Monday, December 12, 2005

Brotherhood of Evil behind Sydney Riotings

New South Wales Deputy Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said that the racist Neo-Nazis and other white supremacist groups were involved in the racial violence at Cronulla beach in Sydney's south. The 5,000 strong redneck brigade assembled at the beach, at the behest of SMS messages, to target people of Middle Eastern appearance or anyone who looked a bit like that, in revenge for the bashing of two surf lifeguards.

The bashing of the 2 lifeguards was a deplorable act of hooliganism, but obviously those white supremacist groups saw an opportunity to stir racist sentiments for their own cause. Alcohol were widely consumed which added to the ferocity of the mob. Their chants were racists and jingoistic.

A newspaper showed one woman at Cronulla Beach holding a poster that read 'Aussies fighting back'. She was also advertising a group called the Patriotic Youth League. According to the media, that group was founded by former Newcastle student and One Nation activist Stuart McBeth in 2002. It described itself as a radical nationalist group. You decide what ‘nationalist’ means, but One Nation was of course the far-right wing party formed by one Pauline Hanson.

When One Nation came onto the political scene, it campaigned principally on an anti Aborigine and anti Asian stand. In its first election, it won over 1,000,000 votes, which terrified John Howard's Coalition. Many of those voters were of course not extremists but they registered their votes with One Nation more to protest against what they considered to be the government's liberal policies, which they reckoned pampered to the bludgers or skivers.

Since then Howard has taken his Coalition more to the right in order to recover those right wing constituencies. Pauline Hanson had accused him of 'stealing' her policies, which wasn't far off the mark. Howard has been successful to the extent that One Nation is today just a joke. Of course the other main factor contributing to the political demise of One Nation has been its shambolic internal party administration and its laughable and bizarre policies, eg. print more money to overcome economic problems.

The Patriotic Youth League has links to the German-based skinhead group Volksfront, British Nationalist Party and the New Zealand National Front, all white supremacist groups. The group has campaigned for the deportation of immigrants and for keeping foreign students out of universities.

Diana Kontoprias, who runs a gelato bar near Cronulla beach, stated her disgust of the behaviour of the redneck brigade, which were undoubtedly instigated by the neo-Nazis. Once started, the mob violence wasn’t so much against only the Lebanese as it was against ‘wogs’, meaning any ethnic group originating from Italy and eastwards, including Greeks, Turks, Arabs, Romanians, Bulgarians Croatians, Serbs, Albanians, Bulgarians, etc, and if these were not available for the mob, the Asians as well.

WOG stands for ‘wily oriental gentlemen’. The term was derived at a time in history when Europeans considered Lebanon and the nearby region as the Orient. The ‘wily’ is the derogative part of the racist slur, akin to Europeans terming Jews as devious and blood-sucking.

Federal Liberal backbencher Bruce Baird mentioned what KTemoc alluded to in an earlier posting, that the primarily Anglo-Saxon community has harboured simmering anger against people of Middle Eastern descent for some time. KTemoc had raised the horrendous incidents of Lebanese youths pack-raping young Caucasian women, which Baird also mentioned, but he added that the anger was also about six local women being killed in the 2002 Bali bombings. He agreed that the Cronulla riot was in part a revenge for the Bali bombings.

The Lebanese community has also not helped itself by constraining its misguided youths. Their youths saw the Iraqi and Afghan wars as an assault on Muslims, and in their shallow immature thinking decided to take it out on innocent Aussies, particularly young women and lifeguards. I wouldn't be surprised if they were instigated by al Qaeda sympathisers.

So we have a situation where Anglo-Celtic youths were instigated by white supremacist groups and Lebanese youths by al Qaeda sympathisers or agent provocateurs. Both groups went on the rampage against innocents (being the cowards they really are, acting only as a mob). Both were puppets of extremists in the Brotherhood of Evil.

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