Wednesday, December 07, 2005

China's European Shopping Spree

China has sealed that humongous deal with the Airbus consortium I mentioned just a few postings earlier. She has bought 150 Airbus 320 jetliners in a deal worth US$10 billion.

Additionally as predicted, she has also signed another deal with the parent company of the Airbus, EADS or European Aerospace, Defence and Space company to produce a new helicopter, the EC 175, with Eurocopter helicopter manufacturer.

Wait wait, there’s more. China has also contracted the French company Alcatel to make a Chinasat 6B telecommunications satellite.

On top of the US$800 million Japanese bullet train purchase recently, she has also signed a $175 million financing agreement with France for the construction of a high-speed rail line in China. Mind you, that’s only for the rail line, not the trains, which may yet involve another billion or two.

What about Malaysia?

There’s 1.2 billion Chinese of whom we may say, approximately, that adult males who are still sexually active on a regular basis may number, say 200 to 250 million. The HIV-AIDS problem in China is not inconsiderable. Well, it’s time to promote Malaysian ‘rubber’ at its most protective.

If those Chinese bonkers do it, say twice a week, that’s approximately 8 times per month. If we promote the use of condoms, that’s almost a hundred contraceptive device per bonker per year. Malaysia should try to capture at least 65% of the market, which is a humongous 10 to 15 billion condoms annually. Malaysia Boleh!

Hope my ‘rubbery’ maths worked out – I was just eye-balling those figures and shooting off the hips.

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