Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Gold Coast Hoodlums Plan Beach-Beer Violence

Now it’s the Gold Coast, just south of Brisbane, where SMS messages have been calling for further race violence since yesterday. The messages call for a convening of the usual idiots at the beach, with an ominous agenda. It said:

"This Sunday is our turn to have a go and fight for the Gold Coast. These grease ball monkeys with their gold chains and fully sick cars need to know that we're not copping any. We all have stories about (these groups) raping our sisters or bashing our brothers - it's not on. So bring your grog down on Sunday and let's start cracking skulls for each other for once."

So there’s the inevitable beer party again. And really, 'brother' is a term used by black Americans, not white supremacists!

The Gold Coast police are attempting to trace the authors of the latest messages, which promote a mass beach demonstration similar to the one at Cronulla Beach on Sunday.

Meanwhile, back in Sydney, police had last night formed a total blockade of the Sutherland Shire leading to Cronulla beach, the scene of Sunday's mob violence.

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  1. Yep. It looks like a tiny minority of racist extremist are organising a series of copycat riots around Australian cities.

    Anti-Lebanese feeling in Melbourne and Sydney has some credibility (on the basis of an extraordinary number of crime incidents created by a small number of Lebanese gang members). But, of course, riot tactics are senseless and dangerous.

    However its stretching any inkling of legitimacy to protest about Lebanese (Muslim) activity in Queensland because there are few Lebanese (or Muslims) there and its not an issue.

    I suspect the racist agitators are largely from interstate (mainly Victoria and NSW) and are staying on the Gold Coast on "holiday".