas, he didn't bother to elaborate, but I need to ask the question - where's the MIC protest against the demolition of Hindu temples now?

But it's obvious the clamour of wanna bodek was far more important than mere demolished temples and too powerful even for the President of the MIC to ignore. If he had even dared, no, pigs won't fly but chairs and tables most certainly would.

Yessiree, nothing can stand in the path of a Boleh Bodek machine, and the MIC is a known juggernaut in this field.

Despite the UMNO annual general assembly being held on Deepavali Day (8 Nov), an obvious snub to a nothing-party of the BN (Kayveas smiling?), the MIC Boleh Bodek spirit still prevails.

Mama Samy proclaimed that elected representatives of the party may open houses on Deepavali. I've also heard on the grapevine that the MIC ‘open houses’ would be kept going late, just to accommodate some ‘visitors’ after they have finished their more important conference.

But you know something?

When Samy made that initial call not to open house on Deepavali, I had imagined (slap, slap, slap on my own wrists for being silly) that Mama had finally found his backbone to make at least a symbolic stand against the Selangor government’s disrespect for Hindu temples.

Well, it seems that Mama is still in mourning for his late brother, who passed away early this year, therefore he won't be having an ‘open house’ anyway.

While I respect his piety for his late brother, I certainly don’t his grandstanding - hey, Mama, when you've already planned not to have an 'open house' in the first place, please don't act tough by saying you won't be holding an 'open house'.

It’s little wonder that the other MIC leaders were annoyed at the ban which wouldn't have affected Samy, but which would have denied them the opportunity to ... er ... showcase their ... er ... hospitality.

MIC – its world famous 'Must I Come?' had transformed for a wee while into a plaintive 'Must I Cancel?'



  1. KT,

    This Mama is certainly an embarresment to all Indians and Hindus.

    When we Indians thought that finally Samy found his B***S, he confirmed that those were actually eggs.

    He only pushes his weight when he's with the Indians cos he knows they are poor, illiterate and therefore gullible.

    Could have just kept his bloody mouth shut for 3 hrs and made a final and solid decision.

    Kayveas is not the only one laughing. I heard Khir Toyo and MBSA are also laughing at Mr Samy

  2. with Sammy as MIC Head, it will be only a matter of time before all Hindu temples are demolished, even Batu Caves!

  3. Dear Semi Value...

    Not only the Parliament "bocor" is Semi Value, now the "Open House" taunting also Semi Value.

    Really half-past six. .. haihhhh....


  4. Now I feel like demolishing the Hindu temples myself.

    Why wait for MBSA. Once I have done with the demolishions, MBSA can use their tractor and run over me !!!

    Better like that then being humiliated by Mr Indian Community Leader

  5. The only way Samy can show the Indians what's left of his balls is to PULL THE MIC OUT OF BN and join the opposition. My question is, is Samy man enough to do that?

  6. i also went LOL at this sami guy in my blog. gila punya minister gives us such a funny show.

  7. Actually as an MP and grass roots service provider, Semi-Value is quite good.
    He personally does a lot of social-work type of assistance in the Indian community. Its an important part of his quite high standing in parts of the Malaysian Indian community (believe it or not !) and gets MIC votes election after election.

    His competence as a Minister and overall integrity leaves a lot to be desired, but that's already covered in all the other comments