Friday, December 16, 2005

Plot to Assassinate John Howard

Two Aussie Muslims wanted to assassinate John Howard and his family. They were egged on by Abdul Nacer Benbrika of Dallas, presumably in Texas, USA. Whether Benbrika is an American or just an Aussie or of another nationality residing there wasn’t explained in the news.

Abdul Nacer Benbrika

(photo from Sydney Morning Herald)

The news article showed that the bloke, Abdullah Merhi, who had contemplated a suicide attack on the Aussie PM, as payback for Iraqis killed in the American invasion and occupation, had doubts about Allah condoning such an act. He wanted assurance that God did really want him to carry out the bombing.

The following was a conversation between 20-year old Merhi (‘M’), and the alleged leader of the terrorist group, Benbrika (‘B’).

M: "To do a big thing."

B: "Like Spain."

M: "If I'm sincere, Allah will open a path for me … if I'm sincere and I go there now, will He open the door there tonight? If I'm sincere now, will He open the door in a month?"

"Just lately my eyes have been opening … (They) have got control of us and the world, the whole world, I just realised this recently."

"For example if John Howard kills innocent Muslim families do we … do we have to kill him and his family … his people like at the football?"

Here he was alluding to a football game, probably the grand finals that is traditionally atttended by the PM. His conscience seemed to bother him about killing people. But trust the leader to push him on.

B: "If he kills our kids, we kill (inaudible) little kids."

Next is where Merhi expressed his doubts about doing the terrible act in God's name.

M: "Sometimes I have got doubts. If I do this, is it pleasing to Him?"

B: "… it’s what God wants."

Apart from the terrible intention to assassinate the elected prime minister of his country, his family and other football fans, we can see how the alleged leader was egging him on with assurances of God’s wish.

Those scumbags have always played around with the minds of young impressionable man, using God’s name as if He talked to them directly, and sending those immature unstable youths to their deaths, taking along other innocents, while they sit comfortably in their home, miles away.

The wannabe bombers are in police custody.

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  1. i'd really like to know what goes on in those sick ppl's heads. how can they use God's name in such a way to take innocent lives of others.

    but no matter, God will avenge the deaths of the innocent ones.