Wednesday, December 14, 2005

US' regime change

The result of American avowed regime change in Iraq.

Isn’t it a fact, and a very sad one, that while American 'favoured' regimes may change in accordance with American interests, some things just don’t. Under the American backed regime of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqis used to have Sunnis torturing Shiites. Now under the same US overlord, they have Shiites torturing Sunnis.

And it’s not just Iraq. Look across to Afghanistan. The US used to back the Taliban against the Northern Alliance, with Afghans suffering abuses of the most heinous forms from the American backed regime. But now we have the Americans backing the Northern Alliance against the Taliban, and the torturing and abuses of the Northen warlords continue for the Afghan people.

What we do really need is an urgent regime change in Washington!

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  1. (After 2 days looking after my kids as a non-custodial parent) I can finallly comment.

    Yes the US doesn't get the "humour" in its amoral table turning because noone is there to correct it.

    We can only bite it around the ankles to keep it honest - that is until the American public wakes up. Then even the US Democrats will listen.

    Meanwhile perhaps see my blog for another story on third country torture.